Sunday, April 18, 2010


There has been much talk about APCO and concerted efforts made by Pakatan Rakyat, initiated by PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim. Good in a way, because any indirect efforts by any pro-Zionist Jewish individuals or organisations, to infiltrate Malaysian sustems, should be disclosed.

Having said that, one must CONSTANNTLY look at accusations and allegations in a factual and objective manner, looking at the facts in great detail. One should not swallow a person's rhetoric without analysing the facts deeply.

The word of caution applies to all political party leaders, be it Anwar, Najib, Hadi, or anybody else for that matter.

1. APCO WORLDWIDE - It has an office in TEL AVIV. But then, so do numerous multinational giant corporations companies whi ch ALSO have offices in Malaysia. Too many to mention. Now, why did Anwar not single out such organisations all these years?

2. Here, I enter part of an article from THE EDGE, an online media portal:
"Other than revealing a contract which was signed by the government and Apco, Anwar also pointed out similarities in the modus operandi of the company in Israel and Malaysia.The Permatang Pauh MP, who was ordered by Deputy Speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee to clarify his accusations last week, said in the Dewan Rakyat that there were two agreements involving Apco.

"One is signed by the Malaysian government with Apco dated Aug 14, 2009, which entrusts the firm with the task of image building.

"It bears the signature of the press secretary to the Prime Minister, that is Tengku Datuk Sariffudin Tengku Ahmad, which shows how close Apco is with the PM as in normal practice, government agreements are signed by government officers only," Anwar told the Dewan Rakyat on Tuesday.

Referring to an online report on July 28, 2009, the PKR adviser also alleged that Apco was introduced to Datuk Seri Najib Razak by his adviser Omar Mustapha. Omar is also a Petronas director and managing principal of Ethos Consulting."

3. Now, let us analyse another author's( viewpoint:

"There is sufficient reason to believe that the information Anwar Ibrahim's press conference today on APCO will be the same one revealed by Malaysiakini yesterday. Since most of us do not pay subscription to Malaysiakini, we will not be able to read the lies and spin they have done. Why waste money, right?

Have no fear. Din Merican's blog have posted the article here.

The article claimed that APCO has offices in Tel Aviv. That should not be an issue at all. After all, many MNC in which their product and services are the ones we used daily do have office in Israel."

"...Communication support is what APCO provide to its clients worldwide and in the case of ASERO on matter of security and millitary issues.

In case they didn't know, 1Israel was a political campaign message. 1Malaysia was a feel-good public relation coined by PM himself and had already appeared on his blog months before his appointment as PM. This means the slogan and idea had existed way before APCO was appointed. Read blog AK57 here

By the way the whole slogan 1Malaysia Rakyat didahulukan Pencapaian diutamakan emulated Japanese slogan."..

4. Nevertheless, my word of advice to the Government of Malaysia,YAB Dato Sri Najib and Co.:
In 2010, we have MORE than enough brilliant intelligent and talented Malaysians who can advise him, and many local consultant companies, I am sure, which the Malaysian government can pay, for image-buuilding, media and communications improvement, and much else. Why pay others? YAB Najib should also incorporate practising Muslims as his right-hand men at all times and as religious advisors, to build 1-Malaysian nation with equally strong moral values and principles.

No point building a strong economy without individuals with weak religious knowledge and practices.