Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Petraeus resigns after extramarital affair was discovered ; Malaysian Opposition just deny


Syedoutsidethebox has this to say about the sorry state of affairs of the self-appointed "Anugerah Tuhan" PM-wannabe and his gang.....compared to' negara KAPIR' the USA...even 'negara Kapir' pun ada moral standing.

My comment:
Petraeus  resigned  after his  extra-marital affair was discovered; but  Malaysian Opposition leaders (despite the evidence for the world to see) will just deny and deny; and lie..and will pretend nothing happened, and keep appearing in public without any feeling of remorse nor shame, and point finger at others. Shame is not in their vocabulary. Even non-Muslim leaders in non-muslim nations know when to quit.

Have fun reading, whilst seeing the raw truth in his comments..

(edited for brevity).
Title: When The Pants Are Down

  • CIA Director David Petraeus quits: extramarital affair
  • four-star general in charge of military in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • resigned as director of CIA, admitting to extramarital affair.
  • affair discovered during FBI investigation
  • affair with his biographer and reserve Army officer Paula Broadwell
  • FBI discovered relationship by monitoring Petraeus' emails
  • "Such behavior unacceptable, as husband and leader of organization."

  • It is obvious that Petraeus resigned only after the FBI discovered the affair and found out that he had compromised security by giving Paula Broadwell access to his private emails. What a stupid thing to do for a four star general and director of the CIA.  
  • The US Code of Military Conduct also prohibits its military officers from having extra marital affairs.
  • Despite being a 'negara kafir' the Americans do not condone extra marital affairs or adulterous behaviour by their ranking Government officials and politicians. 
  •  So it looks like they have some standards - even until today in the 21st century.
  • In very big contrast in Malaysia, where we think we are a "negara Islam" the public's values are often the other way around. 

  • Here when the Islamic party's leaders are caught for khalwat in a hotel room with a married woman, they say it is ok. They let him off on a "technicality". No one has figured out what was that technicality.  No one resigned. Instead they elected him the No. 2 leader in their party.  Really, truth is stranger than fiction.

  • When another 'pemimpin Islam' was caught on video with a Chinese girl younger than his daughter, again they said it was a conspiracy. The Police obtained confirmation from two independent forensic video labs that the video tape was genuine yet their supporters kept shouting 'allahu akbar' and went about their farting.  No one resigned. They even gave him a new title 'anugerah' entah ape.  

  • It would appear that a kafir country like the US still sets higher moral standards at least for its politicians and public officials  than a wannabe 'Islamic country' like ours. 

  • The only time a Malaysian politician was caught on tape and resigned from his Government position was Chua Soi Lek who is not a Muslim.  After that video came to light, he immediately owned up and resigned from all his posts, especially his post as a Minister in the Cabinet.
  •  And until today, he is still NOT in Government. His party elected him back  as the president but that is his party, it is NOT the Gomen.

  • So rupanya even in 'wannabe Islamic' Malaysia, the non Muslim kafir politicians have better sense of owning up to their mistakes than the 'pemimpin Islam' kepala hotak fellows.

  • Not only do they refuse to resign their posts but they also deny that they have been caught in the act. Their pants are down - the whole world can see that. Yet they say, its not me, its buncit, it is a conspiracy, bla bla. And the supporters say 'allahu akbar'. This is a very, very sick society. 

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