Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rafizi Ramly saga : stooping so low towards character assasination

Looking at the players involved in this drama it is clear that the actions of Mr. Rafizi and the people coming to his defence are clear examples of manipulation of the letters of the law to suit one’s political agenda.

Their loose interpretation of the term “whistleblower” is clearly used as a tool to attack and ridicule the effort and good intention of the Government in introducing Act 711 in the first place.

Mr. Rafizi’s conduct is a pure case of character assassination as he would stoop to despicable means to obtain information in order to taint the reputation and good name of certain individuals or his political rivals.

The action of the people coming to his defence in claiming that he is a whistleblower who is being victimized for being a member of the Opposition, despite knowing that he did not come with clean hands is also aclear case of manipulating and distorting the provisions of the law to confuse and influence the public, or rather, pretending to be ignorant of the letters the law or just plain stupidity on their part.

The conduct and attitude of the Opposition is shameful, irresponsible and contemptuous towards the spirit of the Act, and it would be a shame for them to seek protection under this Act when it is appallingly clear that goodwill and betterment of the nation was the last thing they had in mind when making such claims.

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  1. why bother to go thru whistleblower act when many rakyat does not believe in our judicial system now esp involving malaysian governement. look what happen to imam hoslan of kampung pandan mosque ..
    he was put in jail for expose and make report about corruption among the pegawai masjid.