Friday, March 15, 2013

PKR sombong bodoh dan paranoid

Tengok sendiri video ini  betapa sombongnya puak-puak PKR, dan betapa PARANOIDnya PKR dan penganut-penganut nya.

Orang PKR tidak hormat langsung kepada penjaga keamanan, iaitu polis.

Jika begitu sikap mereka, cuba beritahu mala'un itu (PKR yang tidak menghormati polis) bahawa tiada se orang polis pun akan bertugas meronda di kawasan rumahnya, dan tiada se orang polis pun  akan menjaga keselamatan di taman perumahannya. 
Cuba 'eksperimen' 1 minggu kepada orang seperti itu. Tengok apa dia rasa. 

Begitu paranoid sekali mentaliti mereka (PKR).

Nampak sangat mereka yang pernah dan selalu buat salah (seperti memfitnah dan berbohong) akan sentiasa rasa paranoid dan berperangai agresif tak tentu arah.

These kind of people will constantly look over their shoulder, and fear their own shadow. 
Liars will always live in fear.
No matter where they go.
No matter how rich they are.

 Kita rakyat 29 juta tentu boleh berfikir dengan waras siapa kah lebih berhak memimpin Malaysia.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tian Chua: send him back to his ancestral country

Tian Chua : who is he? 
Does he have the making of a virtuous leader? I think not.
He's a rogue.

It will be utterly foolish to vote for him and the Alliance that allign with a character like him.

Here is a comment from a reader in a fellow blogger colleague:

"Sad to say Tian Chua is not the problem. It is the rakyat who ignorantly and continue to blindly vote a fellow like him .
"This chap is a lawbreaker not lawmaker.
"During the 1998 reformasi demonstration for DSAI, this is the man who ignored police warning to disburse . He bravely challenged police orders and lied down on the road so that Armoured personnel carrier (APC) will not get through to the demonstrators. The next day, allmajor newspaper had a picture of his gutsy act.
He was a NOBODY until this incident. DSAi certainly saw he can make use of a fellow like that.
"Tian Chua won the Batu Parlimentary seat in 2008 beating Lim Si Pin of Gerakan. Within a year of being make a lawmaker, he bite a policeman’s ear during a scuffle of protest.
"As I see it, he will continue to be a lawbreaker."
"it up to the voters whether you want to be represented by a lawbreaker. That is his trademark."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Penjenayah Sulu di Sabah: mana dapat dana?

Penjenayah Sulu Filipina yang menceroboh Sabah..... mana dapat duit?

INDIVIDU yang paling lantang mendakwa bahawa Jamalul Kiram III mendapat dana USD2 juta daripada SUARAM adalah Ng Lam Yong Presiden Jaringan Cina Malaysia.

Senjata canggih seperti M16 dan M14, diperolehi melalui misi rahsia daripada negara besar, pertengahan Januari lalu.

Bagaimana Jamalul Kiram boleh membekal senjata seperti M16 atau M14 yang berharga antara RM20,000 - RM60,000 setiap satu? Pelancar mortar yang boleh mencapai harga RM600,000.

Jamalul Kiram III sebagaimana laporan daripada Manila, kos dialisis pun ditanggung jabatan kebajikan negara itu. 

Seperkara lagi, pengikut Kiram yang ke Sabah, dikatakan diberi poket money USD600 seorang. Kerana merasa banyak duit, maka membeli sebungkus rokok pun dengan RM50.

Bagi memperlancar aktiviti mereka, pengikut Kiram, membeli sembilan buah rumah sekaligus di Kg Sri Jaya Simunul, Semporna untuk dijadikan sarang.

Bekas Panglima Angkatan Darat - Leftenan Jeneral (B) Datuk Seri Zaini Mohd. Said mendakwa pencerobohan ke atas Lahad Datu, Sabah merupakan permulaan untuk mengucar-kacirkan negara, yang cuba dicetuskan pihak tertentu demi kepentingan tertentu.

Pihak tertentu mempunyai tujuan tertentu terhadap Sabah.

Sebagaimana kita ketahui, Amerika kini, tiada lagi ARMY BASE di Asia Tenggara. Negara  itu, mahu satu tapak baru, yang mempunyai sumber seperti minyak dan gas.

Artikel sepenuhnya..

Satu lagi   blog yang boleh mencelikkan mata kita lagi:

Monday, March 11, 2013

AIDC has been hacked? So much for democracy from anti-BN agents

syed comments: 
The superblog AIDC has obviously been hacked. I tried getting to the Blog but it goes blank.

