Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Malaysiakini the biased and dependent-on-foreign-money Media

About Malaysiakini:

(abstract, taken from stopthelies blog)

1. Stopthelies is now able to expose that CEO Premesh Chandran and the chief editor Steven Gan has a rebellious and anti-establishment record while studying in Australia. 
2. The two were members of the Network of Overseas Students Collective of Australia (NOSCA) and together with these two were Elizabeth Wong and Tian Chua. 
3. The four remains the best of comrades and they returned to Malaysia to continue their anti-government activities.
4. We have evidence to show that they actively carried out anti-Barisan Nasional protests in numerous demostrations. 
5. Premesh joined MTUC for a while before joining The Sun with Premesh but the owner found their anti-government radicalism too much to bear and soon, they set up Malaysiakini. 
6. Malaysiakini is an arm of Pakatan Rakyat, it is that simple.

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