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The minority Chinese are oppressed by Najib?

(Pix courtesy of Helen Ang blogsite)

"There is this picture of a young kurang ajar Malaysian-Chinese boy with his right foot on the picture of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. A despicable act indeed!

He appears to be so arrogant and smug and such behaviour is now so prevalent among young ingrates like him who was mostly raised by his equally kurang ajar parents,.

Why not, he probably said to himself, now that he has a good life and probably a good job and yet he cannot come to term with the fact that what he dreamt could not be realised and cursed himself that he is Malaysian of Chinese descent, but then if he was born in neighbouring countries right now he could not even speak his own mother tongue walking down the street!

But the truth of the matter is that life for him, like the rest of the "suppressed" members of the Malaysian minority of this country is so "bad" that many of them, while driving in their Mercs, Bentleys, Jaguar, Audis, Porsche, Lamborghini etc and living in expensive houses and condominiums in posh areas of town that they  will be cursing about how life for them is so miserable.

So they vented their frustration of being so badly "discriminated" upon by stepping on pictures of the prime minister "-end quote.

My comment:
1. So, as a chinese, I assume this man is,  is a minority in Malaysia. Yes?
2. As a minority, (from his despicable act), he is presumably unhappy, because he is "oppressed"  by the Prime Minister (PM)  and the Barisan Nasional.
3. Now, study the room in which this photo was taken. 
Does he live in a shack?
4. Look at the picture:  His shoes..... second-hand cheap BATA shoes perhaps? 
5. View the room:  no electricity? Cruel cruel government.
5. Ask him what car(s) he and his familiy members drive. Proton Iswara? 
6. Ask him, the PM deprived him of education? 
7. After all, he is only trying to show his "frustration" that the Government of Malaysia for being so cruel and oppressive to his community.


**More pictures here:


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Malaysia will go bankrupt if...

In anticipation of the upcoming general election, we have seen the federal opposition trying to introduce more policy proposals to sway key voting segments.  In particular, they have targeted young, first time voters, who make up the bulk of the more than two million newly registered Malaysians on the electoral roll, and the middle class in general.

Theory Opposition Budget
Two of the federal opposition’s policy proposals that were announced this year are designed to strike at these two voter demographics directly.  The first was a promise to write of all National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) loans and provide free university education, and the latest, a policy that will see a reduction in passenger car prices.

Both policies have clear political objectives in mind.  
The student loan write-off is an attractive promise for young voters still saddled with paying off their PTPTN debt in addition to dealing with higher living costs and for some, the financial commitments of marriage and starting a family.
  The promise of lower car prices casts a wider appeal as most Malaysian car owners bemoan having to pay more for same car than people in other countries, which results in a bigger chunk of their salary being used to service their monthly car loans.

By selling these promises, the federal opposition is saying that it can assist with increasing your disposable income because you will have more to spend on other things and also save because these two expenditure items will either disappear (PTPTN loans written off) or be reduced (cheaper car prices).

The purpose of this article is not to examine the two proposals directly but to discuss one fundamental question that arises when political parties – especially those not in power – make electoral promises:  How do they hope to pay for these pledges?

If this question does not require answering, then politics would be an easy game.  Promise people everything under the sun, sit back and enjoy watching voters swing your way – hook, line and sinker.  But we do not live in a world where the electorate believes they can get everything for free.

Also, importantly, international investors and credit rating agencies are watching our fiscal discipline to see if we live within our means.  In an age of sovereign defaults and bailouts, fiscal responsibility is a key measure of sound public administration that will have an impact on our attractiveness as an investment destination and on our credit ratings.

As far as the federal opposition is concerned, it is doubtful that fiscal discipline is high on its agenda.  They have not really explained how they are going to pay for its electoral promises. 
 And just to put it on the record once again – its electoral promises amount to a whopping RM206.5 billion in the first year alone.

  The table summarises the financial cost of its promises.

