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American Imperialism without weapons

In Vietnam, Agent Orange was dropped by the US to poison a foreign population. In Iraq and the former Yugoslavia, depleted uranium was used. In Western countries, things are a bit more complicated because various states have tended to avoid using direct forms of physical violence to quell their own populations (unless you belong to some marginalized group or hit a raw nerve, as did the Occupy Movement last year). 
The pretence of democracy and individual rights has to be maintained.
One option has been to use South American crack cocaine or Afghan heroin to dope up potential troublesome sections of the population. It’s worked wonders: highly lucrative for the drug running intelligence agencies and banks awash with drug money (1), while at the same time serving to dampen political dissent in the most economically and socially deprived areas. Another tactic has of course been the massive ever-increasing growth of the surveillance industry to monitor ordinary citizens.
But drugs, surveillance and direct violence are kind of a last resort to keep a population in check. Notwithstanding baton charges, tear gas and the use of rubber bullets on the European mainland and that the US Government is not ruling out the use of violence on its own people (2), ideology via the media has and continues to be the choice of method for population control in Western countries.
Whether it’s through the paranoia induced by the fear of terrorism or more general propaganda spewed out by the mainstream ‘news’ channels, political agendas and modes of thought are encouraged which seek to guarantee subservience and ‘integration’, rather than forms of critical thought or action that may lead to a direct questioning of or a challenge to prevailing forms of institutionalised power.
From trade unions to political parties, oppositional groups are infiltrated, deradicalised and incorporated into the system (3) and critical stances are stifled, ridiculed or marginalized. Consensus is manufactured both in cultural and political terms.
 The result is that presidential candidate TV debates, political discourse and much of the popular mass media is void of proper analytical discussion: public theatre scripted by speech writers and PR people, presented in manipulative, emotive, ‘human-interest’ terms.
From the TV news and commercials to the game-shows and latest instant fame programme, misinformation, narcissism and distraction pervade all aspects of life. Why be aware of the world’s ills and challenge anything when you can live in the dark, watch X-Factor, wear Reebok and shop till you drop? It is an infotainment paradise where lies are truth and unfettered desire a virtue.
It’s a world of crass consumerism and gleaming shopping malls bathed in designer lifestyle propaganda where people drown in their Friday night alcohol vomit, shop till they drop for things they don’t really need or indeed want and bask in their emptiness by watching TV with eyes wide shut.
But this is ‘free market’ democracy. And the concept behind it is that the mass of the population are a problem, and any genuine debate or the electorate’s ability to see what is actually happening must be prevented. People must be distracted – they should be watching millionaire footballers kick a ball around, mind numbing soap operas or some mindless sitcom. Every once in a while, at voting time, they are called on to parrot or back some meaningless slogans.
Politics is no longer about great ideas. The acquisition of power has become the core value in itself, not socialism or any other radical philosophy. What is required from mainstream political leaders is technocrat not, radical; middle manager, not firebrand. In an era of advanced capitalism, the role of mainstream glove puppet political leaders is to demonstrate competence when it comes to managing the machinery of state in order to fine tune the status quo, not overhaul it.
If ‘serious’ debate does even attempt to rear its head, it is increasingly to be found as part of a standardized, corporate TV news-cum-chat show format that is the same from country to country. There is usually some or other smug, user-friendly couple fronting the show, lying about how we may smooth away the wrinkles, according to the gospel of some grossly overpaid beauty guru to the stars.
But then, moving on to the next topic and with an anguished expression, no doubt well rehearsed in front of the mirror that morning, one of the hosts states: “A recent report says that high street fashion retailers use children in the developing world to make its clothes.”
A light and punchy studio debate among the show’s hosts and a ‘fashion expert’ will ensue, peppered with a certain degree of moral outrage. But only a ‘certain degree’ because hypocrisy abounds: “Stay tuned as next up you will be informed of how you too can dress like the celebs but for a fraction of the price.”
The next day it’s competition time. Win vouchers to go shopping for the latest high street fashion items. “Top of the range stuff… But the prices are so cheap… Just how do they do it?” one of the hosts remarks: the very same person from the day before who fronted the ‘in-depth debate’ about how they actually manage to do it by exploiting poverty and child labour.
It’s all very cony and comforting, with its sanctimonious world view of sexed up infotainment and bland titillation. It’s TV to inspire. TV to inspire the masses into apathy, fatalism and acceptance.
“Next up, we have a man who swallowed a live rabbit and lived to tell the tale” is sandwiched between “How you can save on your weekly wine bill” and “Knife crime – lock ‘em up and throw away the key.”
Forget about informed debate when platitudes, simple emotion and ‘common sense’ outlooks will do. You will rarely find anything radical or challenging here or elsewhere on mainstream TV because that’s not the point of it. 
The point of it all is to convince the public that their trivial concerns are indeed the major concerns of the day and that the major world events and imperialist wars can be trivialised or justified with a few ridiculous clich├ęs about saving oppressed woman in Afghanistan or killing for peace in Africa.
From Fox to CNN, the BBC and beyond, this mind altering portrayal of the world is devoured as avidly as the health-altering, chemically-laden TV dinner that accompanies it. How about can of pesticide-ridden, cancer inducing cola to finish off (4)? Feel the spray. It’s all so refreshingly toxic. No need for Agent Orange here. So many people are already swallowing the poison via their plates or TV. If that fails and the drugs no longer work, the drones are waiting overhead.
1) Afghan heroin and the CIA, Geopolitical Monitor:
2) DHS to purchase another 750 million rounds of ammo, Press TV:
3) The influence of intelligence services on the British left, Lobster Magazine:
4) Things grow better with Coke, The Guardian:

