Monday, August 3, 2009

Portal Media and world agenda

Greetings to all,
I hope to share with those who want to see truth as truth and also want to see the unfolding of propaganda, lies and half-truths in the WORLD TODAY. Malaysia is not spared from this 21st Century New World Order. The proliferation of portal media, NGOs, so-called 'color' revolutions, street demonstartions are but one of the mechanisms. More to follow.

Stay tuned.

The website above analysed the close cooperation between MALAYSIAKINI and CIMA which is part of Zionist pro-Israeli NED, which is based in Washington, USA.

Lihat website ini dan buat analisa sendiri: di mana ada "kekecohan" yang sengaja di ada-adakan, yang melanda se sebuah negara, pasti ada CIA sebagai dalang di dalam agenda itu. Malaysia tidak berkecuali dalam hal ini. CIA-NED-Council Of Foreign Relations ada "proxy" di dalam negara ini sekarang. Utk maklumat lanjut sila email kpd saya. Hanya orang yang BENAR-BENAR ikhlas ingin tahu kebenaran, akan dilayan.

" CIA and The Iranian Experiment"
http://www.israelsh Contributors/ Meyssan.htm

I hope Malays, Muslims in this country will not fall into the trap through disinformation by Steven Gan and certain chosen individuals who were sent, paid and trained by nED to create 'division and chaos' in this country.

If DAP and its alliance takes over the country, Muslims and Malays will be polarised to one corner, like in SINGAPORE. Muslims, beware.

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  1. As-Salam Doc,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..its gud to see more and more ppl beginning to realised dat thr r hidden hands involving in our politics aftr Tun M's era,.. d movement start aftr PLah being blackmailed by US of A due to Kamaluddin's stupidity in making money,..neway jst fer ur reading pleasure do visit dis abandon blog called
    at d bottom of d blog u'll find a video on is an interview by Hesham Telawi wth Michael Tsarion and its about d NWO/Illuminati conquering Asia by 2012.. I have more links if ur interested n cud post here every now and den fer ur perusal,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(,")

    p.s. They r already in also d Letter frm The Globalist on my blog..ciao,..(,")

    1. sorry brotherhood..
      Sadl;y said, I cant access your blog

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  3. How about Foundation For Future that was setup with initial Fund of USD 35M (Handed over by Ms. Rice) headed by our own Bro. Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Guess they needed a Muslim version of Soros's Open Society Institue since they got kicked out from some muslim countries due to medling in their internal affairs.

  4. salam - I am worried by the fact that the faith of the UMMAH are weak and fragile. It's for the fact that what you have out there is simple - hukum rimba. If you're weak(tanpa ilmu)that we (Ummah) will be deprived and maginalised.But how many of us bother to do something - however small it may be- just to make a difference. The western world look so superior because they always wanted to be at the frontier of science and knowledge. Where did we went wrong ?
    Dr.Fatimah (Seksyen 9, BB Bangi)

    1. Sad to say Prof, many Malay intelectuals are trapped in this game..
      We were threatened by some of our lecturers during our years in U , to go against our government .. or else .. u know ..
      Being intelligent but no feel of patriotism and sayang negara is "failed"
      Ilmu tanpa kesedaran juga tak memadai ..

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