An sms to some people confirmed that they have been hacked.

Dr Mahathir's Blog Che Det has been hacked so many times. 

That is why I said if the Pakatan takes over, democracy will die in this country. 

They dont believe in freedom of speech. 

They issue gag orders against their own people. 

They sue people in Court to shut them up. 

And they hack websites to prevent people from talking. (Takkan UMNO hacked AIDC Blog? Dont be stupid)

I get their cybertroopers coming to my Blog. Some may be based on the 1st floor of the  former Wenworth Hotel in Pudu. 
Yes guys - we are watching you too. Be cool now.  Most are the regular run of the mill dumb @$$e$. They all work for money so quality is very subjective. 

Here is a lesson guys - the spin has more oomph when you tell the truth. When you have the truth, then you spin it, mesti ada extra kick.

But when you have rubbish and then you try to spin, it falls flat twice. 

Let me give you an example. Pi Bala has suffered a heart attack. 

Hence poor Bala sudah ditimpa Bala. 

But that CheguBard fellow has said that Bala's heart attack was due to black magic. Bala kena sihir. This is crap.

If Bala kena sihir or black magic, then why did they take him to the hospital (SJMC and IJN)? 

Why not just take him to see the bomoh?  Chegu Bard hang ni bodoh ke? Kalau lah dah kena sihir, takkan nak bawa pi jumpa doktor hospital untuk mengubat sihir?

Kan lebih elok pi jumpa ulama jin malaun Malaysia? You know that guy in Bangi who is a top cat in PAS. Entah apa Jin ke apanama dia? Go and see him lah. Dia boleh cure heart attack Bala yang sudah kena sihir.

The IJN and SJMC specialists cannot chase away hantu lah. (Maybe SJMC can - what with Virgin Mary on the window and all.)

So when you spin falsehood, dia kurang oomph. Unless you are botak. Kalau botak, then it is different.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PAS sudah bersedia untuk berperang bersama ATM lawan penjahat Sulu di Lahad Datu ?

PAS pandai berceramah. 

PKR pun apa kurangnya?

Road show merata-rata negara.

Tetapi, bersedia kah mereka untuk berjuang melawan musuh negara? dan sanggup mati syahid?

Sudah pasti. 
Tanpa ragu-ragu.

sila  ke blog berikut:

dari hurairahady.blogspot

Anwar Ibrahim, Sabah terrorist attack in March and his tunes

Anwar is playing innocent.

As usual.

What's new?

This u-tube video is a MUST for all of you.

Singing the same tune, at many ceramahs, in recent weeks, is no coincidence, okay.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cynthia pro-PKR dan Afif PKR pakar ketenteraan? sejak bila?

"Isu tengah panas, jadi pelbagai macam orang pun hendak tunjuk kehebatan mereka memahami isu tersebut bagaikan pakar dalam bidang ketenteraan dan keselamatan.. 

Tak pernah saya dengar kapal selam digunakan untuk menahan dan membenteras kegiatan lanun dan tak ada pula dinyatakan dalam mana mana laporan penceroboh Sulu datang ke Malaysia menaiki tongkang...

 bukan ke teramat bodoh kalau lanun naik tongkang yang besar dan perlahan yang menyusahkan mereka daripada melolosi sekatan Polis."

Komen saya -

Ceramah anjuran PKR yang mengajak "pakar-pakar sejarah" segera yang anggap diri mereka "hebat" dalam menganalisa dan membuat komen kepada orang awam.

Ilmu cetek, tapi berlagak macam berilmu tinggi dalam topik yang diperbincangkan.


Orang awam yang datang mendengar, sanggup pula diperbodohkan oleh kumpulan ini....Anwar, Cynthia Gabriel,  Afif Bahardin .

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Terrorists in the East Coast of Sabah: why now

The Filipino (Sulu) intruders are terrorists. 

And whoever- Malaysian Opposition individual- that had collaborated with the group some months ago, as reported by Manila and US media (Reuters), and incited the terrorists to cause havoc on Malaysian soil, should be arrested immediately and tried for treason.

Below is an excerpt from syedoutsidethebox blog

1. It is obvious that there is considerable planning behind this violence along such a broad front in Sabah.
 To coordinate their attacks over 400 km of territory there must be a centre of command and control. There must be logistics, communications channels and a support network.   

