Monday, December 17, 2012

Nobody stands up to protest against the soaring property prices set by property developers?

Dina Zaman wrote in an anti-BN blog "hornbill unleashed":

“How illogical is it that the only new landed properties available now within the suburbs are superlinks, semi-detached homes and bungalows with prices that start at above RM1.5 million? What happened to plain old terrace homes?

“And what is even more ridiculous is that existing landed properties, even run-down terrace homes in Subang Jaya can sell for RM700,000-800,000, in Bandar Utama for RM800,000-RM1 million and in Mutiara Damansara for RM1.2 million?” -end quote.

My comment-
The soaring price of properties has NOTHING TO DO with BARISAN NASIONAL government.

That is my first message that must be understood by all.

The soaring price of properties is because-
1. the society nurtures a capitalist culture and mentality, especially in the big cities, such as Kuala Lumpur metropolis. This mentality started right from the early days when chinese immigrants and traders arrived on the shores of Tanah Melayu (Malaya).

2. the property developers push up the prices in certain popular areas of the cities. This is well known to all.

3. The top earners in the country are developers. You know who they are; and they are non-Muslims.

4. Some people are "noisy" when it comes to condemning the ruling government of the day; but clearly (and selectively) silent on the ridiculous prices of properties; this phenomenon has been going on for years!

Enormous profits are reaped by the developers (the owners, I mean), who bring the price up like crazy, that the majority of city-dwellers suffer for 10-20 years to come…having to pay their bank loans with their monthly income.

Petrol price, sugar price, rice price, nasi lemak price, car price,…all of those are peanuts compared to the huge amount of their salary that goes to paying their housing loan.

5. By right, the likes of Dina Zaman should go to the streets and wave all your protest banners against the rich fat developers;and perform all those loud street demonstrations (and kick every police car in sight) against the very rich developers who decide what your property value should be, and who rip you off in broad daylight.

Sand, land, cement, wood, labour costs (most being labourers are from 3rd world countries who earn a pittance yet working long hours to build the property)……can’t be ridiculously expensive.


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  1. Hi

    Please come to Sarawak. Talk to regular developers( not the cronies developers, cronies developers are a dime a dozen in Malaysia) and insiders at Land and Survey. You will be amazed at what/who affects the price of sands and gravel.
    And how about all these virgin land that became plantation and became housing estate ? Who owns that ?