Powercrazy Pakatan Rakyat and self appointed leaders

from stopthelies blog.

"The problem with these PR leaders is that they want everything. They claim they are not power crazy but at the same time wants to be MPs and ADUNs at the same time. They keep telling their blind and deaf supporters that there is nobody else cleverer than them.
They are God anointed and also they have a right to be leaders because they are the sons, daughters, wives and husbands of the Great Leaders. The Great Leaders are all appointed ones, not even elected.
For all the crap and bull shit dished out by Ambiga of free and transparent elections – she keeps a complete silence of the non-elected posts of Anwar as Ketua Umum, Lim Kit Siang as adviser and Nik Aziz as spiritual adviser. These PR honchos hold to their posts without shame."

Nepotism in BN? When?


Nepotism in BN?

Chua Soi Lek's son is doing very well in the MCA but I dont think it is due to his father's position or influence. The young man seems to have a talent for facts and figures and is good at 'timing things'. The way he has exposed the Talam land scandal has delivered a painful blow to the Pakatan in Selangor.  However the son is not about to take over MCA from the father. The MCA will decide that - not the father.

After Tun Razak died in 1976, three other Prime Ministers came into office (one of them for 22 years) before his son took over the premiership in 2009.  That is not exactly nepotism.  Hussein Onn died in 1990 - twenty two years ago. And do you think his son can become the PM? The worst case is Tun Dr Mahathir's son Mukhriz who was completely kept out of holding any political office all throughout his father's tenure as Prime Minister. At one session Mukhriz simply said, quite sadly, 'saya menghadapi halangan  untuk memegang sebarang jawatan'.  Dr Mahathir simply did not allow his son to hold political office when he was party president. Now that is a real dictator for you. 

Only now, Mukhriz is learning the ropes in politics and getting started in life. Good luck bro. Do your best. Read my Blog OK.

As for the leaders of BN's component parties does anyone know who is Tun Sambanthan's son? Or VT Manickavasagam's family? What about the children of Tan Siew Sin? What has happened to them?

Read more HERE.

Source: MOLE

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Exposing the Lies and Dis-Information by US corporate media and Government

1. The video is a forum by Activists and independent analysts on the Middle East, to disentangle the lies of the U.S. government and corporate media to destabilize and colonize Syria and Iran.

