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Lynas, Molycorp and China in a 3-way fight for Rare Earth Dominance in the Global Market

I came across a blog-forum, below are comments from a reader commenting at; here goes:

"So you rather trust those who implies Lynas is a nuclear reactor? It's like trusting someone saying your Kancil is a Rolls Royce."

"We wanted things based on proper science, like radiation, as practiced by all the advanced nations like USA, Australia, Canada, Japan etc. For Malaysia to be advanced, we too must use proper science and not the fake science used by Anti-Lynas and misleading science by Pakatan. You on the other hand, do not want to use science or even attempt to understand science (this is exactly what Lim Guan Eng is doing, he doesn't even want to give Lynas a chance to explain the situation and proper was in the news and can show you the link if you want). You want Malaysia to remain backward and ignorant and scared of the radiation ghost story.

 People like you don't even know that there are radiation in Banana and we human body also emit radiation. Again, can show link if you wanted it.

"While Pakatan has done many things right and BN many things wrong in the past. But on Lynas, my vote goes to BN because she is more right than wrong compared to Pakatan. 

At the very least, BN did invite United Nation's International Atomic Energy Agency to come in to conduct a proper report on Lynas and this is a report I never heard Anti-Lynas or Pakatan mentioning. And organized public forum by international experts to explain Lynas but guess what, nobody from Anti-Lynas or Pakatan bothered to attend and that raise questions about their true intention.

" So my conclusion is, Anti-Lynas/Pakatan do not want to know about IAEA and prefers repeating "Lynas or nuclear reactor" or "world largest radiation dump" rubbish when IAEA said those things are not even subjected to special handling. Go figure."

"What do you call people who don't even know there is such a thing called background radiation? And implying Lynas is Fukushima? 
And there are plenty of people believing those who failed their secondary school science. 

The fact is, nothing is perfect and IAEA are certainly also not perfect. 
Life is simply a choice of choosing which is RELATIVELY more perfect than the others. Between IAEA and those who deny the existence of background radiation, who would you pick?"...   (#1)

WHY ANTI-LYNAS IS PROTESTING AND POLITICISING about LYNAS in MALAYSIA ? Suddenly they "care" about 'folks living in Pahang'? 

The Hidden is a global agenda...nothing to do with "protecting the community of Gebeng, Pahang". The casual follower won't notice the agenda. The non-Pahang, non-Gebeng, anti-Lynas protesters driving into Pahang to have noisy not care a hoot about the local folks. This is really about the bigger agenda of ..protecting the Chinese dominance of the rare earth export industry.

1. In one article the author wrote:
Minister of Mines and Petroleum of Western Australia Norman Moore said he could understand that Lynas Corporation Ltd (Lynas) had its own reasons for having its rare earth processing plant in Malaysia as Australia itself was a high-cost country in terms of manufacturing and downstream processing. (#2)

2. China’s manipulation of the rare earth element market has led to yet a new chapter in the industry.(#3)
a. Two of the world’s largest end-users of rare earth elements are fighting back against the Chinese by entering agreements with two of the largest miners outside of China.
Siemens AG (NYSE: SI) recently entered an agreement with Australia’s Lynas Corporation to provide neodymium for magnets. 
Hitachi Metals, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. (NYSE: HIT), has entered a three-year agreement with Molycorp (NYSE: MCP).
Molycorp will provide Hitachi Metals with rare earths, including didymium (a mix of neodymium and praseodymium) metal and alloy, as well as lanthanum oxide. (#3)

b. Lynas Corporation owns the Mount Weld mine in Australia. It’s said to have some of the richest deposits of rare earth elements in the world. It became operational on August 4 and should become fully operational next year. It’ll have three phases of production, and it’s expected to be the biggest challenge to China’s rare earth dominance:. 

c. These end-users should benefit from better access and cheaper materials.

d. China has been imposing tariffs and quotas on its rare earth exports for several years, curtailing global supplies and forcing prices to rise eightfold to fortyfold during that period for the various 17 rare earth elements.

e. China produces nearly 95 percent of the world’s rare earth materials, and it is taking the steps to improve pollution controls in a notoriously toxic mining and processing industry.

f. Rare earths... are vital for green-energy products including giant wind turbines, hybrid gasoline-electric cars and compact fluorescent bulbs.(#4)

It is all about money and global market competition, okay.
Anti-Lynas folks want you to believe it is "radiation" they are protecting you from. 

(#1)   -

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