Let’s just put the cost of the opposition’s promises into context.  The federal government budget for 2012 was RM 232.8 billion.  The opposition’s electoral promises alone account for almost 90% of the total federal government’s budget. 
 So if it were to fulfil its promises in the first year of office, the government would effectively not have enough money to pay the salaries of teachers, doctors, nurses, police and army personnel, let alone have the funds for building roads, schools, hospitals or providing welfare assistance to the poor. 
 Most of the money would have been used to deliver on its Jingga promises.

If this happens essential services would grind to a halt and the country would cease to function.  
If it decides to borrow more money to fund its promises and keep government going, the fiscal deficit would balloon to more than 25% of GDP and Malaysia would effectively be bankrupt within the first two years.

Current Federal Budget

Let’s analyse the 2012 federal budget.  Of the total RM 232.8 billion that was originally budgeted, RM 148.5 billion (63.8% of the total budget) was earmarked for salaries of civil servants as well as fixed charges and grants such as subsidies, servicing debt, scholarships, research grants and funds for state governments.  These are all fixed charges or payments.  That leaves RM 84.3 billion for procurement-related spending, whether it is purchasing supplies, services and assets or paying for projects under development expenditure.

Since corruption and leakages can only occur for procurement-related expenditure as opposed to fixed charges like salaries, any savings can only be made from this portion of the budget.  If you get 10% savings from procurement, that would be just RM 8.43 billion extra – hardly enough to pay for the opposition’s election promises.  Even the entire sum related to procurement expenditure – RM 84.3 billion – is short of the RM 206.5 billion needed to pay for its promises to Putrajaya.

The key point is this:  It is easy to say that savings can be made by reducing leakages,  but nobody really asks how much you can save.  While 10% of procurement – related items can yield a significant figure as explained above, but it is not so significant when measured against a slew of promises that cost so much more to fulfill.

Federal Opposition Talk
So, it is not enough for the federal opposition to say its can save from getting rid of corruption.  That alone – even if it can be done – is not going to pay for its pledges.  It has to tell Malaysians how else it will raise the money.  Will they borrow more?  What programmes will it cancel?  Which projects will it scale down?  Which schools and hospitals will it not build?  What taxes will go up?  How many civil servants will it lay off?

Unless the opposition can answer these hard questions and explain how it will raise the money to fulfill its promises instead of copping out with the corruption explanation (which doesn’t add up), we can safely assume that either it will drive Malaysia to ruin by spending what we don’t have or, in fact, they have no intention whatsoever of fulfilling its promises because it knows it simply can’t pay for them.-TheEdge

*(underline, size of text- from me)

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Apa Niat sebenar Majlis Perundingan Agama mendesak Kerajaan

1. Majlis Perundingan Agama Buddha, Kristian, Hindu, Sikhism dan Taoism, mendesak kerajaan dengan idea gilanya, supaya mata pelajaran agama-agama lain, mengikut nama pertubuhan agama tersebut, turut dijadikan mata pelajaran wajib anak-anak mereka, selain daripada mata pelajaran agama Islam untuk pelajar Islam.

2. Maka, hari ini ,sudah sewajarnya mata pelajaran agama Islam diwajibkan kepada semua pelajar.  

3. Bukan bertujuan untuk berdakwah kepada mereka agar memeluk Islam, tetapi mereka perlu mengetahui dan memahami isi kandungan umum agama persekutuan ini, bagi mengelakkan kekeliruan.

4. Islam mempunyai kedudukan yang istimewa berbanding agama lain. 

5. Lagipun semua nilai-nilai moral Islam turut dikongsi oleh agama lain.

6. Pada penganut agama lain, mereka hanya berteori sahaja, akan pentingnya agama dijadikan amalan hidup. 

7. Tetapi dari segi praktikal, jauh sekali untuk diamalkan. Amalan seperti seks bebasm judi, arak, zina, dan sebagainya langsung tidak ditegah.  Malah diiktiraf sebagai hak asasi manusia.

