Sunday, July 21, 2013

Teachers help students in their formative years to love learning -or to hate learning

Salam Ramadan to my dear friends.

Let's talk about teachers and teaching.

I came across a video in  syedoutsidethebox blog.

Would you send your child to a cruel sadistic teacher like this? (see u-tube here)

But then how do you know, unless your child complains ?

Imagine the psychological association of 'learning', knowledge and physical PAIN.

I thought going to school was a JOY. 

Well, in my days, school was great and exciting; learning was   fun, the teachers were so dedicated and selfless, and my classmates (in BBGS) and I became top scorers. We always looked forward to going to school!. Alhamdulillah

Our parents, being 'makan-gaji' government servants or petty traders in KL, could not afford "private school education" for us, but we learned a lot from a public school. We did not need private schools to educate us. Back then, our teachers in a public school were simply THE BEST.

My best friend in primary school was chinese.
My best friend in secondary school was chinese too.

Making fun or mocking one another (racially)- as observed in recent months in social media- was unheard of in our school. My chinese  friends were not the product of "SRJK (Cina)" culture. 
That probably explains our harmonious relationships until today.

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