Sunday, February 20, 2011

De facto Chief Minister of Penang?

What did Karpal Singh say on his 70TH Birthday in 2010?

Anti Barisan National blogger Susan Loone, proudly described the Birthday bash on Karpal Singh in 2010.

She wrote "..........He also spoke about his close comrade Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng, saying the former was actually “the de facto chief minister of Penang”. ..."
(posted July 19th 2010)

Who runs Penang?
LIM Guat Eng - behind him is LIM Kit Siang- behind Kit Siang is LEE Kuan Yew

The next question is: who actually is the "Menteri Besar" SELANGOR? Is it Khalid Ibrahim, or... those hands handling the strings on this puppet, thus bringing forward their own agenda, piece by piece.

(see the similarity between the above pattern of "governing" a state, and that of the pro-Zionist, pro-Israel Jews within the USA Administration, controlling the USA. As a result, the ordinary American citizens are squeezed and strangulated economically, financially, while the capitalist (minority) pro-Zionist Jews make all the "laws" that will only benefit the latter).

FOR THE LOVE OF MY COUNTRY, I hereby vow and shall continue to pursue and disclose facts coming from a wide range of sources, that will expose individuals, agencies and "NGO's " that have the intention of breaking up a nation, MY NATION.


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  1. Like it or not left or right they are merely actors. Both belong or rather control by Zionist group or cohorts knowingly or ignorantly.