8. Artikel ini bukan bertujuan menafikan hak bukan Islam yang tinggal dalam sebuah negara Islam. 

9. Tetapi permintaan mereka untuk mengajar agama masing-masing di sekolah terlampau ultra kiasu dan mempunyai niat jahat untuk meminggirkan agama Islam.

10. Mereka mahukan layanan sama seperti mana kedudukan mata pelajaran agama Islam yang diajar di sekolah. Mereka sengaja tidak mahu sedar, siapakah diri mereka sebenarnya?

11. Mereka bukan tidak sedar akan kedudukan agama Islam sebagai agama persekutuan. Mereka fahami semua itu. Saya tidak yakin mereka jahil. Kenapa mereka mendesak sedemikian rupa? Tidak lain, untuk mematikan dan menghancurkan kedudukan dan keistimewaan agama Islam dalam undang-undang.

12. Hak yang telah diberikan lebih daripada mencukupi. 

13. Pergi kira berapa banyak rumah ibadat yang berselerakan di bumi Malaysia ini, lebih daripada 200 ribu, sedangkan masjid surau hanya ada dalam sekitar 30 ribu. Tokong Hindu sahaja sudah melebihi 100 ribu.

14.  Ingatlah wahai umat Melayuku yang rata-ratanya seagama denganku, jika saudara semua terlalu berpolitik dan berpecah, tuan-tuan tidak akan menjadi tuan lagi. Tuan-tuan akan menjadi hamba di bumi sendiri. Percayalah.

15. Orang lain terus aktif dengan perancangan jahatnya. 

16. Lihatlah contoh Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram). Pertubuhan ini amat aktif sekali menyebarkan dakyahnya. Selain daripada bantuan Soros, mereka juga mendapat dana daripada sebuah think tank Jerman yang berpusat di sini, untuk memusnahkan agama Islam di negara ini.  

17. Sebenarnya banyak lagi pertubuhan luar negara yang menyalurkan dananya untuk menghancurkan Islam.

18. Saya yakin kita menyedarinya, termasuklah pertubuhan yang mendesak kerajaan untuk memperkenalkan mata pelajaran agama bukan Islam di sekolah, apakah kita masih buta?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Corporate Financier Hegemony and Threat to Nation's Peace

Global corporate financier hegemony is what it is all about, when it comes to the "planned and sponsored" street demonstrations in Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia, certain parts of China, and ........ I dare say.....Malaysia.
(Below is an Abstract from
1. An Obama win in 2012 would allow the West to continue funding terrorists more openly worldwide against the governments of Syria, Iran, and even Russia and China – blaming it all on “Pro-Islam Obama.” 
2. A Romney victory would allow more aggressive, direct military intervention. 
3. Either way, the nations of Syria, Iran, Russia, and China will continue to find themselves in the firing line of both covert and overt foreign military aggression.
4. The overall agenda is global corporate-financier hegemony, the destruction of the nation-state, and the primacy of Wall Street-London dictated “international law” for an “international order” corporate-financier think-tank policy maker Robert Kagan concedes “  serves the needs of the United States and its allies, which constructed it.”
5. By recognizing the singular agenda front-men like Bush, Obama, and Romney cover for, we can expose the corporate-financier special interests truly dictating Western policy.
6. By understanding that it is corporate-financier interests, not politicians, that drive these nefarious, overarching agendas, we can formulate solutions based upon undermining and replacing their power and influence, rather than becoming absorbed in short-sighted political battles that ultimately change only the front-men, not the agenda itself.