The video  is a session organised by American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC),.

Ramsey Clark, Former Attorney General, 

Dr. Mazen Adi and Mr. Asaad Ibrahim, Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations, 
Lizzy Phelan, Independent Journalist and broadcaster who has reported from both Libya and Syria during the wars there, 
Ardeshir Ommani, American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC), 
Larry Hales, International Action Center, Ben Becker, ANSWER Coalition, Larry Hales, International Action Center,


Major News Networks & YouTube Caught Lying About "Islamic Riots"

Another video (only 3  minutes) described the lies propagated by US corporate media.

A must-watch clip.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

2006 Humanitarian Mission in Lebanon with Aman Malaysia

The year was 2006. Month of August. 
Our team prepared for a week-long a medical humanitarian mission to Lebanon, under the coordination of Aman Malaysia (Malaysia for Peace).

The  Israel-Hezbollah war which ravaged much of south Lebanon and South Beirut had left many Lebanese citizens dead.

My team of 4 medical volunteers -3 doctors and 1 medical assistant- with the Grace of God, volunteered to go to Lebanon soon after the Lebanese-Israeli war in August 2006. 

The Israeli air strikes  left approximately 1000 Lebanese, mostly Muslims. Much of South Beirut infrastructure was destroyed by Israeli vicious AIR attacks. 

Barely days after the Hezbollah-Israeli fragile ceasefire, Mukhriz Mahathir who had  played a major role coordinating many  humanitarian missions in Aman Malaysia, left for Lebanon with his logistics team, and identified Tyre, the city in the Southern most part of Lebanon, which borders with Israel, as our base for medical clinic. He personally looked into the logistics and accommodation; and looked for  potential locations for temporary clinic, before  we the medical team arrived. The risks of breach of a ceasefire between the Israelis and Lebanon were very high. Mukhriz deserved a special mention and earned our respect for his selfless efforts. He could easily have just sent a logistics team to settle things for him. He is one great young leader by example. God bless him.

While fellow Malaysians were preparing for Ramadhan, we were  preparing  to go to the war-torn nation. 
As volunteers we are always prepared for the worst. Lebanon has seen more than its fair share of war and peace since the 1970s-80s.

Departure to the war zone

Pic 2:
Sending off the team by Aman Malaysia Medical Coordinator, Dr Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman.

Beirut International Airport was badly damaged from the bombings. Aeroplanes could not land. We had to land in neighbouring Syria, and made our journey by road and through the Customs checkpoints. With the highly volatile situation  around, security was tight.
Syria- Lebanon Checkpoint

Pic 4:
What was once a family home, not far from Tyre

Multiple Wounds  are common in war.

We set up Peace Malaysia Clinic in Tyre, which is near the Israeli Border.

It takes years to re-build a wartorn nation.

major highway bombed by Israeli air attacks

The Israelis bombed Southern Lebanon and South Beirut –Hezbollah’s stronghold. Israelis left North Beirut intact. The Druze and Christian ethnic groups mainly live in the northern areas. The Israeli bombings were selective and clearly targeted the Muslims and their residents. 

We also visited the Palestinian Refugee Camps of Shabra and Shatila, which I may relate as a separate blog topic.

En route to Beirut (north of Tyre), we enjoyed the beautiful coastal road and its views. We met Dato Abdul Halim, the Malaysian Ambassador to Lebanon and passed consignments of medical supplies to his office, for distribution to Lebanese people.

Lebanon‘s entire left coastline is the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon borders with Israel (a.k.a. Occupied Palestine) (south), and Syria (north; east). Lebanon is famous as a tourist destination for those from Europe and Middle East. 

beautiful and famous coastal rock near Beirut City.


Lebanon has a rich history.  The multi-ethnic pluralistic society makes this nation unique. Mosques line the main streets of Beirut.

mosque in downtown Beirut

It was once ruled by the Roman Empire and the magnificent Roman architecture still stands, albeit in ruins.

