Monday, October 29, 2012

Exposing the Lies and Dis-Information by US corporate media and Government

1. The video is a forum by Activists and independent analysts on the Middle East, to disentangle the lies of the U.S. government and corporate media to destabilize and colonize Syria and Iran.

The video  is a session organised by American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC),.

Ramsey Clark, Former Attorney General, 

Dr. Mazen Adi and Mr. Asaad Ibrahim, Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations, 
Lizzy Phelan, Independent Journalist and broadcaster who has reported from both Libya and Syria during the wars there, 
Ardeshir Ommani, American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC), 
Larry Hales, International Action Center, Ben Becker, ANSWER Coalition, Larry Hales, International Action Center,


Major News Networks & YouTube Caught Lying About "Islamic Riots"

Another video (only 3  minutes) described the lies propagated by US corporate media.

A must-watch clip.

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