Monday, November 19, 2012

Malaysian Opposition Parties do not walk the talk

The PM Wannabe?
You reall need to know your “PM a.k.a. de facto Pakatan Rakyat chief “, okay.

QUOTATION FROM : The ‘I’ Files, pseudonymous author Jonathan Smith
“Anwar, Smith wrote, was a man “who so believed in the power of his foreign backers and his carefully-crafted image that he believed street protests would bring down Mahathir Mohamad as they had the Indonesian dictator Suharto, a miscalculation of both Indonesia’s political culture and Malaysia’s”.

Smith said foreign reporters served as Anwar’s “most fervent and gullible audience”, fed a steady stream of statements and updates by the best public relations people money could buy.

“Whatever else may be said of Anwar Ibrahim, he pays for the best public relations experts, and he gets them,” Smith said.

Even while in prison, Anwar was able to co-ordinate his public relations and financial teams (“a spectacular feat given the government’s surveillance of his correspondence,” Smith said), and was able to get around doors closed to him in the local press thanks to the creation of several websites which had a “slavish devotion to Anwar’s gospel”.

As for Anwar’s “money machine”, Smith said that in spite of a crackdown on Anwar’s finances, he managed to retain plenty of financial support. “…

My comments:
Cronyism, nepotism, dictatorship and / or corruption……are alive and well in DAP, PKR and PAS. (the imminent fall of DAP Selangor). (PR double standard)

"....Gerakan legal and human rights bureau chief Baljit Singh resurrected the controversial sale of 0.45 ha Taman Manggis land that had been set aside for low-cost housing. Baljit said the land was quietly sold off to developers without the state assembly or the public being told."

So much talk about Penang's transparency.. Guan Eng does not walk the talk. Do you trust this guy?

Go read yourself the full articles
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