Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mahasiwa banyakkan lah soalan kepada Team Anwar

Mahasiswa akan sekali lagi digunakan oleh Anwar sebagai alat untuk mendapatkan kuasa politik. Anwar tahu minda orang muda. 
Anwar tahu psyche orang muda. Menentang itu nikmat. 
Tapi kali ini orang muda perlu lebih banyak bertanya Anwar dan PKR tentang peranan mereka dalam politik Malaysia:-
  • Apa peranan PKR PP dalam membantu orang Melayu PP yang semakin terpinggir?
  • Apakah benar wujud masalah antara Guan Eng dan Dr Mansor? 
  • Apa strategi menambah pelaburan – peluang pekerjaan? Berapa jumlah pelaburan yang Anwar sendiri bawa masuk ke Selangor? 
  • Apa pandangan Anwar mengenai isu LGBT? Apa pendirian PKR? 
  • Apa pendirian PKR mengenai Hudud?
  • Apa pendirian PKR mengenai agenda rasis DAP?
  • Apa yang Kerajaan Selangor lakukan untuk mempertahan UNISEL?
  • Apa peranan Selangor dalam pendidikan – kenapa Yayasan Selangor semakin teruk? 
  • Sejauh mana bersihnya Kerajaan Selangor? Isu rasuah? Sifar? 
  • Apa status siasatan SELCAT mengenai isu tukar status tanah padang PKNS?
  • Bagaimana geran Selangorku dibelanjakan? 
  • Apa pandangan Anwar bila PKR dikatakan sebagai parti keluarga? 
  • Izzah boleh menang di Lembah Pantai? 
  • Kenapa Rafizi letak jawatan di Selangor? 
  • Apa peranan PAS dalam Pakatan Rakyat?
  • Siapa tunggang siapa – Pas tunggang PKR; atau DAP tunggang dua-dua?
  • Apa pandangan Anwar tentang moraliti seorang pemimpin? 
  • Apa jadi isu air di Selangor?
  • Dap taiko besar?
  • Apa pandangan Anwar bila Guan Eng jadi TOKONG?
  • Kenapa Anwar selalu lantik ‘jambu’ jadi Pegawai Khas? 
Banyak sebenarnya soalan yang boleh mahasiswa tanyakan kepada Anwar/Nik Nazmi/Izzah/Rafizi yang kerapkali turun ke kampus-kampus. 
Jangan beri peluang mereka bentang janji palsu.
Tanya mereka banyak soalan. Beri mereka peluang untuk terangkan. Kalau tak boleh jawab – tandanya, mereka menipu lah tu. 
Jangan jadi mahasiswa yang tahu ikut dan akur sahaja. Zaman kita dengar dan ikut dah berlalu. 
Kritik Anwar dan PKR jika perlu.
 Jangan biar mereka anggap mereka maksum dan betul sentiasa. Bagi pandangan ikhlas. 
Mahasiswa tak boleh dengar sahaja dan ikut cakap. Anwar perlu diajar bahawa zaman dia MEMPERBODOH mahasiswa macam tahun 70 an sudah berlalu. Setakat Hishamudin Rais dan Ibrahim Ali, Anwar boleh kencing. Mahasiswa zaman baru – silap haribulan; Anwar kena bodoh. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's have more Volunteers

More volunteers amongst you isn't going to hurt.
Let's bring the kindness out of you.
By reaching out to those less fortunate than you, and going to 'ground-zero' of disaster or war-torn zones, one can only come back home (Malaysia) with a totally new insight, and some soul-searching.

That's the moment one will be glad to be a Malaysian.

Wanting to create chaos and havoc in your own country, -like BERSIH (a.k.a BER-SHIT) will be the last thing on your mind.

And there's no denying that Malaysia today, cannot be more peaceful than we hope, with the good governance, and good administrative policies that kept the different races in harmony, and which helped create a majority of middle-class population.

Peace ..lately..has been taken for granted by Malaysians.

Let's travel to Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Lebanon,  Pakistan, Indonesia, . ..war-torn, disaster-prone, and observe the huge gap between the super-rich and the destitute-poor, and
few middle-class   (compare this  with Malaysia and its 55years of 'Merdeka' initiated by the National Alliance (a.k.a.  BN ).

