Monday, September 24, 2012

Corporate Financier Hegemony and Threat to Nation's Peace

Global corporate financier hegemony is what it is all about, when it comes to the "planned and sponsored" street demonstrations in Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia, certain parts of China, and ........ I dare say.....Malaysia.
(Below is an Abstract from
1. An Obama win in 2012 would allow the West to continue funding terrorists more openly worldwide against the governments of Syria, Iran, and even Russia and China – blaming it all on “Pro-Islam Obama.” 
2. A Romney victory would allow more aggressive, direct military intervention. 
3. Either way, the nations of Syria, Iran, Russia, and China will continue to find themselves in the firing line of both covert and overt foreign military aggression.
4. The overall agenda is global corporate-financier hegemony, the destruction of the nation-state, and the primacy of Wall Street-London dictated “international law” for an “international order” corporate-financier think-tank policy maker Robert Kagan concedes “  serves the needs of the United States and its allies, which constructed it.”
5. By recognizing the singular agenda front-men like Bush, Obama, and Romney cover for, we can expose the corporate-financier special interests truly dictating Western policy.
6. By understanding that it is corporate-financier interests, not politicians, that drive these nefarious, overarching agendas, we can formulate solutions based upon undermining and replacing their power and influence, rather than becoming absorbed in short-sighted political battles that ultimately change only the front-men, not the agenda itself.

**
Now back In the Malaysian scenario, with regards to Ber(shit 3.0) , even a pro-Opposition  Blog had this to say to Anwar, Azmin and co. : " You can fool some people some of the time....…but not all of us, all of the time.

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