Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ambiga, illegal street demos and drop Malaysians call it

Ambiga the dirty=Bersih organiser:

"People say she is a hot shot lawyer. Really? The way she talks, it sounds like she does not even know what a court injunction is.

Did she understand that the police has a court injunction stopping anyone from entering Dataran Merdeka? She keeps blaming police for firing tear gas and that was why people went wild. Hello aunty, the teargas flew only after Anwar and gang crashed through police barriers.

The trouble with Ambiga was that she got big headed after the success of Bersih 2. She thought she was God’s answer to democracy.

The orginal Bersih organisers were just a bunch of frustrated NGOs trying to be king makers ahead of the general election. They did not have the network or organisation and needed the political parties to help organise the demo and bring out the numbers.

She wanted to use the PR people and she thought she could control them and call the shots. She did not realise that she was dealing with the father of exploitation, Anwar Ibrahim. He used her, he screwed up Bersih 3".

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