Breathtaking coastline

Pic 13 : The countryside

The Romans were once here

The majestic Roman pillar that stood a thousand years

We distributed medications and also ran our clinic for a week. A second medical team took over from us a week later. 
The Malaysian Defence Ministry sent its peacekeeping force sometime after we left.

I hope more Malaysians will come forward to volunteer. 

When we volunteer and experience and see first-hand the hardship of others, we come back spiritually enlightened and our hearts are filled with humility and gratitute for the peace we have in our homeland.

It is worth every time and effort to keep PEACE on our nation.


*pictures courtesy of Dr Abdul Halim and Dr Ahmad


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Life is short Why fight

Lebih baik kita rakyat Malaysia meluangkan masa berusaha untuk bersatu-padu, dan bukan untuk memecah-belahkan masyarakat. 

Life is short.

2 persons I   know, died today..

Life is short.

Mungkin kita mati esok.

Mungkin lusa.

Mana kita tahu.

Kenapa cari jalan untuk cari gaduh sesama sendiri?

Siapa untung kalau kita cari gaduh atau kita buat/ sokong  demonstrasi jalanan?

Lebih baik rebut peluang cari pahala. 

Cari dosa...rugi diri sendiri.

Bila mati, siapa pun tak dapat bantu kecuali :

1. apa yang kita pernah sedekah (dengan ikhlas) semasa hidup
2. doa anak (yang soleh)
3. ilmu (berguna) yang kita tinggalkan semasa hayat.

Life is short.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Debate The American Way: A Charade

Global Research, October 17, 2012

"The second nationally televised debate between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney served only to underscore the hypocrisy and deceit that pervade the entire election.
Two representatives of the corporate-financial elite that rules America spent nearly two hours trying to sell themselves as partisans of the common man in a thoroughly stage-managed production. It was painful to watch and a struggle to stay awake.
As has become the norm in American politics, it was a “debate” without any discussion or substance, a tired and empty ritual designed to conceal the truth and chloroform the public.
Every aspect of the event was orchestrated and vetted. The so-called “town hall” setting had nothing to do with a real give-and-take with ordinary people. The 82 people sitting on the stage with Obama and Romney had been chosen by Gallup, the polling firm, from so-called “undecided voters” residing in the Hempstead, Long Island area, where the debate was held."

My comment on the concept of Debate:
This idea was   pushed repeatedly by the Opposition- whose leaders are USA-NED-funded- here in Malaysia, as if following  the footsteps of the US office is  "right and modern". 
Nothing is right or modern about following others blindly.

Debates do not solve problems in an hour. 

Debates do not carry depth nor weight in terms of facts and analysis.
Debates are nothing more than a "feel-good"  session. 
WE Malaysians need not stoop so low to follow other countries blindly.
We are Malaysians and jolly proud of it.

Salam 1 Malaysia. Cheers.

Syria and Foreign Support for Terrorist Groups on its soil

Global Research, October 19, 2012

Syria sent Thursday two identical letters to the UN Security Council and the General Secretary about that evidence on involvement of foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, in supporting and arming the terrorist groups in Syria.
The Ministry declared that “supporting terrorism and arming the terrorists in Syria became overt that went so far as to urge others to get involved in this track which has been clear in the statements of officials in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.”
“It has been clear to all that those who are behind targeting Syria are the same countries which stress the importance of devising the appropriate international mechanisms to combat terrorism with all possible means,” the Ministry added.
It further accused these countries of contributing to hinder dialogue and peaceful solutions and harm the Syrian state at material and humanitarian levels.”
In parallel, the ministry said that “these statements were proved to be true for the BBC reporter in Aleppo city who saw weapons shipments – owned by the Saudi army – diverted to the armed terrorist groups in the city, the piece of news was broadcast by the BBC on October 9th.”
Moreover, Syria highlighted that “the French President Francois Hollande admitted in a statement to the French TV5Monde and France24 TV Channels on Thursday 11th October 2012 the existence of French terrorists in Syria among the ranks of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”.”
“The Turkish government is responsible for harboring and training these terrorists on its territories to send them to Syria across its borders,” it added.
Syria also reiterated its call for the UNSC and its relevant committees to start an immediate investigation in the dangerous information, stressing that it will provide the data available to the UNSC committees specialized with combating terrorism.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shanghai China and Real Estate Wealth

I watched a show on CCTV (Chinese TV in English) yesterday, which interviewed Chinese businessman Jonny Sze, Managing Director of Han Yu Properties, in Shanghai.

