Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nepotism in BN? When?


Nepotism in BN?

Chua Soi Lek's son is doing very well in the MCA but I dont think it is due to his father's position or influence. The young man seems to have a talent for facts and figures and is good at 'timing things'. The way he has exposed the Talam land scandal has delivered a painful blow to the Pakatan in Selangor.  However the son is not about to take over MCA from the father. The MCA will decide that - not the father.

After Tun Razak died in 1976, three other Prime Ministers came into office (one of them for 22 years) before his son took over the premiership in 2009.  That is not exactly nepotism.  Hussein Onn died in 1990 - twenty two years ago. And do you think his son can become the PM? The worst case is Tun Dr Mahathir's son Mukhriz who was completely kept out of holding any political office all throughout his father's tenure as Prime Minister. At one session Mukhriz simply said, quite sadly, 'saya menghadapi halangan  untuk memegang sebarang jawatan'.  Dr Mahathir simply did not allow his son to hold political office when he was party president. Now that is a real dictator for you. 

Only now, Mukhriz is learning the ropes in politics and getting started in life. Good luck bro. Do your best. Read my Blog OK.

As for the leaders of BN's component parties does anyone know who is Tun Sambanthan's son? Or VT Manickavasagam's family? What about the children of Tan Siew Sin? What has happened to them?

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