Let's travel to the "seemingly modern world"- USA, UK, France, Greece...only to find that their unemployment rate is high, racial discrimination exists,  religious discrimination exists,  the capitalist (minority) elites monopolise and control their nation's economy, free sex is rampant, intentional abortion is common, rapes and murders are rampant, divorce rates are high, ghettos exist (not seen by you tourists).

So, before the pro-Opposition supporters out there resume their next plan to create havoc in the City of Kuala Lumpur, or before they vote out the current Government (which kept the country together to ensure YOUR peaceful life), let's go out and do some Volunteer work.  and get our hands dirty, and cleanse our souls.

Our visit to a Palestinian refugee Camp in BEIRUT  (2006)

My trip with fellow mates - under the flagship of AMAN MALAYSIA (Peace for Malaysia,NGO) In Lebanon, immediately after the ISRAEL-HEZBOLLAH/Lebanon  WAR  @2006. Our team set up clinic in TYRE, South Lebanon, which borders with Occupied Palestine (a.k. a. Israel)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Malay Unity: It's time and the time is NOW

What's wrong with MALAY UNITY?

Malay unity will give STRENGTH to both the Malays (who are, to this day, still economically disadvantaged in HIS OWN land), and even greater strength to the Muslim faith in Malaysia.

I speak for all those silent majority out there who are too cowardly to speak up against the LOUD minority "Opposition" people which also control scores of alternative and social media (talking of "no freedom of speech in Malaysia"?) and who are generously funded by foreign organisations (part of the New World Order).

I speak up for all  the silent majority  of Malaysians who voted BN (BARISAN NASIONAL- AN ALLIANCE OF MANY PARTIES) again in PRU12 in 2008,  to lead the country, in peace, prosperity and harmony. 

Anwar Ibrahim talks  a lot; undeniably rivetting to listen and seemingly awesome on the surface, but when one goes back and analyse word for word, the "facts" that he made, it's ALL crap.

There are still people who are influenced by him. They never fail to amaze me. C'mon folks, wake up.

Most of the pioneers of PKR have left him.
Listen to what they have to say. And judge for yourself.

The many portal media and scores of other alternative media are merely his TOOLS. Don't fall for it.

Still cannot see?

The Anglo-US Drive into Eurasia and demonising Russia


U.S. Economic Expansion: Global Wars and the Growth of U.S. Industrial and Economic Might

Both the First World War and the Second World War managed to eliminate any economic rivalry or challenge to U.S. corporations. While Europe and Asia were ravaged by war, the U.S. inversely grew economically. U.S. industrial might grew by leaps and bounds, while the industrial capacities of Europe and Asia were destroyed by both Allied and Axis sides in the Second World War and by the Allies and the Central Powers in the First World War.

2. By the end of the the Second World War, the U.S. literally owned half the global economy through loans, American foreign investment and war debts.

3. U.S. economic expansion and the American export boom were unprecedented in the scale that took place during the period from 1910-1950, all of which was tied to the Eurasian warscape.

4. Also, it was also only the U.S. that had the economic resources to rebuild the economies and industrial capacities of Europe and Asia, which it did with strings attached. These strings involved favourable treatment of U.S. corporations, preferential trade with the U.S., and the setting up of U.S. branch plants.

5. 1945 was the beginning of Pax Americana. Even much of the foreign aid provided by the U.S. government (with the approval of Congress), to facilitate the reconstruction of European states, flowed back into the private bank accounts of the owners of U.S. corporations, because American firms were awarded many reconstruction-related contracts.

6. War had directly fuelled the industrial might of the United States, while eliminating other rivals such as the Japanese who were a major economic threat to U.S. markets in Asia and the Pacific.

7. Just to show the extent of the American objectives to handicap their economic rivals one should look at the handling of Japan from 1945 till about October 1, 1949. 

After the surrender of Tokyo to the U.S. on the U.S.S. Missouri and the start of the American occupation and administration of Japan, the Japanese economy began to rapidly decline because of the calculated neglect of the U.S. through the office of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP). 

In economic terms, the Japanese case was initially very similar to that of Anglo-American occupied Iraq.

8. In late-1949 all this began to change. Almost overnight, there was literally a complete change, or a flip-flop, in U.S. policy on Japan. 

9. It was only after October 1, 1949 when the People's Republic of China was declared by Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China that the U.S. began to allow Japan to recover economically, so as to use it as a counter-weight to China. 

10. As a side note, in a case of irony, the quick change in American policy regarding Japan allowed the U.S. to overlook the Japanese policy of not allowing foreign investment, which is one of the reasons for the economic success of Japan and one of the reasons why the financial elites of Japan form part of the trilateral pillar of the global economy along with the elites of the U.S. and Western Europe.

