Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Colour Revolution: Non-Military warfare PART 2

The following is a description of the evolution of the so-called "colour revolution".

One could not help but notice the brightly colured T-shirts worn by certain (protest) groups during specific events or gatherings, right here in Malaysia. This phenomenon has surfaced in recent months. Who started it? What is the purpose?

1. The color revolution is traceable to the US-funded strategy of spreading revolutions.

To name a few, “Rose revolution” in Georgia (2003) and “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine (2004). Malaysia is no exception. We have noted the colored T-shirts worn by certain protest groups in recent events in Malaysia- a phenomenon alien to this part of the world.

2. In an article by Stephen Lendman, he mentioned a book. In a new book, "Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order," F. William Engdahl explained a new form of US covert warfare - first played out in Belgrade, Serbia in 2000.

What appeared to be "a spontaneous and genuine political 'movement,' (in fact) was the product of techniques" developed in America over decades.

3. In the 1990s, RAND Corporation strategists developed the concept of "swarming" to explain "communication patterns and movement of" bees and other insects which they applied to military conflict by other means.

4. Milosevic was deposed by a successful high-tech coup that became "the hallmark of the US Defense policies under (Rumsfeld) at the Pentagon." It became the civilian counterpart to his "Revolution in Military Affairs" doctrine using "highly mobile, weaponized small groups directed by 'real time' intelligence and communications."

Belgrade was the prototype for Washington-instigated color revolutions to follow. Some worked. Others failed. A brief account of several follows below.

5. In 2003, Georgia's bloodless "Rose Revolution" replaced Edouard Shevardnadze with Mikhail Saakashvili, a US-installed stooge whom Engdahl calls a "ruthless and corrupt totalitarian who is tied (not only to) NATO (but also) the Israeli military and intelligence establishment."

Shevardnadze became a liability when he began dealing with Russia on energy pipelines and privatizations. Efforts to replace him played out as follows, and note the similarities to events in Iran after claims of electoral fraud.

6. Ukraine's "Orange Revolution" followed a similar pattern to Georgia and now Iran. After Viktor Yanukovych won the November 21, 2004 run-off election against Viktor Yushchenko, it erupted following unsubstantiated claims of fraud.

Yanukovych favored openness to the West but represented a pro-Russian constituency and was cool towards joining NATO.

Washington backed Yushchenko, a former governor of Ukraine's Central Bank whose wife was a US citizen and former official in the Reagan and GHW Bush administrations. He favored NATO and EU membership and waged a campaign with the color orange prominently featured. The media picked up on it and touted his "Orange Revolution" against the country's Moscow-backed old guard. Mass street protests were organized as well as civil disobedience, sit-ins and general strikes.

7. In his book, "Full Spectrum Dominance," Engdahl explained how the process played out. Under the slogan "Pora (It's Time)," people who helped organize Georgia's "Rose Revolution" were brought in to consult "on techniques of non-violent struggle." The Washington-based Rock Creek Creative PR firm was instrumental in branding the "Orange Revolution" around a pro-Yushchenko web site featuring that color theme. The US State Department spent around $20 million dollars to turn Yanukovych's victory into one for Yushchenko with help from the same NGOs behind Georgia's "Rose Revolution" and others.

8. Myanmar's August - September 2007 "Saffron Revolution" used similar tactics as in Georgia and Ukraine but failed. They began with protests led by students and opposition political activists followed by Engdahl's description of "swarming mobs of monks in saffron, Internet blogs, mobile SMS links between protest groups, (and) well-organized (hit-and-run) protest cells which disperse(d) and re-form(ed)."

9. NED and George Soros' Open Society Institute led a campaign for regime change in league with the State Department by its own admission. Engdahl explained that the "State Department....recruited and trained key opposition leaders from numerous anti-government organizations in Myanmar" and ran its "Saffron Revolution" out of the Chaing Mai, Thailand US Consulate.

Street protesters were "recruited and trained, in some cases directly in the US, before being sent back to organize inside Myanmar." NED admitted funding opposition media, including the Democratic Voice of Burma radio.
(from Stephen Lendman )

In summary, the following phenomena are eerily similar to what's happening in Malaysia now.
Similar training tactic? Similar training personnel?

Political opponents ie. DAP and PAS have existed in the past few decades, but we have never witnessed the nature of opposition that we have seen of late:
1. street demonstrations
2. deliberate challenge to the sovereignty of a state
3. deliberate challenge to the sovereignty of a nation
4. deliberate challenge to the position of state Rulers and/ or state leaders
5. deliberate and pre-empted wearing of colored T-shirts ( and head bands) as a mechanism of 'protest'.
6. Use of portal web and portal media to spread half-truths and to spin stories
7. Fabricating stories to 'demonise' leaders of a legally elected government
8. Influencing youths to be in 'protest' groups.

We have much to learn from the non-military warfare methods used in the Balkan states that I metioned above. All this is traceable to the hidden hands @ Washington.

Only when Washington -based groups have vested interest in a nation to usurp its economy, labour or natural resources, will it intervene in subversive ways, using the nation's own people to turn against its own country.

Copycat style events are being organised in our land.
I need not elaborate now who the prime movers are.

More of that later.


  1. Glad to know there are other Malays not 'color' blind.


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  4. We need this kind of info..
    good job

    I can be rest assured that the culprit is none other than Anuar Ibrahim