Friday, May 31, 2013

DAP, Arrogance and Harassing others

ARROGANCE AND DAP are synonymous....obvious to me and to many rakyat out there. 

Here's just one example. There are countless.

" ...A certain Chong Chieng Jen, (DAP-Kota Sentosa)who happens to be from DAP Sarawak said "BN has been literally wiped out in areas populated by the well-informed, highly educated voters. They (BN) are no match for us and these are the two facts they cannot deny.”

We do know that Pakatan politicians and their supporters like to think highly of themselves as more educated, enlightened and have better political awareness. So the above statement, though smack of arrogance, is not unexpected.

However in reality, Pakatan fans are some of the most ignorant, gullible yet proud people.

During the last general election, we saw some overly enthusiastic Pakatan supporters who saw themselves as some sort of "ghostbusters" gathered together to form human barricade against "phantom voters". 

Yet we didn't see any phantoms caught also.
All we saw was, some poor chaps who did not look Malaysians enough were harrassed and assaulted. 

These Pakatan supporters made a fool of themselves, yet proud of it.

These people believe some of the most ridiculous stories from the submarines that cannot dive to the secret nuclear reactor in Gebeng. From the story of the great magician Najib who used blackout to change election results to the great escape of Dr Mahathir to Europe."


Second example of the ARROGANCE of the most pathetic pro-Opposition blog that insults the Constitutional monarchy and Islam itself.
Read here:

Adam Adli: phase 2

Dah sedar ke?

Jangan termakan pujukan Anwar ye...nanti jahanam negara dan akan makan diri.

Life is  short, son.

Don't waste it on ruining the country.

Allahu Akbar

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Barisan Nasional: The Way Forward -2013 and beyond

I came cross this enlightening and deeply thoughtful statement from a reader in  Helen Ang blog..

"..The best form of check and balances is within the (BN/ Barisan Nasional) coalition itself, not from partisan Opposition parties who will just oppose for the sake of being contradictory. 

The BN formula of inter-racial cooperation (despite our differences and disagreements), is still sound currency and there is no need to obliterate our respective ethnic identities.

A nation of peoples from different cultural background can forge a consensus on the basis of a common good.

BN must recapture its original principles of give and take, compromise for the bigger picture and return to moderation in their call of service to the people.

 BN must first strengthen its ranks with credible men and women from all sectors who can better represent the party and its ideals. 

BN must find the courage to do what is necessary to rebuild its image and brand. 

Start now, not later, because there is a possibility that Najib might need to go for the ultimate fresh start.

UMNO or BN, no man is larger than the party / coalition. 

Pick intelligent, articulate and ambitious men and women with vision, then build around the leaders a team of committed younger party cadres to execute a renewal of ideas, energy and plans."


WE want peace and WE oppose troublemakers


Kerja Jahat PKR Terbongkar: ramai tak tahu

"...when the time comes, we must imply that SPR result is not worthy...".

This was written on 27th April 2013: by Abdul Rahim Ghouse
before the General Elections took place.

After GE13, the loose entity called 'PR' did not win the elections as hoped.

The rally that followed soon after in several all planned.
Pre-medicated strategy.

To the Home Ministry and its Minister, Zahid Hamidi:  go for it ! 
Capture them, put them on trial for treason and subversive activities
We Malaysian people have had enough of subversive elements.

Have no fear.

Truth will prevail.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

George Soros, Global Investors, Greed and the Rothschild Family

GEORGE SOROS IS a Hungarian Jew. Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 as Gyorgy Schwartz.

When young Gyorgy Schwartz enrolled in the London School of Economics in 1947 he changed his surname to Soros. 

In 1956 Soros settled in NYC. George Soros then built his multi-billionaire international hedge fund called the Quantum Fund.

Geroge Soros is known for saving George Bush Jr from a 1990 bankruptcy.

 Soros still works with Bush Sr in the Carlyle Group a powerful financial organization & international weapons dealer controlled by the Rothschilds who own Vickers Munitions Here.

Soros has been equally active in many changes of governments throughout the world including the overthrow of Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze in 2003 a devout Orthodox Christian.

An area of interest for Soros is “rights for prostitutes.” This is part of his efforts to subvert traditional Christian values and undermine America’s families.

Soros wants to legalize prostitution and then provide free condoms Here.

 Soros also promotes American open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws.