The “Open Doors” Policy of the Anglo-American Establishment
11. Anglo-American elites also made it clear that they wanted a global policy of “open doors” through the 1941 Atlantic Charter, which was a joint British and American declaration about what post-war international relations would be like.

12. It is very important to note that the Atlantic Charter was made before the U.S. even entered the Second World War.

13. The events and description above was the second clear phase behind the start of modern neo-liberal globalization; the first phase was the start of the First World War.

14. In both wars the financial and corporate elite of the U.S., before the entry of the U.S. as a combatant, had funded both sides through loans and American investment, while they destroyed one another. This included the use of middlemen and companies in other countries, such as Canada.

15. The creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve in 1913, before the First World War and the U.S. domestic (not foreign, because of the regulations of other states) de-coupling of the gold standard from the U.S. dollar in 1933, before the Second World War, were required beforehand for the U.S. domination of other economies.

16. Both were steps that removed the limits and restraints on the number of U.S. dollars being printed, which allowed the U.S. to invest and loan money to the warring states of Europe and Asia.
17. In reality, the Cold War did not start because of Soviet aggression, but because of a long-standing historic impulse by Anglo-American elites to encircle and control Eurasia.
18. Today this policy, which existed before the First World War and helped spark the Second World War, has not changed and Anglo-American elites, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, still talk about partitioning Russia, the successor state of the Soviet Union.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Research Associate for the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) specilizing in geo-politics and strategic issues.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The economic paper money hoax and the US Dollar

Let me share with you an interesting article by Matthias Chang, depicting the big hoax regarding the "apparent supremacy " of the paper money called "US Dollar".

Some two decades ago, it was decided by the global financial elites that the framework for the global economy shall consist of:
1) A global derivative-based financial system, controlled by the US Federal Reserve Bank and its associate global banks in the developed countries.
2) The re-location from the West to the East in the production of goods, principally to China and India to “feed” the developed economies.
The entire system was built on a simple principle, that of a FED-controlled global reserve currency which will be the engine for growth for the global economy. It is essentially an imperialist economic principle.

Bernanke’s candid remark that, “the US government has a technology, called the printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost”.
This is the crux of the problem!

The financial architects at Goldman Sachs had a master plan – to dominate the global financial system.

The means to achieve this financial power was the Shadow Banking System, the lynchpin being the derivative market and the securitization of assets, real and synthetic.

I have talked to so many economists and when asked what is the crux of the present financial problem, they all respond in unison, “it is the global imbalances... the West consumes too much while the East saves too much and consumes not enough”. 

This is exemplified by the huge US trade deficits on the one part and China’s massive surpluses on the other.

Incredible wisdom and almost everyone echoes this mantra. The recent concluded APEC Summit was no different. This mantra was repeated as well as the call for freer trade between trading nations.

This is a grand hoax. 

All the current leaders on the world’s stage are corrupted to the rotten core and as such have no interest to call a spade a spade and expose the inherent contradictions within the existing financial system.

The new game:
The financial architects at Goldman Sachs had a master plan – to dominate the global financial system.

The next level of the game:
The next level of the game was reached when the toilet paper reserve currency literally went virtual – through the simple operation of a click of the mouse in the computers of the global banks.

The leaders of China, Japan and the oil producing countries of the Middle East are all cursing and pissing about the current situation, but they don’t have the courage of their convictions to spell it out to their countrymen that they have been conned by the financial spin masters from the Fed acting on the instructions from Goldman Sachs.

Tell me which leader would dare admit that they have exchanged the nation’s wealth for toilet papers?

What kept the ability of the US to maintain its military might and outspend the Soviet Union was the right to print toilet paper currency and the acceptance of the US dollar by her allies as the world’s reserve currency.

When losses are in the US$ trillions and whatever assets / capital remaining are in the US$ billions, we have a huge problem – a financial black-hole.

The preferred remedy by the financial masterminds at Goldman Sachs was to create another hoax – that if the big global banks were to fail triggering a systemic collapse, there would be Armageddon. 

These “too big to fail” banks must be injected with massive amount of virtual monies to recapitalize and get rid of the toxic assets on their balance sheet. 

The major central banks in the developed countries in cahoots with Goldman Sachs sang the same tune. All sorts of schemes were conjured to legitimize this bailout.

