Sunday, March 3, 2013

USA may interfere with Malaysian Democracy through its liaison with the Opposition

1. USA may interfere with Malaysian Democracy through its direct and indirect liaison with the Malaysian Opposition, as it has done arpund the world.

2. The Malaysian Opposition comprises DAP, a socialist, racist political  party with its solid backing and roots arising  from Singaporean PAP; PAS a break-away political faction from United Malays National Organisation, which uses religion of Islam, and uses the word "Islam"  as a pawn to win votes, and PKR, which saw its beginnings and existence through US-backed financing and led  by the family of scandal-hit Anwar Ibrahim.

3. Other countries which are rich in natural resources, but not led by US-friendly leaders, such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Iraq, have been invaded and their riches ploughed by the oil-hungry American elite Foreign policy makers. 

4. A section of the latter openly support and fund the Malaysian Opposition de facto "leader"  Anwar Ibrahim for over 10-15 years.

5. Where war and conquest  have ended, eg. in Egypt and Libya, disgruntled population masses continue to express unhappiness, and are poorer than ever before, despite the self-proclaimed "liberation" whatever that means.

6. The American elite wastes no time.

7. The American government dominated by  pro-Israel policy makers and rich Jewish corporate figures, will take no risk. Therefore, they make friends with both sides of the political divide, wherever possible.

8. For example, American-initiated foreign media-mediated incitement of hatred towards current US-hostile (but not necessarily oppressive) governments led to un-democratic and violence-centred toppling of governments (Libya, Egypt).

9. But when the uprising backfires and the same people express deep discontent towards the new (US-backed ) regime, the US-led delegation would quickly make a U-turn and  show support for the 'new Opposition', as shown by yesterday's US John Kerry's meeting with the latter in Egypt.

10. In Syria, Syrian people have led a peaceful life for centuries. 

11. Malaysian and countless foreign students have peacefully studied and lived in Damascus and elsewhere in Syria, until the US-backed media gradually and systematically incite hatred towards Bashah's government and create instability, murder and havoc. 

12. Bashah is anti-US, and defends the countries oil assets against foreign onslaught. So did Libya's Gaddafi.

13. Syria is rich in oil, but it is not US-friendly.

14. So, the only way to create chaos is to distort stories, provide mis-information to the world media, and  incite hatred among the gullible social-media, Facebook-reading youths to create the wave of dissatisfaction over a period of time.

15. The other approach to expedite the fall of a US-unfriendly ruler is to provide weapons to the Opposition in Syria. This clearly contravenes the universal law. 

16. The US government clearly interferes with the internal affairs of a country.

17. NED is part of the American pro-Israel, pro AIPAC  arm which sponsors Opposition factions around the world with training and financial support -to the local people- with one single purpose, i.e. to replace any ruler (that the Israel-controlled USA dislikes) with  a puppet regime.

PKR, dominated by the family and cronies of Anwar Ibrahim has received training, order, insructions and financial backing  from the USA, via indirect means and various agencies, in the guise of "non-governmental organisations"  or "NGO".

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