Richard Katz: Former head of Rothschild Italia and an officer of NM Rothschild & Sons in London. Katz is now a member of Soros’ Quantum Fund committee.

Nils Taube: Partner of the Rothschild investment group St James Place Capital which now belongs to Nathaniel Rothschild, son and heir of Jacob Rothschild. Taube is also a member of Soros’ “Quantum Fund.”

further reading:

So, one would ask, what has Soros got to do with Malaysia and today's chaotic politics and the undermining of Malaysian unity ?

Read here:

Wahai saudara-saudara beragama Islam Malaysia (tak kira lah pro-politik apa sekalipun atau kulit warna apa pun) , WAJIB kita bersatu menentang anasir-anasir subversif (kafir/ Yahudi) tersebut yang saya berani namakan THE HIDDEN HANDS), yang akan terus menggunakan individu-individu seperti Anwar Ibrahim, Adam Adli, dan agensi-agensi portal media dan parti politik PKR, -yang telah mereka rasuah dan beri dana yang tidak terhingga sejak belasan tahun dulu- untuk MERUNTUHKAN AQIDAH & PERPADUAN ummah di negara tercinta ini.

membawa bendera Israel di demo jalanan BERSIH

Budaya Balas Dendam dipupuk oleh Parti Islam Malaysia dan lain-lain

Budaya Balas dendam kini mengancam aqidah saudara-saudara yang beragama Islam.

Malangnya budaya dan perlakuan PAS dan PKR untuk memecah-belahkan orang-orang Islam di negara ini, dipergunakan semaksimanya oleh orang kafir (di Malaysia, majorinya ialah Cina) dan Yahudi..

1. Kalimah Allah disyirikkan melalui kemasukannya di dalam Bible.
2. berbalas dendam.
3. aqidah
4. Putrajaya= nak kuasa kuasa kuasa
5. 'brainwashing' yang dibuat oleh PAS kepada pengikut-pengikutya bertahun-bertahun, tanpa berdasarkan siasatan dan fakta. 

Sila dengar video ceramah berikut sepenuhnya (29 minit sahaja).

Ya Allah, satukanlah Muslim Malaysia

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Oh really?

What was it?

Here's what a reader (named Ray) said in jebatmustdie blog:

"LKS (lim kit siang) will respect the PAP-Singapore style of management. Singapore took FIRM and SWIFT actions over the Malaysian Chinese who protested against the PRU13 results. Their work permits and visit pass were IMMEDIATELY revoked.
PAP had also abolished all Chinese, Malay and Tamil schools and implemented only ONE type of official school. Surely LKS and DAP want to emulate their ‘sifus’.
Malaysian authorities MUST take timely actions.
 PRU13 has MAGNIFIED the reality check. 
Petition for Satu Sekolah untuk Semua for national reconciliation.
 Languages other than Bahasa Malaysia and religious studies can be offered outside of curriculum hours.
The way PAP-Singapore handles the Chinese (with their history of communism) reflects their innate respect and obedience for tough actions – much like how Singapore has managed them."


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do you Bite the hands that feed you?

Just asking.

Here's a story from rakyat Malaysia, that I read from syedoutsidethebox blog. with comments from several sections of the Malaysian people:

"I am grateful to admit that I am one of the beneficiaries of the affirmative action...Zaizul Zaman"

Following the article, many wrote in to express their gratitude for having NEP / affirmative action that had brought prosperity to Malaysian people.:

1. "I ended up working in MNC though, thanks to my good grades and NEP policy. Why do I say NEP policy helped me get a job in MNC despite my excellent qualifications? I should get in on merit right?. 

Do you honestly think that without Govt monitoring the Bumi quota, the MNC Chinese managers will employ Bumis? They will hide behind "meritocracy" excuses.  kSo what if your results are great or even better than the Chinese? They will then use subjective criteria like "leadership skills", "communication skills" and all those crap to give the job to their own kind. 

I think it is time Bumis realise that Chinese do not play fair. Bumis that want to give away their rights are very short-sighted. The Chinese will appeal to your sense of fairness but they themselves will not play fair. Don't believe me? Try working in Chinese owned companies, then you will know the true meaning of meritocracy in their books. Chinese are hardcore racist. If you think they are colour blind, you must be borned yesterday.

