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Wikileaks and selected US propaganda

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While the numerous pieces of information contained in the Wikileaks data bank are accessible, the broader public will NOT normally take the trouble to consult and scan through the Wikileaks data bank.

The public will read the redacted selections and interpretations presented in major news outlets.

A partial and biased picture is presented.

The redacted version is accepted by public opinion because it is based on what is heralded as a "reliable source", when in fact what is presented in the pages of major newspapers and on network TV is a carefully crafted and convoluted distortion of the truth.

From the outset, Wikileaks' geopolitical focus on "oppressive regimes" in Eurasia and the Middle East was "appealing" to America's elites, i.e. it seemingly matched stated US foreign policy objectives.

Wikileaks is not a typical alternative media initiative.

The New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel are directly involved in the editing and selection of leaked documents. The London Economist has also played an important role.

While the project and its editor Julian Assange reveal a commitment and concern for truth in media, the recent Wikileaks releases of embassy cables have been carefully "redacted" by the mainstream media in liaison with the US government. (See Interview with David E. Sanger, Fresh Air, PBS, December 8, 2010)

This collaboration between Wikileaks and selected mainstream media is not fortuitous; it was part of an agreement between several major US and European newspapers and Wikileaks' editor Julian Assange.


Moreover, the composition of the Wikileaks team (which included Chinese dissidents), not to mention the methodology of "exposing secrets" of foreign governments, were in tune with the practices of US covert operations geared towards triggering "regime change" and fostering "color revolutions" in different parts of the World.

Are we not dealing with a case of "manufactured dissent", whereby the process of supporting and rewarding Wikileaks for its endeavors, becomes a means of controlling and manipulating the Wikileaks project, while at the same time embedding it into the mainstream media.

It is also worth mentioning another important link.

Julian Assange's lawyer Mark Stephens of Finers Stephens Innocent (FSI), a major London elite law firm, happens to be the legal adviser to the Rothschild Waddesdon Trust.

While this in itself does prove anything, it should nonetheless be examined in the broader context of Wikileaks' social and corporate entourage: the NYT, the CFR, The Economist, Time Magazine, Forbes, Finers Stephens Innocent (FSI), etc.

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International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its Chief

Who is Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Since 2007, this Jew is Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He once said, in 1991, "I consider that all Jews in the Diaspora, and thus it is true in France, should everywhere they can lend their support to Israel".

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has a long history of pro-Israel activism.

The question now is how Strauss-Kahn - as boss of the the IMF - will stick to his outspoken dogm that every Jew should use his/her positions to aid Israel. Something that should be contemplated as one reads about the IMF:s dealings with the Palestinians, whether it is the PA in the West Bank or the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

What is interesting and also frightening is that Strauss´ Israel-statement seems more or less unknown in the Muslim world, something that again illustrates the level of political illiteracy that is present.

To fight your enemy you have to know your enemy!

IMF under Strauss-Kahn´s leadership is nor not an independent international body but an organization hijacked by an agent of Israel.

That´s the fact - black on white.

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