Monday, June 10, 2013

Lies and lies to seize Libya from Gadafi...Part 1 (Jean Bricmont researches)

Libya was seized by unlawful "government", supported and funded by the USA-Israel alliance.

The unlawful "government" was called Libyan Transitional Council"  (LTC). 

To understand the complexity of the events, and within that, the "Arab Spring", one needs to study, understand and appreciate  the agenda of the Hidden Hands (Zionist Israel ) that plan the events and propagate the media propaganda.

But first, let us know the people who have done and are still doing, exhaustive research in exposing the   lies behind the American-sponsored propaganda  to seize Libya (read : OIL and Libyan wealth) and demonise Muammar Gadafi?

There are many such unsung heroes. 

Heroes,  both Muslims and non-Muslims, who research, read, and spread the truth on what actually happened, who have one thing in common, and that is, to expose the lies put forth by America and its ally, Zionist-Israel, in their quest to control the Middle East.

With little or no funding from giant corporations.

It is not about Gaddafi.

It is about OIL .

IT is about Israel's desire to  REMOVE  the Islamic threat from "recalcitrant" Muslim  leaders who oppose the existence of Israel, in that volatile region called Middle East.

It is sad to see that some of the world's spectators, including Muslims themselves, were deceived; they were made  to believe that "Libya must be liberated" therefore, USA must support the Opposition (LTC) until the leadership of Gadafi was replaced by USA's puppet regime.

In my next blog, I shall talk about activists who dedicate much time to expose those lies by US-Israel.

U-TUBE/video (French)

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