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Lion Air's Malindo Airways is challenging Air Asia

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When will Tony Fernandez learn how to respect human rights? What goes around will come around!!!
The Lion Air is determined to compete head to head fiercely with Air Asia as long as Tony Fernandez is in the group CEO for AirAsia. Soon, there will be other LCCs in Japan and Korea that will set up to challenge AirAsia Japan and Korea. 
This isn’t an innuendo but a fact that Tony Fernandez has to face when dealing with human rights.
A group of human rights activists have vowed to keep their eyes on Tony Fernandez wherever he goes and wherever he’s bolting off.
Malaysiaairlinesfamilies welcomes Malindo Airways to give AirAsia the run for their money. The malaysians mentality is always on the edge of experimenting a new ambience with a bit of touch in services. Unlike AirAsia, it has many agendas of which one is to hide charges until everyone who had flown with AirAsia would have known flying with Malaysia Airlines is so much cheaper than flying with AirAsia but wouldn’t that be too late to realize that your money was not wised-spent?
Well…Malaysians now do not have to worry much about this because a group of human rights activists are monitoring AirAsia’s fraud and hidden charges and in the future, we won’t be seeing AirAsia again so long Tony Fernandez is still the group CEO. Those of you who are still holding AirAsia shares should consider quickly to dump it or regret later for keeping it.
In fact, we have also found out Tony Fernandez has very difficult moment to breathe in and get aroused during his playboy time at night (all the time since the forming of Malindo Airways) owing to the facts that the world is now keeping a closer observation on Tony Fernandez’s bolting movement. Malinda Airways is getting ready to compete in May 2013
To Malindo Airways, please do what is right but do spare for Malaysia Airlines workers who are merely earning a decent living with MAS.

The Lion Air is challenging AirAsia – Bloombergs

PT Lion Mentari Airlines will set up a low-cost carrier in Malaysia, challenging AirAsia Bhd. (AIRA), the region’s biggest discounter, in its home market.
Malindo Airways will begin flights in May and may have about 100 planes within a decade, Ahmad Johan, president of National Aerospace & Defense Industries Sdn., told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today. National Aerospace will own 51 percent of the new airline, with Indonesia-based Lion Air holding the rest.
The carrier pits Boeing Co. (BA)’s record customer against the biggest buyer of Airbus SAS narrow-body planes as Lion Air and AirAsia compete for budget travelers in Asia. The region’s total air-travel may grow 6.4 percent a year through 2031 because of economic growth, according to Boeing.
“We are looking at selling tickets at AirAsia’s pricing or may be lower,” Lion Air President Director Rusdi Kirana said today. Malindo Air plans to fly to countries including Thailand, China, India, Japan and Australia, besides offering services within Indonesia and Malaysia, he said.
Lion Air signed a record order for 230 Boeing 737s in February, which was worth $22.4 billion at list prices. The deal, which also included 150 options, was Boeing’s biggest in terms of dollar value and plane numbers. The carrier flies to more than 36 destinations within Indonesia and overseas, according to its website.

100 Planes

The airline has forecast passenger growth rates of 15 percent a year as it adds more planes. Its fleet may expand to 470 planes by 2025, Kirana said in November. The carrier has 100 planes now. Malindo Air will draw its fleet from planes Lion Air Group has ordered, including the 787s for possible Europe flights, Kirana said today.
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