Monday, January 16, 2012

US-funded agitators

I am truly glad BARKINGMAGPIE is very much aware of what is going on.
I have been writing continuously for the past 3 years in my blog to make people realise just what is going on.

Excerpt from his arrticle:
" My Note: My take is if Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is bent on creating chaos and compromising our country's securityjust deal with him without compunction, just take serious actions as the Egyptian authority has taken to curb agent provocateur!......And BTW read the last part of the article which I am also reproducing below....!

"finally, while Egyptians, and indeed the world, must scrutinize NGOs claiming to promote "democray," "freedom," and "human rights," they must likewise scrutinize those whom these NGOs are attacking.

If the forces of "liberal activism" can be so completely hijacked, so can the forces of nationalism.

We must then identify the corporate-financier interests driving this obscene agenda, and not only boycott and entirely replace them, but in the meantime, monitor their interactions not only with these NGOs now confirmed to be frauds, but inroads they may be making in compromising the nationalist forccs they are attacking.

Eternal vigilance is a price we must be willing to pay if freedom is truly something we aspire for."

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