**
Now back In the Malaysian scenario, with regards to Ber(shit 3.0) , even a pro-Opposition  Blog had this to say to Anwar, Azmin and co. : " You can fool some people some of the time....…but not all of us, all of the time.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The burden of House Prices on Citizens and Capitalism

  1. 1.    The major players and owners amongst  the housing developers in Malaysia are the same people  that are the top earners in the country. Is this a coincidence?
    2.    Out of 10, maybe 1 if not 2, are bumiputera-owned. The rest?
    3.    Developers decide on the cost of houses they want to sell.
    4.    House owners play no role in that decision-making.
    5.    Prospective house owners are at the mercy of these rich, in fact, very rich developers.
    6.    Prospective house owners  are mostly in the low-income and middle-income bracket.
    7.    Few people, if any, buy houses in cash.
    8.    To buy a house, most of us have to borrow from the bank a hefty amount of money over many many years.
    9.    The duration of home loan instalment may stretch between 5 – 25 years.
    10. The higher the price of the house, the higher the loan amount, and the higher the borrower has to pay every month.
    11. That monthly repayment to pay the bank, is burdensome and is a big big chunk of the borrower’s income.
    12. So, the burden upon the individual is not the food, meals, car, petrol or the kids.
    13. The burden  is the house monthly payment.
    14. The burden is not because of  the government’s policies
    15. The burden is because of the ridiculous price of houses set by developers.
    16. The government has done its level best to make life easier for lower income and middle-income groups, such as KedaiRakyat1Malaysia (KR1M), Klinik1Malaysia, subsidies for petrol, sugar, flour, projects such as e-kasih, AzAM and many more.
    17. I am surprised that  anti-government voices do not  bring the issue of housing prices at all. Why? Ironic isn’t it?
    18. Housing prices are killing us all, yet the anti-government voices are silent on this.
    19. They are selective in whom they want to “attack”.
    20. They do not “attack” developers.
    21. Do you wonder why?
    22. The price of houses is the main factor that eats away at your income.
    23. The developer (and the bank) is laughing all the way to the bank.
    24. We cannot allow the capitalist phenomenon to rule our lives.
    25. WE  hope the ruling government will take action and set up a committee to look into this.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Malaysiakini Subversion and Covert Operations

1. From 2009 through to 2010 and beyond, several well-read bloggers, and authors, such as pochongmenulis, dr novandri, anwaraidc, fastforward, globalresearch (e-journal) and I, had repeatedly written and tried to warn our Malaysian community and Malaysia as a whole, about the subversive activities that are happening right before our eyes.
Most Malaysians are unaware of this subversion.
It is only today that this matter finally broke into Malaysian mainstream news and in primetime news.
“Bekas Editor Berita Malaysiakini, Chon Yen Long, mendakwa bahawa Malaysiakini menerima wang sejumlah RM 188,000 daripada Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF) yang dikaitkan dengan Open Society Institute (OSI) milik Jutawan keturunan Yahudi pro-Zionist bernama Soros.

Majalah Far Eastern Economic Review keluaran Februari 2001 melaporkan pertubuhan Open Society Institute (OSI) milik George Soros turut membiayai organisasi-organisasi media di Asia termasuk Malaysiakini.

“ Kaedah lain menggugat keamanan negara ialah menyatukan beberapa parti pembangkang berlainan ideologi di bawah satu payung. Gabungan pembangkang ini akan didanai menerusi seorang tokoh yang dikenal pasti dengan harapan dapat menjatuhkan kerajaan yang sedia ada.

 “Media training workshop” (untuk pemimpin/ tokoh/ parti pembangkang/ NGO/ media, kononnya untuk melatih peserta mewakili masyarakat dalam bidang komunikasi awam.

5. . NED memberi dana yang amat besar kepada persatuan dan badan-badan se sebuah negara, melalui organisasi-organisasi atau sesi latihan di bawah naungannya, untuk mencapai matlamat globalnya.

i. Yayasan Abdorrahman Boroumand, ABF, (Iran)
ii.Majlis Iran Amerika Nasional (NIAC),(Iran)
iii. BERSIH (Malaysia) ;,1#Funding.)
iv. Bengkel dan workshop parti-parti politik Malaysia, di kendalikan oleh NDI.
iv. Merdeka Centre (Malaysia); Dana IRI. (
v. Malaysiakini (Malaysian portal media); ( **this link was somewhat removed by CIMA, and can no longer be viewed**.

slogan demokrasi yang ditiup oleh Amerika ke seluruh negara Islam, dan kita ketahui pelbagai badan" democracy" ditubuhkan Amerika melalui NED di pelbagai negara Islam bagi mencapai visi mereka menguasai negara Islam.