In essence, what transpired was the mere transfer of monies from the left pocket to the right pocket, with the twist that the banks were in fact helping the Government to overcome the financial crisis.

The Fed and key central banks agreed to lend “virtual monies” to the “too big to fail” global banks at zero or near zero interest rate and these banks in turn would “deposit” these monies with the Fed and other central banks at agreed interest rates. These transactions are all mere book entries. 

Other “loans” from the Fed and central banks (again at zero or near zero interest rates) are used to purchase government debts, these debts being the stimulus monies needed to revive the real economy and create jobs for the growing unemployed. So in essence, these banks are given “free money” to lend to the government at prior agreed interest rates with no risks at all. It is a hoax!

These “monies” are not even the dollar bills, but mere book entries created out of thin air.

So when the Fed injects US$ trillions into the banking system, it merely credits the amount in the accounts of the “too big to fail” banks at the Fed.
When the system is applied to international trade, the same modus operandi is used to pay for the goods imported from China, Japan etc.

Should a bankrupt country (the US) be allowed to use money created out of thin air to pay for goods produced with the sweat and tears of hardworking citizens of exporting countries? Adding insult to injury, the same dollars are now purchasing a lot less than before.

So what is the use of being paid in a currency that is losing rapidly its value?

If we go by what Bernanke has been preaching and practising, it means more toilet paper currency will be created to repay the debts.

(Author: Matthias Chang)

The economic seclusion of the Native Malays in pre-Merdeka Malaya

1. Although in the Federated Malay States the British were employed by the respective Sultans, it is difficult to ignore the fact that the British were here to reap the benefits of this land without wanting to give much back to the native people, but with a degree of subtlety.

2. In order to keep the Malays from creating trouble for the British, land reservations were introduced to transform the native Malay population into permanent agriculture peasants

3. It worked for the British well in 1900 when they introduced the Punjab Alienation of Land Act to control and supervise Punjabs as agricultural tribes. This was done on the basis of protecting and preserving the native people by secluding them from the immigrants who were invited to explore the country. 

4. The Malays were asked to grow food for the immigrants. As Sir Frank Athelstane Swettenham once said:
“The longer the Malay is kept away from the influence of civilization, the better it will be for him.”
5. British brought in lots of immigrants directly for their benefit. Undeniably, they were the workforce badly needed to develop the country.

6.  The Indians were British subjects (India was a Colony, while Malaya was not). They were made to work in the estates, and as British subjects, were given basic necessities such as very basic accommodation and Tamil schools.

7. The Chinese were brought in to work the tin mines.

8.  Most were in Malaya to make money to be brought back to their families left back in the Mainland. 

9. As they had an allegiance to none, enriching themselves in order to achieve a good life once they return to China was a dream of virtually all the Chinese immigrants. Unlike the Malays, they were self-sufficient and very hard-working.

10. This was the way the British divided and ruled. Eventually, swayed by the profit they were earning from the Malay States that they forgot their promise to the Sultans which was to protect the interest and welfare of the Malays. 

11. The bulk of the Malays lived in rural areas and they had very minimal contact with the other races, the Chinese were basically in towns and tin mines, while the Indians were in rubber plantations.

12.  The effect to this was that the Malays remained backwards and were told to stay as peasants or tillers of the soil, the Chinese inherited all the tradings in the Malay States and became the richest residents, and the Indians remained as rubber-tappers without proper infrastructure. 

13. The Malays, according toChai Hon-Chan:
“…merely retreated from the tide of commercial activity and material prosperity…whereas the British, Europeans, Chinese and Indians had the lion share of the country’s wealth…”
14. EW Birch, the 8th British Resident of Perak, recognized this dire situation and quickly proposed a policy of preserving the Malay land. 

15. The only way to him to preserve the Malay race was to “free them from the clutches of those people who now remit to Indian large sums of money, which they bleed from the (Malay) people.”

This later became the Malay Reservation Land Act which spirit is preserved in the Malaysian Federal Constitution.

 16. Such was the state of the Malays in the Malay States that Dr Lennox A Mills noted:

“…when the British came, the Malay was a poor man in a poor country; when the British left, he was a poor man in a rich country.”

Melayu senang kena tipu

Bangsa Melayu memang senang di tipu....Part Two!

Ini lah rupa orang Melayu bodoh yang senang di tipu oleh agen PAP!

