Thursday, December 6, 2012

PAS-led Kelantan : 20-year rule: PAS re-visited

Yes, it is time to do re-appraisal of PAS-led Kelantan, touted as "Serambi Mekah"...or, is it?

The time for re-appraisal is NOW.

The rakyat of Malaysia, should make a rational ( yet factual) re-evaluation of the much acclaimed "Islamic" state of Kelantan.

The "Islamic" state of Kelantan has been  'ruled and governed' by PAS for 20 years.

PAS is  a self-proclaimed "Islamic political party". It has the holier-than-thou mentality that IT is the  ONLY Islamic political party the world over, and that it rules the only state which is Islamic, and that not voting for PAS, means you are against Islam.

Now, since when did a political party become religion ?

If you do not vote for PAS, you are a lost soul, PAS leadership claims.

PAS spiritual leader (I do not have to name names) in his prayer (doa) curses fellow Muslim brothers, and conveys to his followers how "cruel" (Malaysian government/ UMNO) is, given the wrongdoings (of people)  now..adultery, killing, etc..

Okay. now, If PAS is so Islamic, and that  'non-PAS' political parties  are NO good, then please read the following facts:

1. HIV cases in Kelantan:
State Health, Family and Women Development Committee chairperson Wan Ubaidah Omar said there were 616 new HIV cases in 2009, which was the highest recorded in the country. Sixteen per cent of the 616 were women, of whom 40 per cent were housewives.

"These women are innocent and were surely infected by their husbands," she said during a break of the Kelantan state assembly session Thursday.

Wan Ubaidah advised men, especially husbands, not to frequent prostitutes and for young married men to refrain from sex out of wedlock.

Concluding her speech during the debate later, Wan Ubaidah urged all assembly members to assist the government in educating their constituents on the dangers of drug abuse and promiscuous sex.

Media reports on September 16 stated that Kelantan had the highest number of HIV and AIDS cases in the country last year.

Health Ministry statistics revealed that 28.8 out of every 100,000 Kelantanese have been infected by the incurable disease. -- Bernama

2. Rape cases
Apart from having the highest rate of HIV cases, they also boast having one of the highest rape cases among teenagers. 
Kes jenayah rogol di Kelantan khususnya membabitkan golongan kanak-kanak bawah umur semakin membimbangkan apabila negeri itu mencatatkan peningkatan 25 peratus atau 313 kes tahun lepas.-Bernama (Jan 2010)

3. Police records reveal there has been a drastic increase in the number of rape and incest cases since early this year especially in rural areas.
Kelantan Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Mazlan Lazim said police recorded 205 rape cases between January and Tuesday and had detained 164 people.
-NST, Sept 3rd, 2009

4. Juvenile cases:
There is also a rise in juvenile cases, where children even though being said to have been brought up in an Islamic environment, somehow fails to shape these people up.

  • July 15, 2012 — Many parents in Kelantan failed to report juvenile offences involving their children to protect the family name said Kelantan police chief Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman 
  • the crime rate among teenagers was at a worrying level 
  • "many juvenile cases such as rape, incest and theft in the family unreported to ‘save face’ ” 

If Kelantan, being the most "religious" of all governments, as it claims itself  to be, is incapable of handling its own people and the crimes they commit, and incapable of generating economy and create jobs for its own people- most of whom look for jobs outside the state- then its leader  and its ruling political party is hypocritical, when it comes to cursing others and believing that it can govern a whole nation.

Sedar lah sikit.

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