8. CIMA sponsored Malaysiakini. CIMA is an arm of  NED, headed by neo-cons in USA.

What is CIMA ?
The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) at the National Endowment for Democracy, works to strengthen the support, raise the visibility, and improve the effectiveness of independent media development throughout the world. The Center provides information, builds networks, conducts research, and highlights the indispensable role independent media play in the creation and development of sustainable democracies.

CIMA convenes working groups, commissions research reports, and holds events. The Center distributes a comprehensive list of digital media information and maintains a bibliographic database of international media assistance resources.

9.  My comment:

Interfering with the sovereignty of Malaysia,and pitting citizens against each other,  by  funding through dubious NGOs and “portal media” is NOT democracy.

I presume you know by now, which (Malaysian) political party is subservient to the US-Israeli-neo-con manipulation and control, from its inception.

Malaysia, DON’T BE FOOLED.

SOROS, NEO-CONS, WAR MONGERS AND THE CAPITALIST ELITE bankers, IMF top guns  OUT THERE are alive and well….and watching us.

If , God Forbid, we fall into the trap of hating each other, fighting each other, in the streets, in Merdeka Square, hating the pillars of society (police, army, Judiciary), then we are doomed to fall into disarray; then it will open the window of opportunity for them to come into the country [pretending to be heroes] and take over …our polity, our economy, our banks, our businesses,  our wealth…..and most of all, our PEACE.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

ROS memalukan bila nak siasat SUARAM

Dari myknu

"KECEWA benar rasanya membaca berita pegawai Jabatan Pertubuhan Pendaftar (ROS) dilarang memasuki premis SUARAM walaupun diiringi 2 pegawai polis dan dari segi undang-undangnya, ROS tidak perlu waran untuk masuk dalam bangunan pertubuhan yang mahu diperiksa.

Dahlah tu Ketua Pengarah ROS [Reistrar of Societies] boleh selamba bagi kenyataan dalam media kata ROS tidak dibenarkan masuk pejabat SUARAM, apa kelebihan mempromosikan kelemahan macam itu?

Rasa macam nak sepak saja TV dan buang dalam parit menonton kenyataan macam itu, tapi sayang, mahal.

Tak tahulah kalau ada yang tak perasan tapi kelihatannya, ada (bukan semua) agensi penguatkuasaan negara kita sekarang yang bertindak macam piranha tidak ada gigi, waima nak ‘gigit’ pertubuhan haram macam SUARAM.

Apa sebenarnya sudah jadi?  Ini siapa sebenarnya yang berkuasa, kerajaan atau pertubuhan haram macam ini?  Apa yang SUARAM boleh buat pun, itukan pertubuhan haram?

Kalau halang atau buat provokasi, tangkap.  Bukankah polis ada dan peruntukkan menangkap sesiapa yang menghalang penjawat awam dari menjalankan tugas juga ada?

Bukan biarkan saja dan balik macam orang bacul.  Negara kita ada undang-undang, tidak sepatutnyalah hal-hal macam ini berlaku.  Seolah-olah ada yang lebih berkuasa dan lebih tinggi dari undang-undang pulak.

Sebetulnya kejadian terpencil seumpama inilah yang buat rakyat hilang keyakinan ke atas segelintir agensi kerajaan dan malangnya, diakhirnya nanti, kerajaan sendiri.

Siapa yang ketuai operasi ROS ini patut pikul beban akibat dari kejadian semalam.  Letak jawatan dan serah kepada orang lain untuk uruskan ROS kalau tidak mampu

Buat memalukan saja dengan tindakan seumpama ini.  Macam mana nak pertahankan undang-undang kalau hal kecil macam ini pun tak boleh nak uruskan?

Ini bukan salah undang-undang, juga bukan salah kerajaan tapi orang yang menjalankan tu.

