Friday, April 29, 2011

Sarawak Report: Half Truths unfold: What's the Hidden Agenda

My dear friends living in Semenanjung Malaysia,

Who are we to talk about Sarawak's Chief Minister (C.M)?

Pre-election time, suddenly the explosion of allegations in alternative media about C.M.
Why now?Why not make news about him 1, 3 , 5, 10 years ago? Think.
There's a MOTIVE here in the alternative media, that YOU may not know about.

Did he oppress you?
Did he oppress any of the foreigners who demonise him now ?
Did he oppress his own people, 21 ethnic tribes in all?

Do you seriously believe that these foreigners really care about the people of Sarawak?
I doubt it.

If they sincerely do, then why didn’t I find any foreigners,not a single one, travelling to and residing in the interiors of Sibu, for example, 3 hours by sampan? What have they done to improve their folks’ happiness?

The local folks there are contented, less materialistic and much more grateful than most of us, urbanites.

Many of us, in Sememnanjung, are an ungrateful lot to begin with;
we know so little about the people of Sarawak, yet we demonise the CM as if we really care about Sarawakians. What a joke.

I took that journey in mid-April 2011 with 32 of my friends to meet the peace-loving people in the Longhouses. We played Futsal together, ate together, and we, from Semenanjung, shared our skills to check their health and well-being.

None of them were found to be malnourished.

These lovely folks, The Ibans, Dayaks, Melanau, are so polite and much more civilized in their behaviour and speeches than those “modern” people in alternative media who pretend to ‘defend the Sarawakians’ but care little.

They are more "civilised" than us who think we are "better", simply because we have TV, Astro, a big house, big car, big money, big business.

So, I know what I am talking about.

Remember folks, The people of Sarawak cast THEIR VOTES in April 2011; and guess what happened?
They CHOSE to have PBB led by C.M.

Doesn't that say a lot about what the peace-loving people of Sarawak think ?

They are not stupid, you know.
Do not underestimate the people of Sarawak.

WE should ALWAYS CHECK THE VALIDITY OF ALLEGATIONS made by Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak which will report as if they are true. Be careful.

Extracted from a Blog (The Unspinners):the following:

....."Lawan balik dan persoal data-data dan document yang keluar di Sarawak Report dan Radio Free Sarawak.

Percayalah bahawa lebih banyak dokumen BOHONG dari yang benar.

Contoh: Jameelah anak Taib Mahmud ada banyak syarikat. Itu memang biasa dalam sebuah syarikat hartanah untuk letak satu hartanah dalam lain2 syarikat. (Tanya lah businessmen –businessmen hartanah; contoh Sunway, YTL, dan lain-lain)

Gambar photosensor yang konon warna hutan Sarawak tidak sehijau hutan Kalimantan. Punyalah PEMBOHONG. Salahguna dan penyelewengan lebih banyak di Indonesia, sepatutnya Indonesia lagi perang dalam peta.

Banyak dokumen boleh dicheck samada ianya bohong atau tidak.

INi kerana modus operandi mereka sama macam kaki PENIPU Raja Petra yang menyiarkan dokumen PALSU seperti dokumen laporan pusrawi kes saiful dan deklarasi bersumpah Dr Osman......"

Taken from:

MY comment:

REMEMBER the modus operandi of the Zionist hands that control the USA and British Governments;
and how- in order to justify their ultimate aim of replacing a nation's government (with a puppet regime)- they have to firstly, convince us, the public.

How? THEY would repeatedly issue FALSE NEWS, FALSE DOCUMENTS, FALSE PICTURES, FALSE STORIES & FALSE WITNESSES about "WEAPONS OF MASSIVE DESTRUCTION" supposedly in Saddam Hussein's hands, that were never found TO THIS DAY? ... They keep issuing lies day in and day out, until we BELIEVED THEIR STORY.

Yes, even Sept. 11 "attack" by ...haha.."Al Qaeda".
It's an inside job, folks! Gotcha. (You may go to for more truths )

Sarawak Report is NO DIFFERENT.
Modus operandi- same. PREDICTABLE.

Why did they (USA, UK) ) FALSIFY it all?

Yes, to MAKE THE WORLD/ CITIZENS - you and me- BELIEVE those LIES, and to believe that the ruling government should be removed, AND to be replaced by puppet regime, led by someone THEY groom and choose.

In Malaysia, there's the puppet regime leader wanna-be, in waiting, known to us all, Anwar, who himself confesses to be a good friend of the Neo-Conservative Zionist and Jew, Paul Wolfowitz and gang.

And what are the consequences from the FALSIFICATION AND FABRICATION (of the Iraq and 9-11 stories) ?

a) Unnecessary chaos in the nation, followed by ILLEGAL WAR and invasion of 2 nations, Iraq and Afghanistan, now poorer than ever, in basic infrastructure than they ever were during Saddam's time or Taliban’s ;
b) the greedy transfer of OIL and other natural assets of Iraq/ Afghanistan to the pro-Zionist regimes of USA and Britain, via their crony companies, and placement of a PUPPET leader in the government. They cannot have those assets without having a puppet leader in it.
c) Business suffers; livelihoods suffer; jobs suffer; families suffer.Economy destroyed.

You want your country MALAYSIA to be ruled by a puppet leader who would sing to the tune of the Zionists, and give our assets away to them ? Same modus operandi, folks.

Don’t be fooled by the “sensational news and reporting” by the Alternative Media that appeared like mushrooms in recent times.

You see, they have a mission. The mission is, to make you and me, the citizens of Malaysia, believe whatever they put in their electronic ‘newspaper’, so that our minds turn against OUR OWN LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT.

Yup, THE SAME government that had kept our town in peaceful harmony since Independence, so that our parents, and you and I , and our kids could go to school, get education, get a job, go to work, find business, get rich, and go about our daily lives without feeling the fear of WAR and CHAOS in the city streets.

Some of us have become really really rich, because the government provided the environment for us to build our business and occupation to such great heights.

We will not appreciate our government until the PEACE and HARMONY is taken away from us; then we will regret. By that time, it’s too late.

Hey, folks, DON’T BITE the hands that feed you ….and that keep your country in peace!

So do you REALLY WANT to believe those foreigners?
Foreigners who issue "report after report" (superficially believable)...but how many of us would go through every single line and page of their purported "documents" to check their AUTHENCITY??) . Hands up, anyone!

Foreigners and a small number of disgruntled (rich) Sarawakians - a minority (while most Sarawakians are contented and love the peace) tout, high and low with all their stories about The Chief Minister of Sarawak, who, by the way, through his PBB political party, won ALL SEATS which they contested in the democratically run Sarawak State Elections.

Who are we - orang Semenanjung- and also those bigot Foreigners who fund the "Sarawak Report" and "Radio Free Saawak" , to say?

The PEOPLE OF SARAWAK themselves elect PBB to represent them. Every seat contested by PBB was won.

PKR contested 49 seats. They lost 46 !
29th April 2011