Saturday, August 25, 2012

Malay Unity: It's time and the time is NOW

What's wrong with MALAY UNITY?

Malay unity will give STRENGTH to both the Malays (who are, to this day, still economically disadvantaged in HIS OWN land), and even greater strength to the Muslim faith in Malaysia.

I speak for all those silent majority out there who are too cowardly to speak up against the LOUD minority "Opposition" people which also control scores of alternative and social media (talking of "no freedom of speech in Malaysia"?) and who are generously funded by foreign organisations (part of the New World Order).

I speak up for all  the silent majority  of Malaysians who voted BN (BARISAN NASIONAL- AN ALLIANCE OF MANY PARTIES) again in PRU12 in 2008,  to lead the country, in peace, prosperity and harmony. 

Anwar Ibrahim talks  a lot; undeniably rivetting to listen and seemingly awesome on the surface, but when one goes back and analyse word for word, the "facts" that he made, it's ALL crap.

There are still people who are influenced by him. They never fail to amaze me. C'mon folks, wake up.

Most of the pioneers of PKR have left him.
Listen to what they have to say. And judge for yourself.

The many portal media and scores of other alternative media are merely his TOOLS. Don't fall for it.

Still cannot see?


  1. malaysia in need of new government.
    put anwar aside, malaysia still need new government.

  2. What to do? This is why the Malays have a saying, marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar.