Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama's Report Card

Extracted from a magazine "Crescent International", February 2010 (Vol. 38: no. 12

1. He (Obama) is a gifted orator. With his soaring rhetoric, he mesmerised people - Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

2. They thought a messiah has come to deliver them from the ravages of the George Bush era.

3 But the simple truth is: Obama, a black man, was not installed in the White House to rearrange America's political landscape.

4. The Nobel's committee's award of the "Peace" prize to him is more reflective of the peace the West believes in rather than peace per se.

5. Immediately after getting the Democratic party nomination, Obama attended AIPAC convention to bow before the gods of Zionism, and worship at the Zionist temple of Israel.

6. His first act as President was to appoint an Israeli soldier and citizen, Rahm Emanuel, as his Chief of Staff.

7. He retained Robert Gates from the Bush era as Secretary of Defence.

8. He brought the two most pro-Wall Street financial manipulators- Tim Geithner and Lawrence Summers- to oversee his economic policy.

9. He is a slave of the white establishment that wanted him in the White House to create the impression of CHANGE so that they can continue their unbridled plunder.