Friday, June 29, 2012

Say NO to Air Asia

From Day 1, Tony Fernandes has been manipulating Malaysian laws and law-makers to his advantage; and each time he gets what he wanted, he gets more arrogant and cocky.

The Ministry of International Trade and Industy stopped the deceptive practice of pricing things at “.99” which cheated the rakyat into thinking something was cheaper than it actually was. But AirAsia has been quoting fares at “RM199” all along with impunity. Tony Fernandes has very clever ‘reasons’, but the Malaysian rakyat loses. was financially very successful, and provided Malaysians with affordable and convenient service between West and East Malaysia. This was destroyed because it was threatening AirAsia’s lucrative low-cost monopoly. Tony Fernandes has very clever ‘reasons’, but the Malaysian rakyat loses.

Sepang Aircraft Engineering Sdn. Bhd. spent millions to set up Malaysia’s first bumiputra aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Facility, apparently on ‘certain promise’ that Air Asia would use them. Instead AirAsia signed up with SINGAPORE and both SAE and MAS were left out completely. Huge amounts of ringgit now flow into Singapore. 


  Kita tidak boleh menyekat AirAsia untuk memindahkan ibu pejabatnya ke Jakarta, kerana dalam dunia perniagaan, tidak ada cinta, tidak ada  kasih sayang, tidak ada kesetiaan dan tidak ada nasionalisme. Ini semua adalah idealisme.

"Our cost advantage in Malaysia is eroding as airport changes go up whereas in other countries  they are building low cost teerminal for us," katanya (Tony Fernandes) dan dia tidak pula cerita tentang AirAsia untung  kerana tidak bayar hutang beratus juta ringgit kepada MAHB."

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