2.  Utusan says the Sulus 'kepong' a group of Special Branch officers. This is unheard of in Malaysia. 

Obviously they have no respect for our Police or the Special Branch.  
What has happened to the Special Branch officers who were surrounded? 
Were they captured by the Sulus? 

3. I think the Government should declare an Emergency along the East Coast of Sabah, impose curfews and just lock down the place.  

4. And please send in the troops to flush out these terrorists. This is now just terrorism. 

5. Take them out.  We need to act decisively now.

bigdogdotcom :
The government of Malaysia on the other hand should recommend to the United States and international community to label the Kiram and his Sulu band as Terrorist Organization.

From the blog of  zainuddin maidin-

Satu demi satu wira kita telah gugur dengan tembakan tepat dan tentunya mereka ini telah melalui taraf latihan yang kental dan bukan sebarangan dan tidak  boleh ditolak kaitannya dengan Gerakan Jemaah Islamiah Nusantara sekalipun kemungkinannya adalah tipis.

Dan jika benar ada rakyat negara ini yang terlibat dalam membantu penyusupan, perancangan dan serangan dalaman, maka mereka mestilah  menghadapi balasan dan hukuman yang setimpal dengan dosa mereka sebagai pembelot  dan penderhaka negara.

Apakah persitwa ini juga merupakan akibat dari penghapusan ISA yang walaupun pihak perisek telah mengetahui kegiatan  anasir musuh dari dalam lebih awal,  tetapi tidak dapat bertindak tanpa bukti untuk dihadapkan ke mahkamah.

USA may interfere with Malaysian Democracy through its liaison with the Opposition

1. USA may interfere with Malaysian Democracy through its direct and indirect liaison with the Malaysian Opposition, as it has done arpund the world.

2. The Malaysian Opposition comprises DAP, a socialist, racist political  party with its solid backing and roots arising  from Singaporean PAP; PAS a break-away political faction from United Malays National Organisation, which uses religion of Islam, and uses the word "Islam"  as a pawn to win votes, and PKR, which saw its beginnings and existence through US-backed financing and led  by the family of scandal-hit Anwar Ibrahim.

3. Other countries which are rich in natural resources, but not led by US-friendly leaders, such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Iraq, have been invaded and their riches ploughed by the oil-hungry American elite Foreign policy makers. 

4. A section of the latter openly support and fund the Malaysian Opposition de facto "leader"  Anwar Ibrahim for over 10-15 years.

5. Where war and conquest  have ended, eg. in Egypt and Libya, disgruntled population masses continue to express unhappiness, and are poorer than ever before, despite the self-proclaimed "liberation" whatever that means.

6. The American elite wastes no time.

7. The American government dominated by  pro-Israel policy makers and rich Jewish corporate figures, will take no risk. Therefore, they make friends with both sides of the political divide, wherever possible.

8. For example, American-initiated foreign media-mediated incitement of hatred towards current US-hostile (but not necessarily oppressive) governments led to un-democratic and violence-centred toppling of governments (Libya, Egypt).

9. But when the uprising backfires and the same people express deep discontent towards the new (US-backed ) regime, the US-led delegation would quickly make a U-turn and  show support for the 'new Opposition', as shown by yesterday's US John Kerry's meeting with the latter in Egypt.

10. In Syria, Syrian people have led a peaceful life for centuries. 

11. Malaysian and countless foreign students have peacefully studied and lived in Damascus and elsewhere in Syria, until the US-backed media gradually and systematically incite hatred towards Bashah's government and create instability, murder and havoc. 

12. Bashah is anti-US, and defends the countries oil assets against foreign onslaught. So did Libya's Gaddafi.

13. Syria is rich in oil, but it is not US-friendly.

14. So, the only way to create chaos is to distort stories, provide mis-information to the world media, and  incite hatred among the gullible social-media, Facebook-reading youths to create the wave of dissatisfaction over a period of time.

15. The other approach to expedite the fall of a US-unfriendly ruler is to provide weapons to the Opposition in Syria. This clearly contravenes the universal law. 

16. The US government clearly interferes with the internal affairs of a country.

17. NED is part of the American pro-Israel, pro AIPAC  arm which sponsors Opposition factions around the world with training and financial support -to the local people- with one single purpose, i.e. to replace any ruler (that the Israel-controlled USA dislikes) with  a puppet regime.

PKR, dominated by the family and cronies of Anwar Ibrahim has received training, order, insructions and financial backing  from the USA, via indirect means and various agencies, in the guise of "non-governmental organisations"  or "NGO".