Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tian Chua: send him back to his ancestral country

Tian Chua : who is he? 
Does he have the making of a virtuous leader? I think not.
He's a rogue.

It will be utterly foolish to vote for him and the Alliance that allign with a character like him.

Here is a comment from a reader in a fellow blogger colleague:

"Sad to say Tian Chua is not the problem. It is the rakyat who ignorantly and continue to blindly vote a fellow like him .
"This chap is a lawbreaker not lawmaker.
"During the 1998 reformasi demonstration for DSAI, this is the man who ignored police warning to disburse . He bravely challenged police orders and lied down on the road so that Armoured personnel carrier (APC) will not get through to the demonstrators. The next day, allmajor newspaper had a picture of his gutsy act.
He was a NOBODY until this incident. DSAi certainly saw he can make use of a fellow like that.
"Tian Chua won the Batu Parlimentary seat in 2008 beating Lim Si Pin of Gerakan. Within a year of being make a lawmaker, he bite a policeman’s ear during a scuffle of protest.
"As I see it, he will continue to be a lawbreaker."
"it up to the voters whether you want to be represented by a lawbreaker. That is his trademark."

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