He comes from a business family.

He moved from a financing business into the Real Estate when he saw the potential it has in the latter as  a source of wealth.

He said, "the top 10 richest persons in Hong Kong are involved  in real estate".

He mentioned the Asian financial crisis of 1997 which hit China and Hong Kong hard, made worse by SARS outbreak later.

 Real estate in Shanghai has increased, and so have the property prices. House price has increased from 8000 Yuan to 60000 Y per sq.foot.

Central government, the Government of China, has taken steps to stabilise housing prices.

The central government issues 'macro control' to stabilise property price.

After the year 2000, Shanghai has drawn world attention, and many people have moved there and this brought up the property prices.
 Real estate price  in Shanghai increased 50-100% annually.

Bad loans (NPL) also hit developers.

Recent macro-control steps taken by the China government slowed down sales, so the developers have less money to repay their loans, he explained.

Jonny's company's practice, unlike the American style, act as 'middle man' for both the seller (vendor) and the buyer, bringing the two parties to meet up, and help negotiate the final price, which is mutually agreed by both parties.

His business focusses on efficiency of handling the deals.

The China government has a 5-year construction plan: plan to build 36 million affordable homes for its population. The government has built  affordable homes and public rental houses.

EU debt crisis worries businessmen in China too, because Chinese exports will be affected too.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Which is better: Nursing Home or Home Nursing?

Dibawah ini sebuah video yang menampilkan perangai dua jururawat di sebuah Nursing Centre memperlakukan pesakitnnya yang sudah tua dan tak mampu berbuat apa-apa dengan cara tidak bermoral dan tidak manusiawi.

Jururawat itu membiarkan pesakitnya beberapa saat telanjang dan setelah diberi baju diangkat dan lemparkan demikian saja ke tempat tidur lain seperti guni. Dalam kamera tersembunyi itu , telah diketahui Nursing Centre mana yang telah melakukan perbuatan tidak terpuji ini.

(dipetik dari)

My comment:

1. It is NOT greener on the other side...across the Causeway, I mean.2. Let your loved on
e be cared for at your own home.

3. view:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The role of Home Nursing in today's society

By Melati Mohd. Ariff (Bernama)

KUALA LUMPUR: Aware of the rising need for Islamic home-based nursing care, the Bandar Baru Bangi-based MN Al Falah (Al Falah) has moved to offer services that cover home care.

The mover behind Al Falah, Dr Norshinah Kamarudin, said the suggestion to venture into this sector originated from a close friend.

Dr Norshinah's friend, who has a strong business acumen, sees the potential behind this industry, particularly in urban areas.

She said there were many cases where home-based nursing care was required for elderly parents, as most urban dwellers were busy with their jobs.

"This is the opportunity that we notice and in terms of logistics we ease the hassle of having to bring the patients for treatment at the hospital," she told Bernama at the Al Falah office.

Dr Norshinah has 30 years' experience in the field of Medicine; and with assistance from her close friend, she set up MN Al Falah in January 2010.

Despite being new in the industry, Al Falah, led by Dr Norshinah and her business partner Siti Azifah Mohamed, has managed to make inroads. Siti Azifah has wide experience in paediatric nursing.

Al Falah, which means success, focuses on exclusive and professional home-based nursing care.

"As directors of Al Falah we have injected value-added services, as I am a medical expert while Siti Azifah is  in nursing. This helps us to be more competent in providing our services.

