Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zeti Aziz No Nonsense lady gentle yet firm

The Bank Negara was never known to be an institution easily manipulated by politicians in power....except of course for that brief period in the late 90s when Anwar Ibrahim was the finance minister. Well, there was that question about the RM3 billion secret piggy bank, remember?

As it was, when the whole jig was up with Anwar's arrest at that time, the whole thing collapsed. And when Dr Mahathir instituted the monetry control policies to save the country, the then Bank Negara governor resigned, citing his lack of confidence with what the handsome old man was doing.

That's when Zeti Akhtar Aziz took over and without much fuss set things in order.The whole plan of Dr Mahathir worked out brilliantly and Malaysia as we know it then stays as it was, fine and dandy.

Zeti has since developed a reputation of being a super efficient iron lady of Bank Negara.

And today putting aside potential political backlash, Zeti and her people moved in to arrest PKR's wonderboy strategist extraordinare Rafizi. 

The law is the law, and if you break it for your political gains, then you have to pay for it. We can't afford to have people running around breaking Bafia without any action taken.


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