Do not be fooled by their mulut manis. Shoe shine is their specialty. Bumis lembut hati and baik hati that's why senang kena goreng. They must be laughing behind your back or maybe even infront of you! Speaking among themselves in their language that you don't understand.

2. I am not a Malay, but I do agree with writer the affirmative policy should remain but the implementation should be revised otherwise it is going to be the demise of UMNO.

3. Aku ingat lagi. Tahun 70 an, apabila anak Melayu dapat masuk universiti, satu kampung tumpang bangga. Ibu bapa kepada anak Melayu itu apatah lagi. Kembang tersengih saja apabila ada orang cerita pasal anak dia. 

Tiap-tiap petang keliling kampung keluar besiar-siar nak suruh orang tegur, pastu boleh bukak cerita anak dia dapat masuk universiti. 

Sebelum berangkat ke bandar, diadakan kenduri kesyukuran dan dijemput seluruh orang kampung datang. Pada ketika itu, apabila dapat masuk universiti, tak kisah lah pengajian apa, adalah sesuatu yang amat besar bagi orang Melayu. Mendapat tempat di menara gading adalah impian dan cita-cita anak-anak Melayu pada waktu itu. Walaupun pada masa tu telah pun ada biasiswa, ibubapa yang risau anak-anak mereka tak cukup makan, dipajaknya tanah satu dua lot supaya anak-anak mereka dapat hidup selesa di bandar. 

Apabila tamat pengajian, dapat kerja yang bagus-bagus dan menetap pula di bandar-bandar besar, mereka ini tiba-tiba berubah. Dikutuk, dicaci makinya pula orang yang bertanggungjawab memberinya peluang sampai ke tahap tersebut.
These educated urban dwellers now feel superior. They feel special. They now start talking about discrimination, nepotism, cronyism, corruption, equality, meritocracy, racism and change. ""..Let's go to the streets this coming Saturday and show them we are opposed to all of that..".

The hard truth is my friend, the system you are opposed to is actually the same system which rolled down the ladder so people like you could climbed out from poverty.

4. (Rafizi Ramli said this: in his blog just before GE13, and deliberately left out the facts that he was selected into MCKK because of BN, he was given the best education because BN gave him that, he went overseas on scholarship thanks to BN policies to help the rural Malays, etc.. (It was dated 3rd May 2013),

5.  There is rampant and always present discrimination by the chinese in business opportunities in malaysia (in this so-called tanah melayu, how ironic)

the chinese practise cronyism, racism, and employ unfair competition rules in the business world -this is done very casually and taken as a fact of doing business in malaysia.

try opening a car workshop, a retail store, a bookshop, and soon you will be eventually squeezed out. the wholesalers of the business world are 99% chinese and they control the levers of business sustainability.

a bumi legal firm would find it hard or nearly impossible to serve a chinese company/bank/corporate entity. yes, this is a direct experience of my sibling in the legal world.

a bumi engineering consulting company would never win the job in a consistent manner. you know why ? the main contractor speaks chinese in project meetings.

the chinese are an industrious people. they work hard. but they only want to do business with their own kind.

they have all these informal business agreements that an outsider can never understand.(ironic and true, the bumi is considered an outsider in the commercial world, in their own land). they give their own kind good business terms, credits, competitive pricing that allows a SUSTAINABLE business to be built. the bumi contractor is dead after one business cycle !

the affirmative action policies is actually a very limited tool for corrective action.

the bulk of the economy of this country is actually out of reach of the affirmative action policies.

80% of the economy is laissez-faire and this is controlled by the chinese. nobody can break into that, unless you are chinese yourself.

so that timeline that was asked? well i would like to ask the same question too.

when can the chinese break up their kongsi's, their business cartels, their family stranglehold on wholesalers, their control of goods imported?

if there is a clearly defined plan to truly create a level playing field in business, then we can talk timelines..
6.  What the Malays can do to help other Malays is to pay back their Mara loans. That is a simple enough activity that can benefit others.

The huge number of defaulters shows either moral bankruptcy (refusing to pay) or poor selection of loan candidates (what was the loan used for that resulted in non-performance ?)

