Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anwar vs. Najib: whom do you trust ? Rhetoric vs.Action

 A must-read :
US Attempting Regime Change In Malaysia: Fact Or Fiction? (Op-Ed) - By Nile Bowie

Malaysian political scientist Dr. Chandra Muzaffar writes: 

“It is obvious that by acknowledging the primacy of Israeli security, Anwar was 
sending a clear message to the deep state and to Tel Aviv and Washington that 
he is someone that they could trust. In contrast, the Najib government, in spite 
of its attempts to get closer to Washington, remains critical of Israeli aggression 
and intransigence. Najib has described the Israeli government as a ‘serial killer’ 
and a ‘gangster’”
Members of Barisan Nasional have addressed (Anwar) Ibrahim’s connections to the 
National Endowment for Democracy in the Malaysian Parliament, including his 
participation in NED’s ‘Democracy Award’ event held in Washington DC in 

Independent journalists have uncovered letters written by Anwar Ibrahim, 
two of which were sent to NED President Carl Gershman in Washington DC 
that discussed sending an international election observer team to Malaysia and 
general issues related to electoral reform.

A third letter was sent to George Soros, expressing interest in collaborating with 
an accountability firm headed by Ibrahim. Pakatan Rakyat’s Communications 
Director, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, verified the authenticity of the documents.

This should come as little surprise, as Ibrahim’s economic policies have historically 
aligned with institutions such as the IMF and World Bank, in contrast to Mahathir, whose protectionist economic policies opposed international financial 
institutions and allowed Malaysia to navigate and largely resurface from the 
1997 Asian financial crisis unscathed.

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