Ramai orang kata dan penulis bersetuju, Malaysia ada undang-undang yang cukup mantap, Perdana Menteri dan kabinet yang cukup efisien, politik yang stabil dan sebagainya.  Tapi semua ini tidak bermakna kalau di peringkat perlaksanaan, lemah, seterusnya tidak berkesan.

Dahlah lemah, pi bagitau orang pulak!!"

Kenapa banyak Syarikat Melayu yang lingkup

Dari se banyak-banyak syarikat Melayu yang dimulakan, se gelintir sahaja yang terus wujud bertahun-bertahun.
Jumlah syarikat Melayu yang berterusan ke generasi kedua....alahai...amat kecil sekali.
Yang se lainnya...mana pergi?
Berikut adalah petikan dari Blog di atas.

Carilah ilmu bagaimana membina syarikat dari kecil dan besarkan dia sebesar-besarnya dan uruskan dia berlandaskan cara yang dibenarkan dalam agama.

Itulah sebabnya orang Islam perlu bina syarikat sebesar-besar yang mungkin. 

Itu adalah cara bijak menjadi muslim yang berniaga.

Cuba lihat apa akan terjadi jika Syed Mukhtar tidak ada. 

Syarikatnya tetap akan berjalan seperti biasa dan berbakti pada agama, bangsa dan negara walaupun tanpa kehadirannya. Adakah anda rasa keuntungannya tidak akan dirasai oleh beliau didalam kubur? 
Ya bergantung pada niat dan cara dia mengendalikan syarikatnya selama ini.

Dalam jawapan kedua di atas sebenarnya tersimpan rahsia kenapa banyak syarikat Melayu yang jahanam (Bangsa lainpun tidak kurang juga). 

Ramai yang mengidam jadi usahawan kerana nak buat duit sebanyak mungkin. Itu adalah matlamat yang tak berapa betul!.

Apabila kita niat berniaga untuk buat duit, kita berkemungkinan besar akan berakhir dengan buat duit, tetapi syarikat akan terlingkup namun kita sebagai tuan punya syarikat mungkin kekal kaya-raya.

 Itulah yang terjadi kepada banyak syarikat besar orang Melayu.

Tuan punya syarikat masih tetap kaya  namun syarikatnya yang gah suatu masa dulu tidak dikenali oleh generasi baru.

Tambahan komen dari saya: 

Sebelum kita menceburi dunia perniagaan, kenali lah dahulu dan dalami dahulu ugama se dalam dalamnya. 
Ugama kukuh, iman kukuh, baru ceburi perniagaan.
Kalau niaga dulu, kemudian datang kekayaan, tapi ugama tak kenal, lalai dan sesat lah padahnya.

-jom baca artikel sepenuhnya dalam  Blog yang tertera di atas-

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penang Speaks up: What is DAP

"Lihat hebahan dibawah dan sebarkan kepada seramai mungkin terutama sekali kepada rakan-rakan dari kaum tionghua yang sebahagiannya kini amat taksub dan terpedaya kepada tipu helah parti DAP.

Dimaklumkan 2 orang penceramah di bawah akan berbahasa Inggeris manakala 2 orang lagi akan menyampaikan dalam bahasa Mandarin. 

Siri ceramah dari bekas pemimpin kanan DAP ini akan melakukan jelajah ke seluruh Malaysia selepas ini untuk menghebahkan kebejatan dan kepura-puraan parti DAP ini. 

Kit Siang anak beranak pastinya tak tidur malam mendengar perkhabaran buruk ini.. "

Monday, September 17, 2012

Petronas : Has anybody noticed anything about the GLC Management

Do you see what I see?

Read this article I came across today.

1."Ramai rakan-rakan yang berada dalam industri minyak dan gas, yang berasa sangat pelik, hairan, khuatir dan risau dengan perkembangan terkini yang berlaku dalam Petronas. Mereka kata, kalau sebelum ini, mereka hanya bertemu dengan kalangan profesional berintegriti tinggi, mempunyai semangat nasionalisme yang utuh – nampaknya trend ini semakin berubah. 