"This way the patients and nurses are able to get direct consultations from both of us," noted Dr Norshinah.

She said Al Falah plans to expand abroad, particularly to neighbouring countries.

Professional care
"There are many patient-care agencies but most focus on physical health and needs alone," said Dr Norshinah, who retired from government service in 2007.

She also operates a clinic at the Prince Court Medical Centre here.

Apart from being the chairman and managing director of Al Falah, she handles the marketing and goes into the field to interview nurses who want to work for Al Falah.

Al Falah uses a holistic approach that covers the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of patients.

"What we offer is to meet the needs of patients after they are discharged from hospital," said Dr Norshinah.

Islamic approach
For Muslim patients receiving Al Falah's services, they will also have available to them a spiritual approach from the attending doctors and nurses to help assure their speedy recovery.

Al Falah provides Muslim patients with a book on prayers. The nurses attending to Muslim patients will also perform the zikir, apart from asking to join them in the zikir.

Additionally, patients will be advised on how to perform their religious obligations when they are ill.

"For non-Muslim patients, our nursing care will focus on the physical and psychosocial aspect," said Dr. 

Al Falah's staff
Eighty per cent of the nurses employed by Al Falah are Muslims and from the total number of nursing staff, 20 per cent are men.

Al Falah also provides physiotherapy and counselling services.

Apart from the Klang Valley, Al Falah is available in Balik Pulau, Ipoh, Kota Bharu, Seremban, Johor Baru and Muar. Its hotline is 012-2526499.

Dr. Norshinah said the length and duration of care depends on a patients' needs.

There are cases that need round-the-clock care and there are cases where a nurse is only required to replace a patient's feeding tubes. In other cases patients only need nurses to bathe and feed them.

As an example, Dr Norshinah cited a case where the family wanted all the comforts for a terminally ill patient at home. In this case Al Falah arranged for nurses to work in shifts to attend to the patient, just like in a hospital.

"All the required equipment was provided, just like that in a hospital room. We also provided a doctor and a physiotherapist," said Dr Norshinah.

Tight schedule
Despite her tight schedule, Dr Norshinah manages to find time for volunteer work.

She has been a volunteer with Aman Malaysia since 2005 and is now involved with volunteer work with the Yayasan Felda . She was also a volunteer during the massive floods that hit Kota Tinggi and Batu Pahat.

She also tries to fulfil her social obligations, such as visiting welfare homes and homes for delinquents. -- Bernama

Tel:  03-89264858

By Melati Mohd. Ariff (Bernama)
Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beware You may be mis-led by Pakatan Rakyat's portal media

The opposition portal, Free Malaysia Today, gave a sterling review of the Pakatan Rakyat’s states by arrogating that the Auditor General had given the states run by Pakatan ‘top marks’.
Although the words ‘top marks’ or its malay equivalent of ‘markah tertinggi’ were never mentioned in the report itself, Free Malaysia Today felt the need to embellish their story in order to satisfy the opposition’s agenda of giving false information to the public.
The fact is, the AG report gave a blanket approval of ‘memuaskan’ in other states as well. 
But Pakatan Rakyat through all their mouthpieces gave the impression that only the Pakatan states did well.
Although the overall content of this article was somewhat fair by giving an instance of several weaknesses, the title itself is misleading;

"AG report: Top marks to Pakatan states"

There are several instances of millions of money have been lost via loss making state agencies and other types of omissions that didn’t appear in any of the opposition websites or in any of their leaders’ blogs .

author: jebatmustdie

Here is another article describing Pakatan Rakyat's hypocrisy in their culture.
In the author's own words...

"Nah!!! Korang masih tak percaya lagi dengan sikap Hipokrit puak - puak Pakatan Pembangkang tu? Dibawah ni petikan dari blog pencacai diorang.

Kalau dalam artikel tu, diorang memuji - muji laporan Ketua Audit Negara yang mengiktiraf perkembangan fiskal negeri - negeri yang berada dibawah pemerintahan mereka.

