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Pakatan vs Pakatan on Lynas issue



Non-Dr-non-scientist Fuziah of PKR said:

"I did not only consult the nuclear expert on this project. I had discussed with geologists, environmentalists, public health experts and many more.

"When we talk about Lynas we talk about all angles and not only from radiation or the nuclear aspect of it," she said.

Dr Che Rosli on the other has been firm in his view that Lynas was safe and that it should be allowed to continue as long as the company adhered to the stringent guidelines set by the authorities.

However, Dr Che Rosli played down the possibilities of having a debate with Fuziah, fearing that the issue will be politicised.

“Let her debate with the Atomic Energy Licensing Board instead. I don’t want to prolong the issue nor do I want it to be politicised,” the former head of Nuclear Science Department for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia said.

In August last year Dr Che Rosli had criticised PKR and Pas’ news letter Harakah for misleading reports on Lynas.

In Islam, as the saying goes:


In another blog, THEUNSPINNERS posted this:

"Menurut Pensyarah Program Sains Nuklear Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia , Profesor Dr. Ismail Bahari, radiasi hanya membahayakan manusia apabila ia melebihi paras tertentu dengan 100 mSv boleh menyebabkan meningkatnya risiko mendapat kanser.

Menurut Profesor Dr. Ismail lagi operasi Lynas hanya akan menyebabkan pendedahan radiasi kepada orang awam sebanyak 0.002mSv setahun dan ia 10 kali lebih rendah berbanding pendedahan radiasi menonton televisyen selama empat jam sehari untuk tempoh setahun.

Ada faham ke Prufesok Fuziah Salleh dan cicak-cicak mengkarung PKR ? 10 kali lebih rendah dari menonton televisyen..

"Profesor Dr. Ismail juga berkata, pendedahan radiasi kepada paru-paru apabila merokok sekotak sehari setiap hari selama setahun adalah 150 mSv atau 75,000 kali ganda lebih tinggi berbanding pendedahan radiasi daripada operasi Lynas.

Other readings:

2) [Dia besar kepala pasal Cina ramai. Adakah apabila dia lagi berkuasa orang macam gini akan peduli Melayu?]

Penang Government and Its so-called Transparancy

Salam and greetings.
I made a little research by reading around the topic on the "rakyat-centred" development in DAP-held Penang:

So, what's with Penang BAYAN MUTIARA DEAL, you might ask.

Let us look at some comments and analyses:

The Penang state government under Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng prides itself for its CAT (Competence Accountable and Transparent) principle that forms the cornerstone of its administration.

"Unfortunately in practice the application of this principles has been rather selective and only when it is convenient.

"In many instances the administration’s decisions and policies have been made in a very opaque and exclusive manner with little or no public consultation or information dissemination.

"Latest of such example is the controversial Bayan Mutiara deal that is currently being hotly debated in Penang.

"So what is with the discounted sale?

"Ivory Properties and DiJaya stand to gain the most from this. Even their share prices rose comfortably. It is reflective of the huge profitably potential these companies would realise from acquiring premium land parcel at BELOW market price."

" (A local bank-backed analysts) added that the choice of office towers in the development mix was surprising as the demand for office space in Penang was tepid.
"It makes no economic sense when PDC as a state GLC has been denied to develop the said property but instead the project was hastily sold off without realising its full economics gain, based on the recent transacted deal in the neighborhood. No clear minded decision maker would pass an opportunity to sell the asset knowingly it could make better gains. Especially if the 41.5 acres be subdivided into smaller parcels. This is Lim Guang Eng’s ‘Guanomics’.

"Development components will include luxury condominiums, medium rise condominiums, business suites, serviced residences, iconic office block, waterfront
entertainment city, commercial and retail spaces, waterfront villas, medical facilities and so on.

SO, WHERE do the ordinary middle-income and lower-income folks stand to gain as residents? Can they afford?

(2) More about the Bayan Mutiara Deal from 'STOP THE LIES" blogsite:

"Several Penang-based analysts and local community leaders have questioned the Penang government for selling a 41.5ha plot of prime state land to a private developer, Ivory Properties Group Berhad, for RM1.07bil."

"Most private property projects on the island are focused primarily on premium and luxury property which have driven up prices beyond the reach of most Penangites."

"We do not want a repeat of high premium-reclaimed lands being sold to private developers who in turn inflate property prices in Penang and raked in billions in profit at the expense of the people."

So, DAP, which rakyat do you really take care of; the rich or the poor? the Chinese or the Malays? The capitalists or the 'others'?

Now It's Johore and the Malay Balachis

Here's an EDITED format from an interesting article from BIGCAT:

1."The latest report that I got was that the Pakatan people are now laying the groundwork to do so in Pengerang, Kota Tinggi.

