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1. Until 1965, Singapore was part of Malaysia. Singapore declared its independence on August 9, 1965.

2. Impressed by the Israeli defence system when visiting Israel in 1959, Singapore’s 1st Minister of Defence, Goh Keng Swee (GKS) later invited Mordecai Kidron, Israeli Ambassador to Thailand, over to Singapore to help set up its army. By end- 1965, Israeli teams from Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) began arriving to help Singapore build its army, Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute (SAFTI) and the Defence Ministry.

3. GKS had to be mindful of the sensitivities of neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, with predominantly Muslim populations. Hence utmost secrecy surrounded the presence and activities of the Israelis, who had specially asked to be referred to as 'Mexicans' to avoid having their cover blown. Israel imposed a total blackout on the story and the secret was preserved. Until the other side could no longer contain itself.

4. In his book, "From Third World to First: The Singapore Story 1965-2000," published in 2000, Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's first prime minister, disclosed the secret that had been kept for almost 40 years: It was the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that established the Singaporean army.

5. Singapore's army is today considered the strongest and most advanced of the military forces in Southeast Asia. The alliance between the Israeli and Singaporean defense establishments intensified and expanded. Along with the two tracks of compulsory service and career army, Singapore also adopted the IDF's model of reserve service.

6. In January 1968, Singapore decided to create an armored corps. In great secrecy, an agreement was signed for the purchase of 72 AMX-13 light tanks from IDF surplus. It was a bold decision: Malaysia, the country's large neighbor, didn't have tanks. On Independence Day, August 9, 1969, a major surprise awaited the invited guests, including the defense minister of Malaysia: 30 tanks rolled past the reviewing stand.

7. In a book entitled “The Israeli Connection: Whom Israel arms and why”, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi (1988, pg26) wrote, “According to the CIA (1979), Singapore is the location of the main Mossad station in Asia. General Efrain Poran, a former military adviser to (Israeli) PM Begin, served a s Defense adviser to the Singapore Government (Kartin, 1984). In 1969, 45 Israeli advisers were on active duty in Singapore.”

8. Israel Shamir wrote, “Singapore has some similarities to the Jewish state: authoritarian rule, vast employment of foreign guest workers, aggressive stance towards their integrated neighbours. A great friend of Israel and the Far East base of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, Singapore is an important link in the global system of currency trading, an integral part of the New World Order, a supporter of the US and Australia. ”. “By taking a leaf from Israel's book, Singapore declared its 'right' to wage war on Malaysia if the country hikes the price of the water it sells to the island.”.

9. He added,”Singapore poisons the minds of the Malaysian Chinese and encourages their immigration to the island. It is a very unnecessary thing, for the Malaysian Chinese community is well integrated in their country.”

10. I came across an interesting write-up (June 2009) by Matthias Chang in his website futurefastworward, who couldn’t have summed it better: “…the Chinese saw through his (Lee Kuan Yew) devious schemes and rejected emphatically PAP’s politics. Lee Kuan Yew thought he could out-maneuver Tunku and become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But Tunku beat him at his own game and he was expelled from Malaysia. Considering himself to be intellectually superior to Tunku, he could not accept that he was defeated so resoundingly by Tunku. He was devastated. When he announced that Singapore would be separated from Malaysia, he broke down uncontrollably. This was only to be expected as his dreams of being the Overlord of Malaysia, comprising of Peninsula Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah was shattered and he has to be content with being a bully of a city state! Given such a traumatic experience, and possessing a vindictive disposition, it is a given that Lee Kuan Yew would harbour a secret agenda against Malaysia. And over the years, he has sowed and continues to sow discord among the races in Malaysia.”

11. Matthias Chang continued,” It was reported that one of the reasons for his recent visit to Malaysia is to find out how the Chinese are faring in Malaysia. What arrogance.” “Why is there a need for such an elaborate programme – meetings with the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, an audience with the Agong, the Sultan of Perak and more meetings with other political leaders?” “No country is perfect and devoid of problems. We had our fair share, but we are better off without Lee Kuan Yew. “ Well put, Chang!

12. Chang again warns “Malaysians must be vigilant. Lee Kuan Yew cannot be trusted and while Singapore is our neighbour and a member of ASEAN, we must never forget that Singapore has never ceased to dictate terms to Malaysia whenever she perceives Malaysia as being weak. Do not forget the 1997 financial crisis and how Singapore treated us when we were in need.Today, Singapore is reeling under the weight of the global financial tsunami, but Lee Kuan Yew is behaving as if Singapore has a bottomless vault of financial goodies, ever ready to invest in Malaysia as a favour. We don’t need Singapore’s money! Malaysia doesn’t need any favours from Singapore! And Malaysians have no need for a Lee Kuan Yew telling us how to develop our country!”.

