Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Singapore, Malaysia, DEB and DAP : Bersyukur lah wahai Melayu

What you do NOT know about Singapore...can be viewed in my previous Blog in 2011. 


Thanks to Singapore PAP-led government, PAP has been showing (read training)  DAP ( you may call it the Malaysian branch of PAP) step-by-step, since  2008, how to slowly (very slowly) evict Pribumis from the island of Penang gradually, just like Singapore, not conspicuously noticed by the general public on a day-to-day basis, but in the long run. Years later.

The Malaysian government (BN)comprising an alliance of dozens of political parties, took unprecedented steps to create national and rakyat-centric policies that have now seen hundreds of thousands, if not  millions of Muslims from Bumiputera and underprivileged families to obtain tertiary education since Independence -virtually AT NO COST TO OWN PARENTS- and now these same Muslims are reaping the REWARDS of good life.

Bersyukur lah.

BN led by Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr Mahathir made selfless efforts to to create policies to make sure fellow Muslims and the Muslim-Malay villagers and peasants and their children  attain the level of income that the rich Chinese people enjoy. 

Mind you, both these 2 prime ministers are  from aristocratic families; they do not need to work hard in the first place. 
They do not need to work so hard to ensure the other Malaysians enjoy a higher income in the next generation through education opportunities. But they did.

Bersyukur lah.

With Allah's blessing, without the DEB, MARA loans, JPA and countless scholarships given to the post-war and post May13 1969 rakyat,you WILL NOT BE seeing 90% of the middle-income and upper income Malays in Malaysia,living, driving and working in Klang Valley, just to cite ONE example.

Examples are too many to mention.

It will take years before the Malays will be polarised from the island to the mainland of Penang, and that the underprivileged and the poor will have to work harder than ever before.
Just like Singapore.


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