Yang peliknya, kenapa diorang masih lagi membuat dakwaan bahawa laporan tersebut telah disaring dan ditapis terlebih dahulu? Tak masuk akal lansung.

Kalau la laporan Audit tu nak disaring, tak payah la Ketua Audit Negara menyatakan yang Rejim Pakatan Pembangkang tu mampu mentadbir dengan baik.

Kan itu satu lagi tindakan yang Hipokrit?
 Nampak sangat la yang diorang ni memang tak de akal nak membuat dakwaan serta tuduhan yang mampu memburukkan Kerajaan.

Sama la macam tindakan mereka yang sebelum ini. 
Dulu dok maki hamun kata Mahkamah dikawal oleh 'Tangan Ghaib Pemimpin Tertentu'.

Tapi, bila pemimpin - pemimpin diorang menang kes di mahkamah, diorang kata pulak yang mahkamah Malaysia ni adil dan saksama."

Malaysiakini the biased and dependent-on-foreign-money Media

About Malaysiakini:

(abstract, taken from stopthelies blog)

1. Stopthelies is now able to expose that CEO Premesh Chandran and the chief editor Steven Gan has a rebellious and anti-establishment record while studying in Australia. 
2. The two were members of the Network of Overseas Students Collective of Australia (NOSCA) and together with these two were Elizabeth Wong and Tian Chua. 
3. The four remains the best of comrades and they returned to Malaysia to continue their anti-government activities.
4. We have evidence to show that they actively carried out anti-Barisan Nasional protests in numerous demostrations. 
5. Premesh joined MTUC for a while before joining The Sun with Premesh but the owner found their anti-government radicalism too much to bear and soon, they set up Malaysiakini. 
6. Malaysiakini is an arm of Pakatan Rakyat, it is that simple.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


MEDICAL TRIBUNE: 1-15 September 2012

House officers in the Ministry of Health are an unenviable lot these
days – well, in most aspects, I would
They seem to be able to do no right. These poor souls are being blamed for everything –
from the 36 medical colleges in the country (no demand, no supply, right?), to the ‘Houseman
Glut’ (as reported in The Star on 27 November 2010) and even their very own ‘shift system.’

It does not bode well for these new kids on the block when a few rotten apples, with poor attitude towards their work, give the entire team a bad image.

Not too long ago, it was a totally different scenario. 
House officers then very often never got a chance to see the sun rise (or set) for a few consecutive days.
Yet, they persevered and worked relentlessly to evolve, to be equipped to take on the world. It did not 
matter which university one graduated from (generally speaking). 

Most, if not all, were willing to be molded, were willing to learn and willing to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities. I dare say that it felt like military school being a house officer then.

 One had to be ‘broken’ in order to be rebuilt into a stronger, more resilient doctor. I suppose such training was the accepted norm then. 

Is it fair for us to expect these same standards from house officers today? Would this
‘new breed’ of doctors withstand the training dispensed in the days of yore? Times have
changed and so, too, the landscape as far as training is concerned.

On one hand, we have a system that is imploding – 36 medical universities and counting (producing over 7,000 doctors annually), thus forcing the shift system into being.

While on the other hand, we have non-stop interference from parents and relatives who 
believe they know best how a house officer should be trained!

 (Views) by  Dr. Sivabala Selvaratnam

My comment:
 1. The quality and attitude of many house officers of today, are appalling, to put it mildly.
2. They are a nightmare when we medical officers and specialists are on-call with them (recalling my times in government practice not too long ago).
3. To all houseofficers and medical students:
4. If you think housemanship and being a doctor is a glamorous job, you are in for a shock.
It ain't a bed of roses.
5. It will never be.
6. If you joined medical school because ..daddy or mummy says so, or because your teacher says so, you'll be sorry. Your attitude at work will show.
7. If you join medical school because you sincerely want to, and it is from your heart, then you'll be okay.

I have been a doctor for 27 years. I know.