Friday, March 16, 2012

The Western subversion on Syria

The Western meddling into the Syrian territories through its demonising of the rulers in the Western mainstream media,only proves the hypocrisy of the West in its co-called call for democracy.

Below is part of an article taken from GLOBALRESEARCH.CA

1. "..the Western governments and mainstream media studiously promote a deceptive fiction that the Syrian state is acting unilaterally, barbarically and criminally against its own people.

2. The increasingly threadbare narrative maintains that Western governments and military are not involved in the Syrian conflict. Indeed, the Western mainstream media continue to report that Western governments are “opposed to arming Syrian rebels” and that they are anguishing over whether to intervene or not.

3. This media also peddle the absurd claim that Arab states are “considering” supplying weapons to the supposed Syrian rebels when the latter are already armed to teeth by Arab Sunni monarchs who are salivating at the chance to take down a Shia/Alawite “enemy”.

4. Despite the mainstream media’s self-serving smokescreen, the fact is that the Western governments have been calculating for years on the subversion of Syria from within.

5. For the past 12 months, their plans for regime change in Damascus have gone into overdrive with clandestine, criminal military action on the ground and using Arab and Israeli proxies as conduits for weapons.

6. The latest leak from the Pentagon’s favourite private-sector think-tank, Stratfor, is just one more proof of an already established fact on the ground."


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