Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egyptian Revolution: Was CIA taken by surprise?

Let me share with you an article by Ramzy Baroud in that appeared just one day before Hosni Mubarak, a staunch ally of US and Israel (some of us call him US puppet) stepped down as President of Egypt of 30 years.

With regards to the Egyptian population''s spontaneous and collective uprising (some might call it "revolution" against the Dictator President, this is what Ramzy had to say:

1. “The much-feted Mossad was taken by surprise,” wrote Uri Avnery.

2. The CIA was too, although US lawmakers are trying to determine “whether the CIA and other spy agencies failed to give President Obama adequate warning of the unfolding crisis in Egypt” (as reported by Greg Miller in the Washington Post, February 4).

3. Senator Dianne Feinstein who heads the Intelligence Committee, accused the intelligence community of ‘lacking” performance.

4. The CIA should have monitored Facebook more closely, she suggested.

5. But there can be no telling when a nation revolts.

6. Most of the chanting multitudes have no Facebook accounts. They don’t tweet either.

7. In Tahrir Square, a man with a moustache, dark skin and handsome features carried a cardboard sign on which he had written, rather hurriedly: “I want to eat. My monthly salary is 267 (Egyptian) pounds – approx $45 – and I have four children.”

8. Just when we were told that a religious strife was about to engulf Egypt, and that the people were subdued to the point that there was no hope, millions of brave Egyptians declared a revolution that brought Muslims and Christians together.

9. The courage and the bravery they displayed is enough to restore our faith in the world - in the human race, and in ourselves.

10. Those who are still wondering if Arabs are capable of this or that need not ponder anymore.

11. Just listen to them roar, and you will find the answer."



Ramzy Baroud ( is an internationally-syndicated columnist and the editor of His latest book is My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza's Untold Story (Pluto Press, London), available on

Ramzy Baroud is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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  1. I have a different opinion. The whole scenario is design and directed the Team from the New World Order. They are the masters of CIA. Don't be fools!