Thursday, March 15, 2012


1. Anti-Lynas campaigns are funded by foreign agents?
"According to a source, the protest against the rare earth factory in Gebeng, Kuantan is controlled by outsiders with the motive of controlling the economy and to monopolize the rare earth material for the international market.

Rare earth material is known to be a vital material in the electronic industry especially in producing materials such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Helicopter blades, mobile phones, wind turbines and others.

According to the economic data, a big part of rare earth material is imported from China to fulfill 90% to 97% of the electronic industry demand around the world which is now growing rapidly.

The source also explained that transfer of funds in value of millions of US dollars were transferred at least twice to establish these big protests on the rare earth plant project owned by Lynas."

2. The irony is, pro-Pakatan Rakyat portal media reporters/writers themselves support the idea of killing of someone's political career (of the same team, mind you) if the latter upholds TRUTH over and above the agenda of the political party itself. Conclusion: Truth amd Pakatan Rakyat do not mix. I hope voters in PRU13 can appreciate this fundamental element.

3. "Memandangkan tindakan Che Rosli telah menyebabkan PR kerugian besar dari segi modal politik dan mungkin juga kehilangan begitu banyak undi, maka laman Suara PR merasakan wajar sekiranya riwayat politik Che Rosli ini ditamatkan sahaja dengan seberapa segera"
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4. Not many citizens actually sit down and go through the facts of the matter. Indeed, very few. The facts abotu Lynas are explained succinctly in the following blogsite: ( "

5. Dr Che Rosli, a nuclear scientist and a lecturer, reaffirmed the safety of Lynas and would not be drawn into a debate with Fuziah.His statements were quoted in MOLE.MY
THE MOLE quoted thus:
"Dr Che Rosli on the other hand has been firm in his view that Lynas was safe and that it should be allowed to continue as long as the company adhered to the stringent guidelines set by the authorities.

However, Dr Che Rosli played down the possibilities of having a debate with Fuziah, fearing that the issue will be politicised..

“Let her debate with the Atomic Energy Licensing Board instead. I don’t want to prolong the issue nor do I want it to be politicised,” the former head of Nuclear Science Department for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia said.

In August last year Dr Che Rosli had criticised PKR and Pas’ news letter Harakah for misleading reports on Lynas."

6.GERAKAN ANTI-PKR blogsite aptly described the rationale behind an unusual number of chinese "protesters" in the Anti-Lynas campaign. Read (

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