2.Sudah ada perkembangan yang sangat tidak positif berlaku di dalam Petronas.

3.Petronas hebat selama ini dengan usaha, komitmen, kerja keras dan semangat nasionalisme pekerja Petronas sendiri. Mereka jatuh dan bangun dengan Petronas. 

4.Setia dengan syarikat itu walaupun mendapat tawaran berpuluh kali ganda daripada syarikat utama dunia yang lain.

5. Sayangnya, satu demi satu, individu dan ‘kroni’ seorang pemimpin kanan Petronas dibawa masuk tanpa sebarang tugasan yang spesifik.

6. Main bawa masuk kawan sahaja?

7. Ada kalangan mereka yang baru dilantik dibayar dengan harga puluhan ribu USD – dan hanya memainkan peranan sebagai Advisor!!!"         -end of quote-

Jom read the full article. 

Kita harus  imbas semula siapa yang mengambil inisiatif untuk mewujudkan government-linked company (GLC); dan apa tujuan asal adanya GLC di Malaysia.

Pada fahaman saya yang cetek, GLC asalnya disyorkan oleh Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu, bagi menaikkan taraf ekonomi kaum Bumiputera yang amat tertinggal ke belakang (economically disadvantaged) di Tanah Air sendiri, di dalam sektor kewangan dan ekonomi, berbanding kaum Cina yang monopoli ekonomi sejak kurun lepas, 1800an lagi, apabila mereka merantau ke rantau ini.

Harap pucuk Pimpinan negara.. DO SOMETHING

Penang :The Penangite citizens suffer in silence

Penang's Opposition-ruled government is not what you think it portrays itself to be.

Ask the man in the street.

Watch this video..

taken from muststopthis BLOG.

Dear Penangites, do write in to me and tell your side of the story.

Chris Stevens and American Hegemony in Middle East

1. "America’s “democracy promotion” is simply a rhetorical mechanism within which hegemonic ambitions are couched. US State Department fronts, including Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy have their boards of directors full of Neo-Conservative warmongers and representatives of corporate-financier interests. They use issues of “democracy” and “human rights” to dress up naked military aggression and global corporate-financier expansion.

2. Despite a concerted effort by Western media houses to portray Libya as in the hands of progressive democratic secularists, the country was intentionally handed over to extremists to serve as a base of militancy to destabilize and destroy targets of Western interest around the word. 

3. The men (John) McCain was defending were Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants, terrorists linked directly with Al Qaeda according to West Point reports (.pdf), and listed to this day by the US State Department, the UK Home Office (.pdf), and the UN as a “foreign terrorist organization.”

4. These same terrorists are now not only the defacto rulers of much of Libya,  but are leading death squads in Syria .

5.Starting in March 2011, US President Barack Obama appointed Christopher Stevens as “Special Representative to the Libyan Transitional National Council,” and sent him to Benghazi to coordinate US military, diplomatic, and financial support to a “counter government” constituted from Cyrenaica’s Al Qaeda terror battalions and a cadre of US-educated, politically cultivated proxies across the “National Transitional Council” (NTC).
6. Eventually, Stevens’ mission would become a success. NATO-backed terrorists overran the Libyan government, overthrowing it in Tripoli.
7. He played a leading role in coordinating the violent subversion of Libya by listed terrorist organizations before being named “US Ambassador” to Libya. 
8. Recent attacks on US embassies were designed to give “street credit” to sectarian extremists who are increasingly seen internationally as mercenary proxies of US-Saudi-Israeli foreign policy – Stevens’ death was most likely an accident. 
9.  In all likelihood, those behind the attacks on the embassies intended the violence to be limited in scope, and without any high-profile deaths – designed simply to lend sorely lacking legitimacy to America’s growing list of client-states. Ambassador Stevens apparently was caught in smoke while escaping from the US consulate in Benghazi, and died of asphyxiation – a victim of unforeseen circumstances, not the victim of a targeted assassination.