Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Israel clandestine operations against Iran Nuclear Programme

1. Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad, has intensified its war against Iran's nuclear programme and, by some accounts, its Kidron hit teams are reportedly targeting Iranian nuclear scientists for assassination as well as sabotaging the Islamic Republic's global network for procuring vital material.

2. In the 1980s and '90s, it was the systematic killing of key figures in Saddam's weapons programmes--at least three high-level scientists--and the bombing of Europian companies supplying components for the Iraqi dictator's secret programme to manufacture nuclear bombs. The cores for two French-built reactors bound for Iraq were blown up in a warehouse outside Toulon, France, on 5 April 1979 in Operation.

3."With cooperation from the United States, Israeli covert operations have focused both on eliminating key assets involved in the nuclear programme and the sabotaging of the Iranian nuclear supply chain," said Reva Bhalla, director of analysis with Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor), a Texas-based private intelligence company with close links to the US security establishment.

4. Israel has reportedly set up dummy companies to infiltrate Iran's extensive procurement network that seeks to circumvent United Nations sanctions.

5. The Israelis and Americans have both carried out industrial sabotage against Iran.

6. Iran has been sold components with flaws that are difficult to spot, while technical documents have been subtly doctored to make them useless. US sources reported one incident in which sabotaged electrical equipment purchased in Europe exploded at the uranium enrichment centre at Natanz in April 2006, destroying 50 centrifuges, machinery essential to the enrichment process.

7. "Industrial sabotage is a way to stop the programme, without military action, with out fingerprints on the operation, and really, it's ideal, if it works," Mark Fitzgerald, former US deputy assistant secretary of state for non-proliferation and now with the International Institute for Strategic Studies 8.Stratfor's Bhalla concurs that Iranian nuclear scientists are key targets of the Israeli operations and have been the target of intimidation campaigns to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. There was "strong intelligence", she said, that one of Iran's leading nuclear physicists, Ardeshir Hassanpour, was killed by the Mossad in January 2007.*from < covert war: the Mossad is said to wage a clandestine...-a0203482099>.

9. Another modus operandi of the Mossad is
making their spies pose as high-profile bloggers and journalists who then go on intelligence gathering missions and report back to home base using publicly visible television broadcasts. ( ).

10. In Nov.2008,
the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander (IRGC), Major General Mohammad-Ali Jafari, said that the IRGC security and intelligence divisions identified a network that was spying on the country's military organizations.

The network was tasked with gathering information for Israel about Iran's nuclear facilities and the IRGC, as well as Iranian military and political figures

Ali Ashtari, who was arrested by security forces, admitted that Mossad had instructed him to sell bugged Internet cables and satellite phones to target Iranian officials in an attempt to monitor their communications.


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