Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Malaysian media Coverage on Libya

I always look forward to Matthias Chang's thoughts and facts, regularly put in writing in his blogsite "Futurefastforward", where he either praises or criticises the government of the day, as well as the Opposition, where he deems fit to comment.

The following points below are part of an eye-opening article on LIBYA's current crisis, By Matthias Chang,
Future Fastforward,published 23rd August 2011

His article is entitled:
Malaysian Mainstream Media Coverage of Libya:
Lies, Damned Lies, and NATO’s Propaganda

Allow me to extract part of this article:

1. "Today, 23rd August, 2011, I read with dismay the reportage by Malaysian
mainstream mass media of the alleged takeover of Tripoli by the Zionist-Anglo
American financed rebels backed by NATO forces.

2. Star and Sun newspapers front-paged the lie whilst New Straits Times gave
prominence elsewhere. The coverage shows all too clearly that the editors and
journalist involved made no efforts to verify the truth and or falsity of NATO’s
propaganda that Gaddafi‘s sons were captured, 95% of Tripoli is under the
control of the rebels and the Libyan leader was on the run.

3.For the past six months, reputable western independent journalists and
prominent politicians (e.g. the former congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney) who
have visited Libya took pains to expose the lies that Gaddafi “slaughtered his
people to retain power” and that there were mass rape by his forces on civilians
to maintain control of the country.

4.These lies were repeated by war criminals, President Obama, Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, Prime Minister David Cameron and President Sarkozy to justify
their rape and plunder of the oil resources of Libya.

5. Hypocrites China and Russia after failing to exercise their right to veto the UN
Security Council’s resolution to impose a “No-Fly Zone” allegedly to protect
civilians in a civil war planned, financed and organized by NATO, made mute
efforts to condemn the barbaric bombing and destruction of Libya. Their main
concern is their oil investments in Libya and it mattered not whether civilians
were slaughtered by NATO forces.

6. How can 15,000 bombing sorties and counting, be justified on the grounds of
“protecting civilians”, when the bulk of those killed in the intense air campaign
were and continue to be civilians – mainly women and children?

7. I have one wish and I do pray that in the event Malaysia is attacked by NATO
war criminals, these editors and journalists shall be the first victims of such
barbarity and I shall wait with anticipation whether the mass media would
condemn the killings as war crimes or condone it on the grounds that they
deserve to be slaughtered as they are the mouthpiece and running dogs of a
Malaysian dictator – whoever he/she maybe at the time.

8. I pray and hope that should sectarian war be unleashed by NATO forces to
subvert and subjugate our country, because as a Muslim nation, it is perceived
as a threat to Western powers, all these mentally retarded editors and journalists
would be charged for treason as having acted as collaborators and accomplices
in illegal wars and war crimes and glorifying these crimes.

9. The Sun in the front page reported,
“Thousands of residents had poured onto streets of Tripoli on Sunday night to
welcome the rebels, congregating at Green Square, which they have renamed
“Martyrs’ Square”. Sky News showed jubilant crowds, with many people waving
the red, black and green flag of anti-regime forces, dancing in joy and shouting
Allahu Akbar. Some fired rifles into the air.”

10. It was also reported that,
“Another son, Seif al-Islam had earlier been arrested and is being ‘kept in a
secure place’ under close guard until he is handed over to the judiciary, as the
International Criminal Court (ICC) has sought his transfer to the Hague to face
charges of crimes against humanity”.

11. But, when it comes to demanding Bush, Cheney, Blair etc. be brought to justice
for their war crimes and crimes against humanity, torture etc., these editors and
journalists have not step up to the plate as expected. Shame, shame, shame!

12. Let’s see whether on Wednesday and in the days to come, these scumbag
editors and journalists have the guts to publish what have been cited above and
what is actually happening in Tripoli.