Monday, February 27, 2012

Now It's Johore and the Malay Balachis

Here's an EDITED format from an interesting article from BIGCAT:

1."The latest report that I got was that the Pakatan people are now laying the groundwork to do so in Pengerang, Kota Tinggi.

2. "so, they just push their Malay balachis to do most of the dirty work. See. who said manipulation of racial sentiments is not a consideration among the Pakatan people?

3. "I am not yet sure how they are going to angle their attack. It could be on environment or land matters. Either way, they will try to cook it up to be another national issue like Lynas.

4. "Of course, just like Lynas, they can't stop the project but this is simply to stir up something.

5. "Johor has no real big issue, so this probably will do, so that they can have something to say during their ceramah or an excuse to initiate another publicity-attracting demo like the Lynas one.

6. "They know there is really nothing wrong with the project, but it's creating the negative perception that matter to them.

7. "They would never care that the RM200 billion investment of the project will generate economic growth of more than trillions of ringgit within 15 years.

8. "They would never tell the villagers in Pengerang that by that time, their children will have lots of employment opportunities from the economic growth, and that their children would not have to go far from their hometown to get a good job..."

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