Monday, March 11, 2013

AIDC has been hacked? So much for democracy from anti-BN agents

syed comments: 
The superblog AIDC has obviously been hacked. I tried getting to the Blog but it goes blank.

An sms to some people confirmed that they have been hacked.

Dr Mahathir's Blog Che Det has been hacked so many times. 

That is why I said if the Pakatan takes over, democracy will die in this country. 

They dont believe in freedom of speech. 

They issue gag orders against their own people. 

They sue people in Court to shut them up. 

And they hack websites to prevent people from talking. (Takkan UMNO hacked AIDC Blog? Dont be stupid)

I get their cybertroopers coming to my Blog. Some may be based on the 1st floor of the  former Wenworth Hotel in Pudu. 
Yes guys - we are watching you too. Be cool now.  Most are the regular run of the mill dumb @$$e$. They all work for money so quality is very subjective. 

Here is a lesson guys - the spin has more oomph when you tell the truth. When you have the truth, then you spin it, mesti ada extra kick.

But when you have rubbish and then you try to spin, it falls flat twice. 

Let me give you an example. Pi Bala has suffered a heart attack. 

Hence poor Bala sudah ditimpa Bala. 

But that CheguBard fellow has said that Bala's heart attack was due to black magic. Bala kena sihir. This is crap.

If Bala kena sihir or black magic, then why did they take him to the hospital (SJMC and IJN)? 

Why not just take him to see the bomoh?  Chegu Bard hang ni bodoh ke? Kalau lah dah kena sihir, takkan nak bawa pi jumpa doktor hospital untuk mengubat sihir?

Kan lebih elok pi jumpa ulama jin malaun Malaysia? You know that guy in Bangi who is a top cat in PAS. Entah apa Jin ke apanama dia? Go and see him lah. Dia boleh cure heart attack Bala yang sudah kena sihir.

The IJN and SJMC specialists cannot chase away hantu lah. (Maybe SJMC can - what with Virgin Mary on the window and all.)

So when you spin falsehood, dia kurang oomph. Unless you are botak. Kalau botak, then it is different.

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