Saturday, May 12, 2012

Attitude or Race? Bila kita Nak Maju

This very insightful article from the blog of OutSyed The Box, (Syed Akbar Ali) , parts of which I insert here:


1. " Once we renovated the bathroom. The contractor I called took about two months to complete the job. The kitchen area near the bathroom was a mess for two months. My wife was at her wits end. The guy I hired kept disappearing to his kampong. Although I paid him cash advances he did not pay his workers and he also did not buy the materials from the hardware shop (cement, bricks etc). I ended up supplying lunch for the workers so that at least they could work.

2. When we want to make renovations in our shop, I call my Chinese contractor. He charges top dollar but the work gets done and it is good. And he works overnite (until 4 am in the morning) because we have to open the shop for business by 10 am.

3. An elderly friend sent his old car to the workshop for some repair. The car did not come back for three months. The mechanic had to balik kampong, jatuh sakit, cuti and all kinds of excuses.

4.  If you take the car to the Chinaman mechanic, he will tell you almost exactly what time he will get it done, then he will call you and say ‘Boss, kereta sudah siap. Saya tutup pukul tujuh malam. Tolong mari ambil kereta’.

 5. Both are equally competent in their technical skills. What makes the difference? The difference is in the the attitude. Why is the attitude so different?

6. Then there is the “ponteng kerja” problem. Even after 12 years of running our business, every morning we must do a roll call because the staff that we hire can go AWOL (ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE) at anytime. Its an endless series of ‘ada siapa tak datang kerja hari ini’. I am not the only complainant here. 

7. Young Malay kids just don’t realize the importance of going to work everyday and building up tenure or racking up the experience. They don’t think beyond tomorrow.
8. A young girl whom we were training to become an executive, quit. After more than a year she is leaving for a yet to be defined job somewhere else. Why? No answer. She was unhappy too and cried. Further digging revealed family issues etc. Pening kepala saya."

9. "Other than ‘ada hal’ issues (which usually means family matters, ‘kena balik kejap’ etc) sometimes people also disappear to ‘lawat kawan sakit’ or ‘jiran saya masuk hospital’. And they can be absent for two days. 

10. Then there are the “big time” disappearances like ‘dah pi umrah’ or sometimes ‘dia sudah pergi tabligh’. Folks I am NOT making this up.

11. " I personally believe that if the PAS or Pakatan come to power the Malays will be left even further behind. Look at Kelantan. What has 25 years of PAS rule done for them? All those people who say that ‘orang Kelantan kaya’ are delusional. Much of the money in Kelantan comes from tom yam stall remittances in Kuala Lumpur. "

Lastly a comment from a reader:
 "I too contracted Malay workers/businessmen to 'tolong kaum' whenever i can but have been let down oftentimes that i simply go to non-malays for ease of services. cekik darah but they get the work done faster..."

My own comment:
Having operated  my mobile medical team company for 3 years, I found exactly the same "problems" i.e. bad attitude , bad work ethics and "tidak apa" mentality among (a  few) fresh Nursing graduates. and this 21st Century. Malu nak cakap, bangsa sendiri. Yes, graduates.  What kind of upbringing and college traning did they undergo?
Worse, they "jawab balik" when, as a Director, I give them words of warning about work ethics and attitude.

Good luck, employers!

Transformation should now be focussed on ETHICS AND ATTITUDE of Malaysians. SPM leavers AND graduates alike.

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