We must also acknowledge that there will always be rural areas because there will be people who choose to live the simpler life. They do not need a Starbucks or shopping mall in their neighbourhood."
Bersyukur kepada Ilahi



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tragedy when Tornado flattened Elementary school in Oklahoma City suburb

The  tragedy following the deadly tornado in Moore, Oklahoma  yesterday:

Comparison: Here are the paths of tornadoes over the years in the Moore, Oklahoma area, with the red line showing the May 3, 1999 Tornado Path. The blue line corresponds to the May 8, 2003 path and green refers to the May 20, 2013 path

Videos can be viewed here:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013



... tetapi ANDA cuba cari  orang Cina yang anti-Akhbar Cina?

2. Azran kata akhbar Utusan rasis??

3 Pada saya, Utusan tidak rasis. Utusan cuma berani dan lantang sebagai platform bersuara rakyat  Melayu-Islam-Malaysia yang tidak takut untuk menegakkan hak mereka sebagai rakyat dan komuniti yang majoriti?

4. Akhbar Cina tidak rasis?

Bacalah seksyen dalam akhbar Utusan malaysia yang menghuraikan dan mentafsir ruangan tertentu dalam akhbar Cina kebelakangan ini. Sudah berdekad akhbar (Cina) mereka bersikap rasis...cuma orang Melayu tidak faham tulisan Cina...sehinggalah Utusan memberi peluang rakyat/ pembaca nya membaca tafsirannya.

5. Berikut adalah petikan dari empayar-muda blogspot:

"Tak cukup dengan desakan menuntut Azran letak jawatan kerana kelantangannya menghina akhbar Melayu kini Azran perlu berdepan dengan sindiran yang pedas dan tajam rakyat Malaysia

Selasa, 7 Mei 2013

Jawapan sindiran kepada Azran Osman-Rani 

Komrad Azran yang dikasihi,

Sebagai rakan Melayu yang membenci dirinya sendiri, izinkan saya secara rasmi mengalu-alukan anda untuk menyertai Self-Hating Malay Club (SHMC). Di SHMC, moto kami adalah 'Untuk menyekat kebebasan bersuara/penyataan pendapat oleh orang Melayu'.

Matlamat kami adalah untuk menakut-nakutkan orang Melayu dan menjadikan mereka berasa tidak selamat, rendah diri dan bersalah.

Ahli-ahli SHMC direkrut secara jemputan sahaja. Berikutan anda telah menunjukkan sikap angkuh yang amat sangat dalam twitter anda, kami merasakan bahawa anda layak untuk menyertai kelab kami yang terkenal ini.


Dalam hal suntikan twitter anda terhadap Utusan Malaysia, anda benar-benar betul. Bagaimana begitu berani akhbar ini menyuarakan apa yang majoriti orang Melayu sedang fikir? Tindakan itu adalah tindakan orang kufur? Sebuah akhbar sepatutnya hanya melaporkan apa yang dianggap politik sebagai betul.

Ini bermakna anda bebas untuk menulis apa sahaja yang merendah-rendah dan menjatuhkan martabat orang Melayu, tetapi tidak akan menulis apa-apa kritikan terhadap orang Cina.

Jadi apa masalahnya jika akhbar-akhbar vernakular sejak sekian lama telah menulis artikel yang lebih bersifat perkauman dan sensitif sejak lima tahun yang lalu? Kami orang Melayu yang membenci diri sendiri hanya memahami bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Melayu. Oleh itu, kami boleh memaafkan orang Cina yang telah banyak menderita.

Saya mencadangkan agar anda berhubung dengan rakan-rakan kami daripada Anti Defamation League (ADL) dan belajar daripada mereka bagaimana mereka mendiskriminasi dan membuli orang Islam dengan cara yang sangat canggih. Komrad Tian Chua akan dapat memberi anda nombor telefon berkenaan.


Orang Cina telah tinggal di neraka selama hampir 60 tahun. Mereka telah didiskriminasi dan diseksa oleh orang Melayu. Orang Melayu tidak pernah melakukan apa-apa untuk faedah orang Cina!

Jangan tertipu dengan perbuatan baik orang Melayu membeli dari kedai milik orang Cina dan pasar raya walaupun terdapat kedai Melayu berdekatan - orang Melayu hanya menipu.

Juga jangan mendengar orang yang mengatakan 90 peratus daripada 10 orang terkaya di Malaysia adalah orang Cina!

Itu adalah satu pembohongan! Itu bukan orang Cina! Mereka adalah orang Melayu yang telah melakukan pembedahan plastik untuk kelihatan seperti orang Cina! Ini adalah konspirasi BN! Orang Cina tidak boleh hidup di negara ini kerana keadaannya begitu dahsyat.


