Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rafizi Ramli: Lies and Distortions to gain political mileage

The lies, distortions and misrepresentations of Rafizi Ramli (Part 2)

The Almighty has His ways. The truth will prevail. And the guilty shall face His retribution.

Rafizi Ramli has an amazing zeal to see to the downfall of the current government. It has been expose after expose. And whichever way he does it, whether legitimate or illegitimate, straight or crooked, does not seem to matter. He dismissed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s rationale that charging him over the BAFIA contraventions had been necessary as he had not gone through the proper channels with his revelations. 

Well, even if Rafizi did go through the proper channels, the confidential bank documents would not show any wrongdoing by NFCorp or its directors. The purported loans on eight KL Eco City Properties never existed. What Rafizi had in hand in violation of BAFIA are loan summaries and personal accounts unrelated to NFCorp. They were personal loans taken in 2005, years before NFCorp was established, and in 2008, years before KL Eco City went on sale in 2011. In the next episode, this writer will provide evidence of bank correspondence dated 4 January 2012 that confirms no loan was ever subscribed for KL Eco City properties.

As always, Rafizi was seeking drama for his expose actions, chalking up political points for Anwar Ibrahim’s goal to Putrajaya. His rationale to the public was that the authorities were slow and suspect. But seriously, meticulous investigations do take time. They are never hurried if one is to be thorough, especially when one has to sieve through volumes of information to gather solid evidence. The BAFIA investigations by Bank Negara Malaysia that began after a report was filed in April, took months before Rafizi was charged on 1 August. 

When arrested in a dawn raid, Rafizi expressed shock as he had thought the case was so long ago. Well, ultimately the law catches up with you.

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Source: MOLE

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