Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here is an extract from two articles I read about former Petronas scholar (who breached his Petronas contract) and former aide to Najib Tun Razak. His name? Omar Ong..

"Why are we ready to gamble Petronas in his hand?

Petronas is a major asset of the nation and manges the nation's oil reserve and foreign exploration. It has a wealth of human resources and experience within its fold. It has its own succssion plan and there should not be any queue jumping from outside the organisation.

The problem with the worldview of people like Omar Ong is their tendency to be fascinated with what's fashionable of the day and not ready to defy convention and norms.

When Petronas was established by Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah, Malaysia defied the norms set by the Seven Sisters Oil Companies of the world.

The country resisted the pressure to follow the rules and terms laid down by the major oil companies and its backing superpower. That brevity and strong sense of patriotism had enabled Malaysia to have "real ownership" of its oil wealth and the money plowed back to develop the nation.

Otherwise, Petronas would be in the boondogs like Indonesia's Pertamina today.

Placing personalities like Omar Ong, with linked and association with Khairy, Tingkat 4 and their network of corporate freeloaders pervading every Government linked Companies in the country, is that they are DEVOID of any sense of patiotism and over awed with the western corporate thinking without pondering a glimpse of the bigger national agenda.."


Opinion of concern was also expressed by 'the unspinners,'
"Kami percaya Omar Ong amat cekap bercakap, berhujah dan tidak kurang mengampu orang besar-besar. Maka dia mudah dikagumi. Orang yang hebat depan orang besar tapi depan orang biasa sombong dan bisa dalam kata-kata adalah orang yang bermuka-muka dan tidak ikhlas. Seringkali orang sedemikian adalah bahaya kerana ada agenda sendiri.

Apakah karakter sebenar Omar? Maka perlulah dia diselidiki halus-halus latarbelakangnya dan tidak diambil enteng. Tanya pada kawannya dan juga musuhnya. Tanya pada rakan bekerja, biznes dan pesaingnya. Tanya pada rakan sesekolah, seUniversiti, kaum keluarga dan terutama rangkaian sahabat peribadi Omar. Baru boleh Dato Seri benar-benar tahu siapa Omar sebenarnya.
( )

My comment:
1. PETRONAS- initiated and brought to its current glory through sheer dedication, loyalty and selflessness by Malay-Muslim teams in the past 2 decades, has done Malaysia proud, and we now stand tall in the eyes of the world. Syabas.

2. Dato' Seri Najib, please get a more experienced and patriotic Malaysian who will not idolise the Western culture. Listen to us.


  1. Interesting viewpoint, Shinah. All the best! ;-)

  2. Is Omar Ong a trojan horse planted by DAP to fight for a Malaysian Malaysia? The family has their own blogs to defend their family members, very much like the Red Bean Cinabeng of the DAP. Ethos is now a multi-million dollar entity with assets worth more than RM300 million. Or is he one of the so called new Malay out to rip the Malays of their national assets?

  3. Pls. read syedoutsidethebox blog. There are plans to merge FGV and Sime Darby. and other plans too.

  4. Pls. read syedoutsidethebox blog. There are plans to merge FGV and Sime Darby. and other plans too.