Sunday, January 17, 2010

The military take-over of Haiti?

The US government is sending 10000 of troops to Haiti, on the pretext of "humanitarian" relief.
The US military has come to the rescue of an impoverished Nation. What is its Mandate?

Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?

Is there a hidden agenda?

Michel Chossudovsky wrote, "The unspoken mission of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) with headquarters in Miami and US military installations throughout Latin America is to ensure the maintenance of subservient national regimes, namely US proxy governments, committed to the Washington Consensus and the neoliberal policy agenda. "

"While US military personnel will at the outset be actively involved in emergency and disaster relief, this renewed US military presence in Haiti will be used to establish a foothold in the country as well pursue America's strategic and geopolitical objectives in the Caribbean basin, which are largely directed against Cuba and Venezuela.

The US Air Force controls the Haiti airport.
"The US Air Force has taken over air traffic control functions as well as the management of Port au Prince airport. In other words, the US military regulates the flow of emergency aid and relief supplies which are being brought into the country in civilian planes. The US Air Force is not working under the instructions of Haitian Airport officials."

Chossudovsky further concluded:
The militarization of relief operations will weaken the organizational capabilities of Haitians to rebuild and reinstate the institutions of civilian government which have been destroyed. It will also encroach upon the efforts of the international medical teams and civilian relief organisations.

It is absolutely essential that the Haitian people continue to forcefully oppose the presence of foreign troops in their country, particularly in public security operations.

It is essential that Americans across the land forcefully oppose the decision of the Obama adminstration to send US combat troops to Haiti.

There can be no real reconstruction or development under foreign military occupation."


When the earthquake hit, a Haitian doctor opened up his house to injured and homeless. Claude Surena is trying to feed and provide basic medical care to about 150 people camped out in his yard. FOR FULL VIDEO :

Haiti hospital collapsed

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  1. It is essential that the Haitians work with the US military and all others working to save them. It is not an invasion it is a massive effort to help them.