Kita di SHMC perlu melakukan apa yang orang Cina telah buat - Buy Malays Last! Cuba lihat pendapatan purata orang Cina demi kebaikan kita semua - mereka telah menderita begitu banyak komrad! Di SHMC, kami mahu memastikan bahawa tidak ada orang Melayu yang akan mempersoalkan orang Cina lagi! Jika ada orang Melayu yang berani untuk mempersoalkan motif orang Cina, kami di SHMC akan melaporkannya kepada PDRM yang korup.


Saya gembira kerana syarikat anda berkongsi warna korporat yang sama dengan rakan kita di Pulau Pinang (iaitu DAP). Adalah malang bahawa anda tidak bercakap sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU-13), jika tidak, kami boleh memberitahu komrad Kit Siang dan komrad Guan Eng mengenai anda. Anda boleh menjadi Yang Berhormat sekarang, bukannya bekerja untuk bos yang kapitalis!


Dari semasa ke semasa, orang mungkin bertanya mengapa anda boleh menjadi orang Melayu yang membenci diri sendiri. Pada SHMC, slogan standard kami adalah - Salahkan BN! Jika anda memakai seluar salah untuk pergi bekerja - Salahkan BN! Jika anak anda membesar menjadi anak tidak bersyukur - Salahkan BN. Jika hujan hari ini - Salahkan BN. Pada asasnya komrad, Salahkan BN untuk segala-galanya. Adakah anda faham?


Sila beritahu orang Melayu yang mudah terpedaya tentang kebenaran ini.

Anda tidak pernah menerima sebarang bantuan daripada syaitan Darth Vader merangkap kerajaan Saruman iaitu BN. Beritahu mereka bahawa anda berjaya belajar di Stanford kerana terdapat pokok wang ajaib di belakang rumah ibu bapa anda.

"Beritahu mereka bahawa anda menjadi Naib Presiden Kanan (Dasar & Pembangunan) di BSKL yang dimiliki BN yang korup kerana anda mempunyai fikiran hebat seperti Einstein, bukan kerana seorang Melayu (bekas Pengerusi BSKL) memberi peluang kepada anda.

Anda tidak menyertai ASTRO - sebuah syarikat yang dimiliki oleh kroni Mahathir. Sebaliknya, Utusan Malaysia telah mengklon diri anda dan meletakkan klon anda di sana.


Sebagai kesimpulannya, sila tweet lebih banyak kenyataan yang membenci diri sendiri pada masa hadapan. Kami di SHMC mengalu-alukan tweet anda. Jangan bimbang tentang PDRM. Mereka tidak akan menangkap orang yang mengkritik dan merendah-rendahkan orang Melayu, mereka hanya akan menangkap anda jika anda membuat kenyataan sedemikian terhadap orang Cina.

Secara peribadi, saya akan mempromosi syarikat anda, Malindo Air, untuk seluruh ahli keluarga dan rakan-rakan saya. Kami di SHMC akan mula memboikot AirAsia kerana Komrad Ambiga memberitahu kami Air Asia menerbangkan warga Bangladesh ke negara ini untuk mengundi dalam PRU-13.


Monday, May 20, 2013


Anas Zubedy puts it beautifully...

"......PTPTN is a credit facility. 

PTPTN has created customers not only by way of students but all other interconnected, interrelated, and correlated businesses from construction, teaching and administration, transportation, food and beverage, retail, entertainment, etc in an endless chain reaction that made not only the world a better place by giving needy people an education but by making our economy more viable, jobs aplenty, and profit for taxes.

It was PTPTN that helped spur and catalyst our education industry like the mushrooming of colleges and universities in the Sunway area. Not only we attracted students from Malaysia but also from all over the world who did not benefit from PTPTN but contributed to society and our well-being.

Let me put it simply. If we take away PTPTN, not only the lecturers, administrators and rich owners of the colleges and universities will lose their jobs and money but that poor Makcik selling nasi lemak in front of the institute of learning will need to close shop because there would be not enough customers buying her products."

Please proceed to Full reading in:

DAP the and the threat of Malay becoming a minority in Malaysia

"Any Chinese would have had the experience that every single one of our family, relatives, Chinese friends, colleagues and acquaintances would vote oppo(sition) without exception.

