Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Malaysia's good governance reach out to the Under-privileged

1. If BARISAN NASIONAL led by UMNO had not led the nation through good governance and fair policies for the economically -disadvantaged groups, this nation would have now seen a HUGE gap between the poor and the rich.

2. What you see now in Malaysia, is that  the median population, ie the majority of the urban and suburban population comprise MIDDLE-INCOME group.

3. Still cannot appreciate the spirit of it all?  Still critical of things around you?

4. Then I invite you to join me as a VOLUNTEER and come along with me, to go to all the far corners of the earth, help the under-privileged, help the poor, help those inflicted with catastrophes, willing to get your hands dirty, willing to survive on whatever the organising team can offer; willing to stay at any place, even on  the bare floor, willing to accept  any meals offered; willing to cooperate in challenging situations; and best of all........expecting NOTHING (worldly ) in return.


You will come home….. a different person.

We medical volunteers posing happily after a whole day's duty at Orang Asli Settlement in Perak

Orang Asli kids 

Let's bring along the youth into the Volunteer culture. Start with our own children to build a caring society.

4WD vehicle is used to reach the deep interior of the settlement, 1 hour from the main roads.

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