Friday, January 7, 2011

Penang Malay Muslims in Danger under DAP

Pulau Pinang dalam Bahaya!! Itu lah luahan Blogger 'Pisau' di blognya Baca artikel seterusnya.

1. "Mereka (DAP) kini bertungkus lumus untuk menghapuskan kuasa Melayu di negeri Pulau Pinang buat selama-lamanya.

2. DAP Pulau Pinang kini memulakan usaha ‘rezoning’ atau mengezon semula atau membuat garis persempadanan semula semua penempatan penduduk Pulau Pinang.

3. Rancangan di sebalik itu ialah menjadikan semua kawasan majoriti pengundi Melayu berpecah menjadi secil-kecil dan tidak ada suara majoriti di semua tempat.

4. Untuk ini orang Melayu akan dipindahkan dalam bentuk kumpulan –kumpulan kecil dan diletakkan ketengah-tengah kawasan pengundi Cina .

5. Manakala para pengundi Cina pula dalam bentuk kumpulan yang besar dipindahkan kekawasan penduduk Orang Melayu untuk menjadikan bilangan mereka melebihi bilangan penduduk Melayu.

6. Cara ini bila pilihanraya nanti semua calon DAP dan pakatan mereka akan menang mudah.

7. Cara inilah yang telah dibuat oleh Lee Kuan Yew di Singapura sebaik saja dia keluarkan dirinya dari Persekutuan Malaysia pada tahun 1965 lalu.

8. Saya ('Pisau') mempunyai bukti , bahawa Lim Guan Eng hampir setiap minggu terbang ke Singapura mengadap Sifu atau guru besarnya bagaimana hendak menghapuskan kuasa politik Melayu di Pulau Pinang.

9. Katanya (LGE), Lee Kuan Yew berkata kepadanya..” You don’t worry I’ll teach you step by step."

10. Banyak rumah kos rendah dan kos sederhana rendah sedang dirancang pembinaan disebelah tanah besar.

11. Pisau cadangkan kerajaan pusat seperti SPNB supaya membina banyak rumah mampu milik di sebelah pulau dan pastikan 80% adalah milik melayu dan dikenakan syarat tidak boleh dijual.

12. Kita mengharapkan melayu Pulau Pinang agar bangkit dan sedar apa yang sebenarnya yang diinginkan oleh Khalifah cina melaka ini..."

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rafik Hariri Lebanon and Israel

Here is an excerpt of an article describing some amazing revelations on Lebanese Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination.

1. " Rafik Hariri’s convoy was attacked in Beirut on 14 February 2005. Twenty-three people were killed and one hundred injured.

2. From the outset of the investigation, it was generally accepted that the attack had been perpetrated by a suicide bomber driving a van packed with explosives.

3. Having been established to compensate for the Lebanese lack of professionalism, one would have expected the United Nations mission to scrupulously observe the classical criminal procedures. Not so!

4. The crime scene - on the basis of the topography still intact as well as the photos and video footage shot on that day - was not examined in detail. The victims were not exhumed and no autopsies were performed. For a long time, no attempt was made to ascertain the modus operandi. After discarding the hypothesis of a bomb buried in the ground, the investigators espoused the one involving the van withough bothering to verify it.

5. And yet, this version is implausible: looking at the crime scene, anyone can easily observe the very large and deep crater that a surface explosion could not have dug out.

6. Faced with the adamancy of the Swiss experts who refused to endorse the official version, on 19 October the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) recreated the crime scene behind closed doors. It didn’t take place in Lebanon, nor in the Netherlands which is the seat of the STL, but in France, one of the countries funding the Tribunal.

7. When we asked a number of military experts what kind of explosives would be capable of generating such damage, they mentioned a new type of weapon which has been developed over several decades and is featured in reports appearing in scientific journals.

8. The combination of nuclear and nonotechnology science can trigger an explosion the exact strength of which can be regulated and controlled.

9. There is one unequivocal fact: this weapon is equipped with a nano-quantity of enriched uranium, emanating radiations which are quantifiable.

10. Now, it just so happens that one of the passengers in Rafik Hariri’s armoured car survived the explosion. Former Minister Bassel Fleyhan was taken to a topnotch French military hospital for treatment. The doctors were astounded to discover that he had been in contact with enriched uranium. But no one linked this to the attack.

11. Technically speaking, the weapon is shaped like a small missile, a few tens of centimeters long.

12. It must be fired from a drone.

13. Actually, several witnesses assured they had heard an aircraft flying over the scene of the crime.

14. The investigators asked the United States and Israel, whose surveillance satellites are permanently switched on, to provide them with the pertinent images. On the day of the attack, the United States had deployed AWACS aircraft over Lebanon. The live feeds could help to establish the presence of a drone and even to determine its flight path.

15. But Washington and Tel Aviv - which indefatigably urge all parties to cooperate with the STL - turned down the request.

16. At a press conference held on 10 August 2010, Hassan Nasrallah showed a video which, according to him, was shot by Israeli military drones and intercepted by his organisation. All of Rafik Hariri’s movements had been registered for months, until the final day when all the surveillance converged on the bend in the road where the attack was staged. Thus, Tel-Aviv had been surveying the area prior to the assassination.

So, who fired the missile?

JPEG - 21.7 kb
Hezbollah intercepted and released videos from Israeli drones surveying Rafik Hariri’s movements and the scene of the crime.
17. This is where things get complicated. According to the military experts, in 2005, Germany was the only country which had a handle on this new technology. It is, therefore, Berlin which supplied and set up the crime weapon.

18. Hence, it is easy to understand why former Berlin Attorney General Detlev Mehlis - a very controversial figure within his own profession - was eager to preside the UN Investigation Commission.

19. He is, in fact, notoriously linked to the German and U.S. secret services. Assigned in 1986 to shed light on the attack against the La Belle disco in Berlin, he diligently covered up all Israeli and U.S. fingerprints to falsely accuse Libya and justify the bombing of Mouammar Khadafi’s palace by the U.S. Air Force. In the early 2000s, Mr Mehlis was lavishly paid for his stint as researcher at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (think-tank linked to AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby) and at the Rand Corporation (think-tank attached to the U.S. military industrial complex).

20. The truth ultimately seeps through.

21. The Israeli drone videos released by the Hezbollah expose Israel’s involvement in the crime preparations. The facts revealed by Odnako point to the use of a sophisticated German weapon.

The puzzle is nearly complete. "

Thierry Meyssan is a frequent contributor to Global Research.