It is only Umno and you Malays that were shocked by the tsunami on May 5. We Chinese expected nothing less. 
The Dapsters on the other hand were fully expecting to occupy Putrajaya. That means they knew 110% for sure DAP had the Chinese vote sewn up."

{taken from the blog of Helen Ang}

My Conclusion;
1. If you Malays and Muslims, the natives of your own homeland, CHOOSE to fight among yourselves,  divide your  votes, and remain divided into three political factions, you as the Muslim representative  of your community, will see your nation fall into of the (political) hands of the non-Musllims, yes, non-Muslims; and Islam will no longer be the pillar and strength that has kept your community together all this time.
2. When the chinese solidly back DAP (chinese first, Malaysian last, Islam most last), DAP may have majority of seats in parliament; 
then when they allign with liberal-pro-LGBT PKR and PAS (which is willing to compromise on its own values just to get posts), 
 DAP , being clearly anti-Islam,anti-Hudud, anti-Islamic state, may dictate and push to change Federal Constitution and make you Malays and natives of Malaysia as minority groups (eventually) with little say in your rights to practise your way of life and religion, which you have taken FOR GRANTED ALL THIS WHILE (observe  the history of Native Indians, Aboriginals).
3. Bear in mind, that, in the   fragile "Pakatan Rakyat" alliance, PAS is the weakest. 
4. In GE13, for example, PAS lost many seats. Even PKR did poorly compared to GE12. DAP got more seats.
5.  If you  equate PAS with "Muslim votes" or "Muslim power" in  any way at all, you can clearly see where the nation is   going to, if (God forbid) DAP-PKR-PAS alliance had won the GE13.  DAP, Christians, missionaries, pro-LGBT and liberal sections of the community would have had a field day from hereon. 
6. With  GOD's blessings, BN remains at the forte; in a way, Islam remains safe and its virtuous values  continue to assimilated  into the government's policies in  Malaysia  for years to come.
7. DAP and PKR are shrewd. To appease the native the Malays and pribumis, they  cleverly "install" a Malay figure-head as "head", e.g. Menteri Besar/ president/ prime minister/ Chief MIninster; but they are the ones who make / change policies behind the scenes (away from the public eye), and dictate tot he "head" what to do, what to say.
8. Start observing the persons who consistently flank Khalid Ibrahim (Menteri Besar Selangor) since he became MB at every press conference (from 2008).
9. This is the typical modus operandi   of American pro-Israeli style: install a puppet head, who will toe the line and follow orders, what to say, what to do. Orders come from behind him. One false move, and he will be demonised, and before long, out he goes.

10. For DAP and its xifu, PAP, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and "freedom of press media" is just another word. They tell others, but they do not practise it.
11. PAS  should allign with BN (National Alliance) which is already the Ruling Party, and start making a headway in together strenghtening the nation and religion through the  existing Ruling Party, rather than wasting time going against the tide, rather than alligning with pa rties which have their own selfish agenda. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Chinese Malaysians stab Najib in the back

(edited from Mahaguru58.blogspot)

The Chinese here in Malaysia were absolutely wooed by the Barisan Nasional Chairman Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak and the man went head over heels in trying to win over the community.

The man :
  • donned Chinese Mandarin attire, 
  • did a Chinese New Year TV commercial, 
  • played the Chinese drums here and there, 
  • threw Yee Sang with the beleaguered MCA @ Malaysian Chinese Association leaders with their self-admitting adulterous President the infamous Chua Soi Lek, 
  • spoke Mandarin over the Chinese radio stations with his Mandarin speaking son, 
  • gave out billions of ringgits and land to Chinese vernacular schools, gave in to the incessant demands of the Dong Jiao Zong (United Chinese Schools Committees Association of Malaysia) Chinese interests and Education pressure group 
  • and did more for the Chinese than most of the other BN Premiers before this!
All these was to no avail!

The Malaysian Chinese in general screwed Najib and the BN really bad  in the 13th GE! 

MCA and GERAKAN, two of the main Chinese political parties in the BN coalition suffered extreme losses in the recent 13th GE!

So bad was the impact on the hearts of the many crestfallen members of MCA that many of the MCA branches in Malaysia have decided to close their service centres as their sacrifices and services to the Malaysian people especially to the ungrateful Chinese were not appreciated!

The cartoon is absolutely correct.