13. Last but not least, let me share with you a thought from someone in a website posted in 2008. He wrote, ”Orang Melayu di Malaysia tidak sedar, Singapura adalah diam berisi. Singapura dijaga oleh Amerika dan Israel. Semua komponen tentera Singapura dibeli dan diselenggara sama ada oleh Amerika atau Israel. Mossad sendiri berpangkalan di Singapura. Maka tidaklah hairan Malaysia Today server dia dah relocated di Singapore-based.( Al-Azharri Siddiq/popcorn-km.blogspot).

14. (Constructive) Comments and more facts to share with, anyone?

6. Book. The Israeli Connection:Whom Israel arms and why. Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi. 1988. Page 26. ISBN 1-85043-069-1.


  1. I am uncertain of the connection that you are trying to draw between Israel and Singapore in relation to Malaysia.

    Your point gets diluted and lost somewhere in the piece. Are you suggesting that Sg is a pawn in a zionist conspiracy against the Islamic world, including Malaysia?

    That is quite a preposterous notion.

  2. Because Chinese race is a superior race than a inferior malay race.

    Chinese race vs malay race -


    Skin - malay race is much blacker.

    Brain (IQ) - malay race is much more low.

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    Such truth may know you too who is a malay race.

    All thing is because a malay race is very inferior than a Chinese race.

  3. Aston,
    If you said this 40 years ago maybe what you have write are relevant, but now have you see us Malay race now in 2009 we are totally difference in physical and we are more intelligence compared with 40 years ago (according to your fact. The truth is Singapore is nothing without support by America and Israel...But we Malaysian, are survive on our own feet and this is the fact thet all Singaporean can't accept.

  4. yup totaly agree with you... and today chinese is more inferior than malays... and your IQ is much more lower than both race...

  5. Singapore has never depended on the largesse from Israel and the states.... it is the war cry of an utter loser who in the face of overwhelming facts chooses to distort truth... Malaysia can continue to stand on her own 2 feets no one cares less but dun fer once relate our success to some charities dispensed by others.... we gritted our teeth and werked hard... BUMI policy sounds familiar?

  6. It is an undeniable geopolitical fact that S'pore is surrounded by Malay/Muslim countries. The fact is S'pore used to be a part of M'sia until she was unceremoniously booted out by the Malay extremists who feared that the predominantly Chinese-populated S'pore would one day become a political threat to them. By kicking out S'pore and isolating the tiny island state, the Malays had hoped and expected that S'pore would either come crawling back to beg for re-integration or would simply wither and die off. The Malays were not wrong to hold such an expectation. They were thinking, and anyone would have thought, how is it possible, for an impoverished and barren island that has no natural resources (not even basic survival essentials like water) or a hintherland, survive at all, much less thrive and prosper. But to the nasty surprise of M'sia, that's what exactly she did, with the only one resource that she has : her people. Like a mission impossible, her leaders and her people, through sheer determination, ingenuity and hardwork, made an impossible dream come true. A dream that is a nightmare to the resource-rich M'sian neighbour. Today, this tiny red dot called S'pore is a 1st world and developed nation, and also a globally acknowledged economic, financial, academic and military powerhouse. Her political, military and economic clout that she wields on the international stage is hugely disproportionate to her physical size. S'pore today is the perfect anithesis of what M'sia is and is constant and daily reminder that M'sia in trying to do S'pore in has suffered a crushing and overwhelming defeat. A defeat so humiliating that M'sia to this day and probably perpetually, is still unable to come to terms with, preferring to still harbour the perception that S'pore belongs to them, and that S'pore has to kowtow to their every whim and fancy. S'pore then a weakling did not kowtow, and S'pore now and in future will never kowtow. Every now and then, some M'sian leaders will try to threaten S'pore, at times subtlely, other times directly, but it is mere rhetorics all the time. For they know, if they were to mess with S'pore, what kind of damage S'pore is capable of and ready to inflict on them. S'pore is what she is today not because we had UN to help us or other countries to back us. S'pore has learnt from the Japanese Occupation that in the final analysis, only she herself can and will help herself. When the Japanese came, the Brits fled, leaving S'pore to suffer brutally at the hands of the Japs. So, when independence was suddenly shoved upon us, our leaders had the foresight to build up a strong, credible and effective military, without which, M'sia would have taken back S'pore by force any time the Malays feel like doing. With peace and security, came stability which then attracted foreign investment, and the history. So, readers, please bear in mind this : S'pore does not owe anyone a living, and vice versa. Every dealing that S'pore does, she does so on an equal basis with her national interests as her Number 1 priority.

  7. well said anonymous posting dated may 11, 2010... che det and the anonymous who posted on dec 5, 2009 are obviously delusional.... intelligence is in the genes.... their kind are simply born loser

  8. Interesting read..i am reading this 2013. How on earth did Singapore agreed to a time change of 30 mins forward by a malay prime minister??