2. "so, they just push their Malay balachis to do most of the dirty work. See. who said manipulation of racial sentiments is not a consideration among the Pakatan people?

3. "I am not yet sure how they are going to angle their attack. It could be on environment or land matters. Either way, they will try to cook it up to be another national issue like Lynas.

4. "Of course, just like Lynas, they can't stop the project but this is simply to stir up something.

5. "Johor has no real big issue, so this probably will do, so that they can have something to say during their ceramah or an excuse to initiate another publicity-attracting demo like the Lynas one.

6. "They know there is really nothing wrong with the project, but it's creating the negative perception that matter to them.

7. "They would never care that the RM200 billion investment of the project will generate economic growth of more than trillions of ringgit within 15 years.

8. "They would never tell the villagers in Pengerang that by that time, their children will have lots of employment opportunities from the economic growth, and that their children would not have to go far from their hometown to get a good job..."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Democracy ? In Pakatan? What a Joke

I take some thoughts of blogger in OUTSYEDTHE BOX,(article 20th Feb. 2012) quite similar to my belief, as follows:

1.Here is the Star :

Monday February 20, 2012

Nine claim they were sacked for speaking out on illegal sand mining

2.Folks, let me say it again – if the Pakatan rules this country, it will be the death of democracy. Everyday, we are seeing more and more evidence of this.

3. Here is news from yesterday about the DAP’s Nga Kor Ming :

“(The Star) - The DAP disciplinary committee has cleared Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming of any wrong doing over allegations that he abused his power to award a contract to his wife's tailoring firm. Its chairman Tan Kok Wai said other than a husband-and-wife relationship between Nga and Wong Seow Ching, there was no evidence to show that Nga had exerted any influence or pressure over the awarding of the contract…”

Nga has been cleared. You see in the Pakatan, they are all freaking angels. Its ok if their own wives dapat kontrak. If UMNO does it, it becomes cronyism and nepotism. Today a tailoring contract. Tomorrow who knows what other contracts will come along.

4. I find that in the BN there is greater freedom to say what you want to say.

5. Anyway it is yet another example of the Pakatan gag order. They have fired a bunch of people for spilling the beans over the sand mining shenanigans that are going on in Selangor. As more time passes, we can understand better now why people like that idealistic young man met an untimely death.

full story:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shahrizat Please step down and let BN win

I share the same view as the Blogger in "Just my Thoughts". His comments were published on 8th Feb.2012, and partly shown below.

1. "Whatever the truth of the allegations against her, Shahrizat is a target for an Opposition that has so few.

2. "She could get out of the way.

3. "Pakatan Rakyat has grabbed onto this issue with all its might, because it has so little substance with which to go to war in GE13.

4. "Pakatan Rakyat has grabbed onto this issue with all its might, because it has so little substance with which to go to war in GE13. No conviction of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (his mouth appears to be his greatest danger now), no common manifesto, no serious policy proposals, no Shadow Cabinet, nothing.

5. "Whatever the truth of the allegations against her, Shahrizat is a target for an Opposition that has so few.

6." We reluctantly but respectfully call on Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to step down, as soon as possible.

7." I want the BN to win big in the next PRU, perhaps it is time that YAB PM Najib Razak show some leadership here, the decisive kind please."

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Niat jahat blogger Pro-PR terserlah dalam Blog

Berikut adalah petikan dari blog TRANUNGKITE yang menampakkan niat jahat penyokong Pro-Pembangkang:

Adalah jelas beliau tidak menghadiri ceramah Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, Beliau juga tidak dapat menerima hakikat fakta dan penjelasan Dr Hasan Ali dalam ceramahnya, dan tidak dapat menerima hakikat kehadiran ribuan orang yang ingin mendengar kata-kata Dr Hasan tanpa menggunakan platform / jenama Politik, justeru tranungkite mencadangkan supaya "pengacau" ditempatkan, sewaktu Dr Hasan Ali berceramah. Jahat betul.

Hati se orang Muslim, begitu kah?
Bukan kah Pakatan Rakyat yang beriya-iya menjerit-jerit meminta "kebebasan bersuara" dan memaki-hamun Pemerintah yang sedia ada?

Baca lah petikan di bawah:

"..Pada pandangan penulis, PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat perlu menghadirkan penceramah-penceramah yang tidak terlalu ketat dengan fahaman politik untuk menyaingi ceramah Hasan Ali.

Paling tidak menghantar kumpulan ‘pengacau’ untuk menganggu kosentrasi ceramah Hasan Ali kerana dari maklumat yang penulis terima, Hasan Ali tidak sahaja berceramah, malah juga berinteraksi dengan penonton ceramahnya secara tidak langsung.

Dan ia perlu diadakan segera kerana jika dibiarkan, itu membawa maksud apa jua yang dituduh Hasan Ali kepada PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat adalah benar!!.."