Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's have more Volunteers

More volunteers amongst you isn't going to hurt.
Let's bring the kindness out of you.
By reaching out to those less fortunate than you, and going to 'ground-zero' of disaster or war-torn zones, one can only come back home (Malaysia) with a totally new insight, and some soul-searching.

That's the moment one will be glad to be a Malaysian.

Wanting to create chaos and havoc in your own country, -like BERSIH (a.k.a BER-SHIT) will be the last thing on your mind.

And there's no denying that Malaysia today, cannot be more peaceful than we hope, with the good governance, and good administrative policies that kept the different races in harmony, and which helped create a majority of middle-class population.

Peace ..lately..has been taken for granted by Malaysians.

Let's travel to Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Lebanon,  Pakistan, Indonesia, . ..war-torn, disaster-prone, and observe the huge gap between the super-rich and the destitute-poor, and
few middle-class   (compare this  with Malaysia and its 55years of 'Merdeka' initiated by the National Alliance (a.k.a.  BN ).

Let's travel to the "seemingly modern world"- USA, UK, France, Greece...only to find that their unemployment rate is high, racial discrimination exists,  religious discrimination exists,  the capitalist (minority) elites monopolise and control their nation's economy, free sex is rampant, intentional abortion is common, rapes and murders are rampant, divorce rates are high, ghettos exist (not seen by you tourists).

So, before the pro-Opposition supporters out there resume their next plan to create havoc in the City of Kuala Lumpur, or before they vote out the current Government (which kept the country together to ensure YOUR peaceful life), let's go out and do some Volunteer work.  and get our hands dirty, and cleanse our souls.

Our visit to a Palestinian refugee Camp in BEIRUT  (2006)

My trip with fellow mates - under the flagship of AMAN MALAYSIA (Peace for Malaysia,NGO) In Lebanon, immediately after the ISRAEL-HEZBOLLAH/Lebanon  WAR  @2006. Our team set up clinic in TYRE, South Lebanon, which borders with Occupied Palestine (a.k. a. Israel)

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