Subliminal Christian messages for stupid Malay-Muslim in Malaysia!
Christian symbol of Christ copied by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim to cheat the easily cheated Malays!

Bangsa Melayu Islam, majoriti Melayu di Malaysia, memang lah bangsa yang paling senang di tipu! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lies more Lies P.Balasubramaniam

The story unfolds.

Take note that SUARAM is not  NGO as it alleged, yet trying to be 'hero'. It is none other  than a 'tool' [one of many] of the 'Opposition movement', with the one aim in spreading falsehood and hatred towards the current government.

Be careful of SUARAM

Read this in full the article in:

Here's a brief description in the article.

P.I Balasubramaniam merupakan antara PELAKON dan WATAK PENTING yang berjaya dihangatkan oleh Anwar Ibrahim dalam usaha Ketua Pembangkang Malaysia itu untuk menjatuhkan Najib Abdul Razak dan menggulingkan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang dipilih oleh rakyat.
Justeru apabila Raja Petra Kamaruddin, orang yang bertanggungjawab mempopularkan pembunuhan Altantuya Shiiribu dengan pembabitan Najib Abdul Razak dan Rosmah Mansor, sekali lagi mendedahkan bahawa P. Balasubramaniam sebenarnya adalah alatan fitnah Anwar Ibrahim, kebanyakan pecacai Pakatan Rakyat, (khususnya yang berkiblatkan Anwar Ibrahim,)   jadi tidak tentu arah.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Talam debt story for Dummies and the Government of Selangor

"Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim declined to discuss in the Selangor state assembly today the totality of transactions that state investment arm Menteri Besar Incorporated undertook in the restructuring of Talam Corporation debts.

Just how the hell did they do all this?

Refer below for those yang malas baca and tak reti nak trace flow of transaction.

-please read the nm
That we need to ask Khalid......tak kan tu pun lu taknak jawap

Anyway Khalid lu ape cita mau take over Syabas (le)pastu nak potong gaji 90% la nak fire management la

Just how the hell is that gonna keep my tap running?

Melayu adalah kaum Minoriti di Tanah Melayu

Tahniah kepada Anwar Ibrahim, self-appointed "Ketua Pembangkang" a.k.a teman se perjuangan Lim Guan Eng, yang berjaya menaikkan taraf bangsa Melayu dari kaum MAJORITI ke taraf kaum MINORITI di Tanah Melayu, atas usahasama beliau dan PR, dalam memecah-belahkan kaum Melayu kepada TIGA parti politik, memecahkan undian Melayu kepada tiga  (70%/3) dan bersungguh-sungguh menolak apa-jua usaha pihak-pihak yang ingin menyatukan Kaum Melayu di bawah satu payung perpaduan.

Justeru, kini orang Melayu di P. Pinang dan lain-lain negeri diperhambakan dan akan dihina oleh "pemimpin" seperti LGE di masa-masa akan datang.

Semoga kaum Melayu sedar sebelum terlambat..

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zionists Capitalists and Malaysian Felda

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Tanah Felda akan dimiliki kapitalis luar ?
"Apa yang saya cuba terangkan di sini, politik dunia hari ini sedang diatur untuk memastikan kepentingan kaum pemodal dan sistem ekonomi kapitalis ini terus berkembang. Dasar-dasar yang diajukan oleh para pemikir ini bertujuan untuk membuka pasaran seluas mungkin. Ini untuk memastikan kaum pemodal dapat meraih keuntungan dan akhirnya menakluk dunia ini.
Contoh terbaik untuk rakyat Malaysia fahami ialah kes penyenaraian tanah Felda. Tanah Felda yang tidak disenaraikan bermakna tanah ini adalah milik rakyat Malaysia. Tetapi apabila Felda Global Ventures diapungkan di bursa saham maka tanah milik kerajaan – milik orang ramai ini – boleh dibeli hak milik sahamnya oleh individu atau syarikat luar negara. Satu hari nanti saham Felda ini akan dimiliki oleh kaum kapitalis luar negara. Maka tergadailah tanah mak cik Felda.
Untuk membuktikan hujah saya ini saya meminta para pembaca mengingatkan kembali lawatan Najib ke London awal Mei lalu. Najib telah menjadi tamu dan menanda tangani perjanjian dengan Louis Dreyfus Commodities Asia Pte ( LDCA) di London. LDCA ini adalah syarikat Yahudi yang menyokong zionis Israel. 
Najib terpaksa menggadaikan tanah Felda untuk membuktikan kepada kaum permodal antarabangsa bahawa dialah yang wajib terus disokong untuk menjadi perdana menteri kerana dia membuka peluang untuk kapitalis antarabangsa berkenduri kendara atas kepala para peneroka Felda.
Hari ini masih ada lagi beberapa buah negara dalam dunia ini yang berani bersuara menentang kepentingan kaum kapitalis antarabangsa. Kalau dulu ada Muammar Gadaffi dan Saddam. Kini di Timur Tengah yang tinggal hanya Bashar dan Ahmadinejad. Pemimpin dua negara ini sedang menggagalkan projek New World Order. Projek besar di mana seluruh dunia wajib tunduk kepada Amerika dan Israel. Justeru mereka akan diserang."
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zeti Aziz No Nonsense lady gentle yet firm

The Bank Negara was never known to be an institution easily manipulated by politicians in power....except of course for that brief period in the late 90s when Anwar Ibrahim was the finance minister. Well, there was that question about the RM3 billion secret piggy bank, remember?

As it was, when the whole jig was up with Anwar's arrest at that time, the whole thing collapsed. And when Dr Mahathir instituted the monetry control policies to save the country, the then Bank Negara governor resigned, citing his lack of confidence with what the handsome old man was doing.

That's when Zeti Akhtar Aziz took over and without much fuss set things in order.The whole plan of Dr Mahathir worked out brilliantly and Malaysia as we know it then stays as it was, fine and dandy.

Zeti has since developed a reputation of being a super efficient iron lady of Bank Negara.

And today putting aside potential political backlash, Zeti and her people moved in to arrest PKR's wonderboy strategist extraordinare Rafizi. 

The law is the law, and if you break it for your political gains, then you have to pay for it. We can't afford to have people running around breaking Bafia without any action taken.


The Rafizi Ramly saga : stooping so low towards character assasination

Looking at the players involved in this drama it is clear that the actions of Mr. Rafizi and the people coming to his defence are clear examples of manipulation of the letters of the law to suit one’s political agenda.

Their loose interpretation of the term “whistleblower” is clearly used as a tool to attack and ridicule the effort and good intention of the Government in introducing Act 711 in the first place.

Mr. Rafizi’s conduct is a pure case of character assassination as he would stoop to despicable means to obtain information in order to taint the reputation and good name of certain individuals or his political rivals.

The action of the people coming to his defence in claiming that he is a whistleblower who is being victimized for being a member of the Opposition, despite knowing that he did not come with clean hands is also aclear case of manipulating and distorting the provisions of the law to confuse and influence the public, or rather, pretending to be ignorant of the letters the law or just plain stupidity on their part.

The conduct and attitude of the Opposition is shameful, irresponsible and contemptuous towards the spirit of the Act, and it would be a shame for them to seek protection under this Act when it is appallingly clear that goodwill and betterment of the nation was the last thing they had in mind when making such claims.

Full reading:

Syria: The Intelligence Cold War between Superpowers

There is much more to the conflict in Syria than meets the eye. Syria is currently the scene of a cold war between the US, NATO, Israel, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on one side and Russia, China, Iran, and the Resistance Bloc on the other hand. Amidst the fighting between the Syrian government and anti-government forces, an intense intelligence war has also been taking place.
Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the Bundes Nachrichtendienst (BND, Federal Intelligence Service), has been pointing its finger at Al-Qaeda for the bombings in Syria. This, however, has the effect of hiding and detracting the role that the intelligence services of the US and its allies have played. 

By crediting Al-Qaeda, the Bundes Nachrichtendienst is helping get Washington and its allies off the hook. Albeit Al-Qaeda is far more than just a US intelligence asset, the organization and label of Al-Qaeda is a catch-all term that is used to camouflage the operations of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other affiliated intelligence services.

Syrian intellectuals and scientists have also been reportedly assassinated in Damascus. Like in Iraq and Iran, it is probably the work of Israel’s Mossad and part of Tel Aviv’s policy of crippling scientific and technological advancement in enemy states. 

Informed sources in Washington have already clarified that Israel is helping the Free Syrian Army and actively participating in the intelligence war against Syria. An unnamed US official has confirmed to David Ignatius that both the CIA and Mossad are involved in Syria. [1] In his own words: “Scores of Israeli intelligence officers are also operating along Syria’s border, though they are keeping a low profile.”

Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is an award-winning author and geopolitical analyst